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  1. This site is VERY SLOW. Screen jumps up and down while loading and doesn't let me get to the sites. Most of the time we get google maps won't load. Like where you put the load the gps but it screwed up the find date collum. We are running XP and IE6.
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    OK I have a ( & ) in the password, but the system took it when I register, because when I click (Forgot password) it sent Camper Guy and a password. The e-mail was sent by clicking on My Assistant and then admin.
  3. Camper Gal


    I have e-mailed a moderator and one to Admin with no answer this was on 7/8 Have I posted this in the right place if not will someone move it??
  4. Camper Gal


    There is a bug when two accounts use the same email address. Try logging into the forums with your username but your wife's password. I got Username or password incorrect We have separate email address and separate computers. Right now I am on my computer and logged in to GC.com with my username and password then went to the Forum with her username & password. Tom
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    Forums or GC.com? Forums I am trying to use the same user name and password as on GC.com its works for my wife account. I get illegal usename or password.
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    I am loged in on my wife User name. I can not log in with mine. If I click forgot pass word it e-mails me a User name and password but it will not work. I have e-mailed a moderator and one to Admin with no answer. So I guess no one cares about the new guy. I have more ??? than answers. Camper Guy
  7. We brought a new one at Best Buy for $280
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