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  1. Wow, these distances are amazing.


    Nothing quite so impressive, my farthest travelling is The Doctor on miles, followed by my Boys at 7945 miles.


    I am really pleased with those, but am always thrilled to help move on any TB that has really serious miles under its belt.

  2. Just thought I'd top this thread to share a couple of circular walks we came across when planning a day out for today.


    I've wanted to go up on Ilkley Moor withoot me 'at for a while and fancied doing Swastika Stone


    I'd picked up Country Walking magazine for the first time and was interested in the walks they publish and so was pleased when I spotted a circular walk about six miles long on Ilkley Moor.


    Following the published route we did these caches in the order shown. Park at the parking area just north of White Wells. Head south to jemima's view, then on to Harvey's Dr Who Cache.


    You could go for High M Q before Harvey's Dr Who cache at this point, but we were the wrong side of the dyke and too far along before we realised. ( Had already solved the puzzle too :wub: )


    Then Don's Cache, then Just in passing......


    From there follow Keighley Road north eastish. You could head back to the car park from here, but we decided to extend the walk and go for another three caches. We went off the published route, heading north west to pick up Ba Tat Box then on to For Their Tomorrow and finally Swastika Stone

    Then it was a mile and a bit back to the car park along part of the Millenium Way. The walk was just over 8.5 miles in total.


    When we were checking the caches we also came across another circular Ilkley Moor walk but this is probably a little farther at around 10 miles I think and as it goes off the moor and round by Addingham, we decided to save this for another day.


    A great day out, warm and mostly sunny. Now sat at home, soaking my aching limbs with G&T! :rolleyes:




    La Fifi

  3. 'An Orkney View' could practially be a drive by, as there is a road from the south, up past a farm, right to the top. From there its just a short walk to the cache.


    Gaulton View is a good hour to hour and a half walk each way from Yesnaby, and is on the other side of the mainland, assuming you are coming in at Kirkwall, so is probably not do-able. If coming in at Stromness, it might just be do-able, if you've a few hours to spare.


    Both are brilliant caches, with wonderful views.


    Enjoy your visit. :D

  4. Not sure if this has been asked before but i was just wondering what you all keep/have in your caching bags.

    I have a back pack which seems to have everything in it bar the kitchen sink B)


    This is what mine usually consists of -


    1 notebook

    5 Pens




    Geocoins & T.B's (if i have any)

    Spare log books

    Spare micro canisters

    Baby wipes



    Water free hand gel

    Small first aid kit

    Doggie poop bags

    Doggie biscuits (as our dog is often with us )

    Chewing gum/sweets

    Bottle of water


    Spare batteries (for GPS )

    Mobile phone

    And finally purse (if i remember) :)


    Are your bags similiar or do i carry far too much ??


    Sounds like my work handbag, except for the doggie stuff!

  5. As far as I was able if it was really worth it....and to me, that means the walk, not necessarily the cache at the end of it.


    I'm not really very fit these days so the longest I reckon would be 10-12 miles.


    In real terms, the longest I've walked is just over 9 miles, for 2 ( one a DNF ) in Spain last year.


    Next nearest was just short of 7 miles on a circular walk - should have been 5 caches but again one DNF'd - in Scotland a couple of weeks ago.


    Edited to add....feel rather pathetic now lol

  6. Ha ha, genius idea but maybe back to the drawing board on the title!


    ( if you are serious ) There were some around MK that were geared to dog walkers, I didn't do them but recall seeing them when researching a possible trip.


    Edited to add that this appears to the only one left of the series.

  7. The Bus Stop series would be pretty good actually if they are all shelters of architectural interest.

    A quick Google revealed one in Dunchurch (Warwickshire but nowhere near us :) ) which is a Grade 2 listed building... any takers? :huh:


    Or what about a British series of lamp post caches with the proviso that they're as interesting as the Art Deco ones on the Kincardine Bridge


    ........I'll get me coat.....

  8. There was a very good site called GeoHikes.co.uk that had lots of good walks with caches on it - sadly it seems to have gone :blink:

    I can recommend the Ridgeway which has a good trail of caches on it, or various canals (also good to do by bike) but neither of these are circular...


    While I think about it, there's the Woburn walking series, and a lot north of Linslade/Leighton Buzzard that make a good circular walk. I did these two on Wednesday and with a few more in Milton Keynes hit 51 in under 12 hours :wub:


    There are a lot around the edges of Otmoor in Oxfordshire, making a 12 mile circular walk, and two good-to-walk clusters to the south east of this. Have a look on Googlemaps.


    Thanks, Paul, I did used to check out Geohikes but it really didn't take off, did it?


    I've also got a note of the Silverstone caches, as we're at a do at Whittlebury Hall next weekend and thought they might blow away the cobwebs on Sunday morning before we set off home!

  9. Hi there, having read the Power Trails thread, I identified with 2202's comment about a growing interest in circular walks and I think there may be quite a lot out there with similar opinions.


    We usually only go out caching once a week or less. ( Boo! ) As can be seen from our low finds total, we're not into the numbers game, but really enjoy if we can plan 2 or 3 caches on a set route or circular walk. But it takes a bit of organising and research or just plain luck that some kindly cachers have set out a number of caches near to each other.


    I know its not really on to plug your own cache, but this is slightly different. I picked up a couple of ideas for walks from the Power Trails thread that I hope to get around to doing and wouldn't have found them otherwise.


    So if you'd like to mention any enjoyable circular or set walking routes with one or more caches on the walk, please share them with others.




    La Fifi


    Edited to add a couple that I added to a bookmark list I started after reading the PT thread.


    Marham Fen


    Wickers Hike

  10. The usual 5/5 Champagne picnic followed signing the log.


    I had an excellent Xmas lunch of 2 plump veggie samosas while in Southall...YUM!!


    had a lovely Chicken Masala for my Christmas lunch in Ashton-under-Lyne. YUMMY!


    Ok, I loved my turkey, but now feel distinctly boring!!! We had a walk out to check our own cache and pick up a sexy geocoin we spotted, but like our alcopops too much to go further than down the road walking :rolleyes:

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