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  1. Windows Mobile creates a document folder on the desktop which is automatically synced with the mobile device. My mobile device is named John, so my document folder is "WM_John My Documents". I created a folder under this named geocaching and placed my gpx files there. ActiveSync runs and my files can be found under "My Documents\Geocaching" on my device. Then I created an Outlook 2003 macro to save the gpx files automatically. I used the Outlook rules wizard to run this macro every time a new message arrived with "Pocket Query" in the subject line. I use (1) GPX file, all active caches within 20 miles and every day the latest version of it is placed on my Windows Mobile phone ready for use. BTW, I use GPSTuner which is great for caching. Here is the Macro I wrote for Outlook to save the attachments... Public Sub SaveGPXFiles(NewMail As MailItem) ' Purpose: Saves mail attachments from geocaching.com to pocket pc Dim MailID As String Dim ns As Outlook.NameSpace If InStr(1, NewMail.Subject, "Pocket Query") > 0 Then For Each Attachment In NewMail.Attachments FileName = "C:\Documents and Settings\John\My Documents\WM_John My Documents\GeoCaching\" & Attachment.FileName Attachment.SaveAsFile FileName i = i + 1 Next Attachment NewMail.Delete End If If i > 0 Then MsgBox i & " new GPX Pocket Query file(s) arrived." & vbCrLf Else MsgBox "I didn't find any attached files in your Pocket Query mail.", vbInformation, _ "Finished!" End If End Sub I hope somebody can make use of that. John thewengers
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