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  1. I noticed that you apparently want to use paypal to receive payment. I don't suppose you would take a money order rather than paypal? (assuming that it is even still for sale, since this post is a few days old......)
  2. Excellent! That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the post. My related question is, if you purchase two map cards, say a topo and a street, can you copy the contents of both cards onto one larger card and load both maps at the same time? Or are you stuck with one map at a time? The street maps are locked to the sd card, they can not be copied. Not sure about the topo cards, you might be able to copy them. Jim To the best of my knowledge, I don't beleive that you can copy the topo cards either.
  3. Hey, the price seems really low on that e-trex for sale on the site you linked to, tigergps. Is the thing refurbished or something???
  4. Oops, forgot to ask in my first post, do you still have the box for it and everything that came with it?
  5. Can I have a pic sent to my email? Its mattb348 (at) gmail (dot com). Thanks!
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