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  1. Great job! 6 caches on your 6th anniversary. Checked out a couple of your logs - I'm impressed you figured out how to post photos - I have to have my kids do that part [] Welcome! TeamFROG
  2. Yep. Snakes and Ladders gets our vote too.
  3. We just checked our mail today and WOW!!! The pictures don't do justice to the coins. They are sooooo nice! Thanks TnT for designing such awesome coins! TeamFROG
  4. We just ordered ours tonight. Can't wait to get them. TeamFROG
  5. Thanks Difranco. Glad to hear your situation turned out as well as ours did. Contacting Garmin was a great idea. Hopefully, Garmin will take care of it. Happy Caching! TeamFROG
  6. Here is our experience with GPS Crazy : 4/21/07 We placed an online order from GPS Crazy for a Garmin 60CSX and our credit card was charged the same day. 4/21/07 We received an order confirmation promising delivery in 3 to 7 days. So far, so good. 5/13/07 Still no GPS delivery or email from GPS Crazy explaining the delay in delivery. 5/13/07 We emailed GPS Crazy requesting the status of our order, which was by now well over 2 weeks. 5/13/07 We received an automated reply that a customer service representative would contact us within 24 hours. (They never did.) 5/15/07 We called the customer service phone number listed on the GPS Crazy email. A voice recording stated that the phone number did not belong to GPS Crazy. 5/15/07 We emailed GPS Crazy one more time asking for an order status. We instantly received another automated reply that a customer service representative would contact us within 24 hours. (Again, we've never heard back from them.) 5/15/07 We called our credit card company and explained the situation. Our credit card company issued a temporary credit while they investigate the situation. 5/16/07 We ordered a Garmin 60CSX from PCNation and happily received our new GPS within 3 business days. We will certainly never order anything again from GPS Crazy. TeamFROG
  7. Dan-Oh and Parsa, Great job on Snakes and Ladders! That was certainly quite an undertaking (by you for setting it up and by anyone who attempts to conquer it) Just how many hours would you estimate you both spent on developing and executing this cache? TeamFROG
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