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  1. My sister is in Utah and I'm sure she would be happy for you to mail it to her. I can forward her your username.
  2. I didn't see this post until now when zenpei replied. I'd also be interested if you still have them.
  3. The eTrex 20 and 30 are both good and I'll always recommend the Dakotas and Oregons if you can find one used.
  4. I've seen logs like that before. I think it's lame, but it just goes to show that everyone plays the game differently.
  5. In the Midwest: St. Joeseph, MO Cedar Rapids, IA - dazedandconfused has pretty good gadget caches. Marshalltown, IA has a couple very creative hiders (and a GOOD trail you should look at regarding your "power trail" post)
  6. The earth on a turtle's back is also from Native American mythology.
  7. I always keep bags on me for CITO'ing. If I was out of bags, I'd have to get creative and use leaves or attempt to chopstick it with sticks.
  8. Just throw it in the trash. Take action because so many other people wont. One cache near me had a steak knife "stabbed" into the ground nearby. Three or four people wrote about it on their logs and mentioned that it shouldn't be there. There was a dumpster about 10 feet away. Not that difficult to take care of.
  9. Legit question: Do you just not have any friends? Because I just turned off friend requests but it still allows me to see my friend league. The link is right under "You are not allowing friend requests..."
  10. I don't think you have to "activate" anything. They're just trying to sound like NASA -- "activate your scoring control board and prepare to lift off".
  11. The map would get very cluttered. You can still look back in your logs to see the ones that you've found that have been archived.
  12. I enjoy caches that involve climbing. Did the cache in question have an appropriate terrain rating?
  13. Here's a link to the MI Geocaching Organization: https://www.facebook.com/groups/998788826825831/ and here's the Southern MI Geocaching group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/138836589614356/
  14. The Iowa Geocachers Organization http://www.iowageocachers.org/ FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/440952802592323/ Also, generally a lot of events in the metro area. Hit up some of those.
  15. Most of the bike caching I have done is far from home. An hour or more car drive. That's my excuse. Also, most of my life I've lived in the boonies and biking would require traveling on highways or gravel roads and neither of those are appealing to me. Now that I live in the city, I'm just not in good biking-shape.
  16. I don't get out on the bike very often. I once went to a Bike N Seek event in which we rode 17 miles on a rail-trail grabbing caches along the way. Otherwise I've only biked and cached a few other times.
  17. These are good ideas. Food is always good too!
  18. I've been to cleanups (non-CITO/Geocaching related) that have awards for largest trash, most artistic trash, most useful, etc. Though these were river cleanups with lots and lots of trash to be found.
  19. If you have time you should spend the day at the City Museum in St. Louis. So much to climb and play on, even for adults! Good for someone that enjoys art as well. Also, there's a lot of caches at Forest Park. The Gadget Cache series that GC530CH is in was really good, but it looks like they were recently flooded out. Maybe they will be repaired.
  20. GC202RG in Pella, IA. It is probably the most favorited cache in IA. I feel that Eastern IA near the Mississippi River is really pretty. It's been a while but the caches in the Le Mars, IA area used to be fairly creative. Search the St. Joeseph, MO area by favorites. Western NE has cool rockformations and good hikes. GC32VZA near Elkader,IA
  21. I like the site www.rvparkreviews.com
  22. I would say a fraction of a percentage of the daily pollution. There are some offsets when Geocachers help beautify areas by picking up trash at CITOs and elsewhere. You could probably make an event to plant trees to further offset.
  23. I use the Sawyer brand and I don't recall it specifying to put it in the dryer. I normally air dry.
  24. I'm hoping to come. I'll be working in Idaho so it's not too far a drive. If my job is over by that time we'll stay in our camper, if not, a hotel. Hoping to make it to the group APE event, but otherwise no plans for group caching.
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