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  1. I have a magellen sportrak pro and when I type in the coordinates to go find the geo cache. it brings me in the way wrong direction of the geocache. How do I get it to go to the right ones? Does the datum need to be changed? Any help would be greatly appreaciated!
  2. how do i know what type it is?
  3. Y would it be bad form to ask for help? How else will u find out? Ive already asked owners and people who have found it. Havent got any replies. Using this as a last resort. It's not bad form to ask for generic help, like help on how to solve puzzles in general. It's been considered bad form for some time here to ask for help on a specific puzzle, though. The proper thing to do is ask the cache owner for some guidance if you need help on a specific cache. Some owners will reply with help right away. Some will let you work with it a while before responding. Some may not respond at all. Depends on owner preference. If you ask for help in the forums on a specific cache, then the answer to the puzzle gets pretty much laid right out there for all to see, and may spoil the fun for others, especially the cache owner's. I understand....Sorry!
  4. Y would it be bad form to ask for help? How else will u find out? Ive already asked owners and people who have found it. Havent got any replies. Using this as a last resort.
  5. I need some help with this puzzle---->http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?pf=&guid=63327f75-cc8a-4323-b18b-a9a304c398ef&decrypt=y&log=&numlogs= I need help with 5 across and 6 across. I think 1 down is travel bug but not sure till I get 5 across. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I dont have the slightest clue to where to start? Can anyone point me in the right direction. Heres the puzzle... Use the info below to determine the final cache location. FAYSW-GEGE-PDXNE-FSDNE-TWFE-MHTSE-LNDNE-OAKW-BTMS-MSCNE-SATSE-BECS-MGMW-MLBW
  7. Just wanted to get some reccomendations on where to hide a cache In the minneapolis st.paul and surrounding area. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Might want to read your own press releases then http://portal.trimbleoutdoors.com/default.aspx?tabid=258 TO supports Verizon phones now, just not blackberries. Maybe people are confusing the Trimble Outdoors application with the Geocache Navigator application? The Trimble app will work on select Verizon phones, but the Geocache Navigator app is not available on any Verizon phones . Do you think there will ever be geocache navigator for verizon phones?
  9. It's bad form to ask for the answer in the forums. This one is just easy enough to tell you how to do it, the "how to" would give you the answer. Considering you just started, you should begin with simpler caches and work your way up to the ones like this one. Im not asking for the anwser. Just wondered how to do this. I have been doing this for awhile.
  10. This is a puzzle to one of the geo cache's. How would i get the coordinates from this? Its a puzzle...Xmarks the spot is the hint. Here are the coordinates. N45°13.559 W093°17.582 N45°13.850 W093°16.041 N45°12.799 W093°17.780 N45°12.711 W093°15.635
  11. I use my verizon phone for geo cache. I have a 8550 chocolate. But i have to use trimble outdoors application to find geo's...
  12. Does any one else have trouble using this application on verizon phones? Or any other companys? Like the navigation thing go all crazy when ur standing in one place and not moving...
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