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  1. I am looking for cool geocaches to go to! We are planning a trip around geocaching in March and want the viewpoint of other geocachers of the "MUST DO" geocaches.


    We want to visit: West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.


    We live in Toronto Ontario and are looking for the best of the best!


    Thanks for your input my fellow geocachers!!

  2. Travelling from Watertown NY to Washington DC along Interstate 81 and want to know if there are any must do caches along the Interstate?


    I am also looking for a way to find rest stops along the Interstate to check and see if there are any geocaches located there but I am having a hard time locating the rest stops on the geocaching map. Any advice or tips?

  3. Geocacher going to Florida on THursday and I am looking for a store to purchase 2 travel bugs along with a sticker decal for the truck. All online stores in Canada will not get the items to me by this Thursday morning. I have left this to the last possible second but are there any stores in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or Durham Region where someone can purchase these items. I am willing to travel elsewhere.


    Thanks for any advise you can offer.



  4. Very new to geo-caching and would love a partner to help my family out and have some fun. We have a 5 year old boy who loves the 8 treasures we have found so far. We are not very good with the GPS and would love to learn from someone.


    If interested email floydangel71@hotmail.com



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