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  1. Thanks Milton, I had come across Marky & Lynns page, but hadn't spotted yours before now. All assistance gratefully received.
  2. I'm sorry if this might be presumptuous, but as there is such a wealth of 'techie' knowledge out there, has anyone considered running a workshop for the technophobes in the geocache community? I read the forums for tips and hints, but hands on practicals generally sink in better. It could be organised as an event cache with the workshop as an option.
  3. Wowee! My husband says I'm obsessed if I go out caching 2 consecutive weekends in a row! This lady is amazing. I am very envious. Think she might want to adopt me?
  4. You might also want to try albuquerquebill who has set caches at either end of the coast to coast walk. Westernmost is Black Guillemot Lighthouse Jackpot and easternmost is Easternmost Coast-to-Coast Point
  5. Hi, one of the fads here in the UK for the last few months is the art of Scoubidou. Here. You could get the kids to join in by making them then leave as trades.
  6. Can't believe my first post after lurking a long time is telling everyone my age! OK, Twenty-sixteen...sounds better that way.
  7. Started off with a very basic Garmin, hubby just got a Tom Tom Go for street navigation in his works vehicle which covers all of UK but doesn't seem to have facility to log co-ordinates, only streets and postcodes. Does anyone know of a UK gps unit which has preloaded UK and/or Europe street maps plus the facility to search by coordinates? Ta very much.
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