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  1. I finally fixed the problem by using a different macro: Google Map V3, and it works beautifuly! Thank you for answering to my request.
  2. I am trying to view a database from GSAK using the macro myGMEv3, but it wont center the Google map on the waypoints' center, or on my home location (around Montreal, Canada). Instead, it centers automatically in the center of the Pacific Ocean, and informs me that no waypoints are within the designated radius (25 km, for example). What is going on, and how can I remedy this? I am trying to find out how to set or reset the reference waypoint, but still cant find how to...
  3. I like the option of a "tourist friendly" attribute, and I will use it myself from now on! Hopefully, COs will think of including this attribute to help us choose wisely the caches we want to search as well. On the other hand, a specific cache type awarded to touristic caches, even if it is hard to imagine in the future, would go a long way towards making it more obvious and profitable for all... Something to think about!
  4. As far as cache types and cache lists are concerned, I noticed there are multi caches and geotours that peek my curiosity. Multi-caches can be fun, but they are cumbersome to sift through when you are looking for ones that are of a touristic version, from the myriad ones of all kinds... As for geo tours, they provide huge lists of caches for regions. I would like to propose a simple type of cache, a new category if you will, for people that just want to visit, by foot, a district or a small town. Those currently fall within the multi-cache type, but they could have their own type to help looking for them. I can show you two such examples: "Promenade de la Rivière-du-Nord (Ӿ03), GC261GP" and "Multi touristique - Laval, Vieux Ste-Rose, GC60MYN". Both can be done by foot, they make you visit either different historical builings, important sights, interpretation panels in a village, along a boardwalk, etc. It is unfortunate that tourists visiting a village do not find such multi caches easily, and creating a specfic type would go a long way towards blending tourism, geocaching and plain discovery of villages of districts in larger cities. -I thus suggest the creation of a new type of geocache, with such potential names: tourism multis, discovery, walking tour, or others. -I think those caches should have between roughly 5 and 15 stages, with pertinent stops along the way (not just another multi of any kind...). -They should be fairly easy to do, with difficulty and terrain levels on the very easy side. These should be enjoyable for tourists, not hard work for only seasoned geocachers! All should be able do enjoy the experience, and come out of the adventure with a "sure" find! -It would be a great promotional tool for this activity, and for tourism in general in a region to have an official endorsement by a tourism organisation on each of those caches. They would give pertinence to the cache, and who knows, tourism organizations might also want to propose those caches to the general tourist population! -Each such cache should at least have an english section to optimize its value, for most people! Any comment would be most welcome! I don't know how to bring this kind of initiative up to the governing part of geocaching.com, but I would appreciate if this idea made it as far as possible, with anyone bringing it up to anybody that can help. I think this would be a great opportunity for tourists, the geocachers, tourism organizations and our activity's growth! Les Chnous Laval, Québec Canada
  5. Thank you to all, your comments have been quite useful! I finally got my belt information printed!
  6. I can't see any belt I would have been awarded (most likely the white belt) being posted along with the badges that I got. Why, and how do I see them?
  7. How can I use a "caches along a route" type of feature to download a series of caches along a bike trail? I already know that I can set the map feature so to see the bike trails, but how can I download quickly and easily the caches along one of those bike trails?
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