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  1. I love your AV ...Girl. It's cute. I always wondered why you were saying ouch. Now back to flukes... When a big multi in San Diego first came out (Snakes and Ladders) we ran into at least 10 other cachers going through the various waypoints. At first, we tried to pretend like we were just out playing with the kids, but then it became obvious that everyone there (walking in circles with their heads down) was a geocacher. Since then we have only run into a handful of cachers. But then again, we don't have a huge number of finds either.
  2. Totally agree with TrailGators! Dan-oh is the king of cammo around here. His caches never fail to leave us laughing and pulling our hair out all at the same time. TucsonThompsen wins for his Puzzle caches. We've only solved two of his puzzle caches so far but we have many many more only partially solved. They may stay that way too!
  3. Yep! We now have two friends too! Yeah friends!
  4. Oh Dear. It appears we don't have any friends either. But wait!! There's hope. We do have a pending friend. Oh joy! Now that we know what that means we can reply back to our pending friend. That is, if he didn't go away mad because we left him pending.
  5. In case the common spelling is taken you could try: Kache Cashr Ksher
  6. You are doing well! Keep up the good work and have fun!!!
  7. If the Bible is out then the Torah should also go.
  8. Please remove: clothing or other items that refer to illegal drugs
  9. objects or printed material of a suggestive sexual nature
  10. In case you are interested TeamFROG launched our little RED JEEP TB today (under protest from TeamFROG mom who wanted to launch it in a Dan-oh or TT cache). It's currently in RB Travel Bug Launcher. (gee, i think I can tell you that....)
  11. Yes I am too. The server must have crashed. Glad to hear it's not just me.
  12. Woohoo! Got ours today. Now, back to this forum to see what I need to do next!!!
  13. Welcome to both Sesameellis and Kiltedcelt67! Have fun! TeamFROG
  14. Thanks Keewee! We'll give it a try. TeamFROG
  15. Wow!! That's a BIG number... Thanks everybody, it was fun getting here,,,,Splashette made me do it! Actually, it was the BLOMDE one that walked me through this so I could post this missive. The Forums are the scene of some of my best humiliations. Thanks for all the encouragement, especially D! Wow! That's awesome! Congratulations! Just curious... do you keep track of the total $$$ you have "$kimmed" so far???
  16. This is exactly what we want to do but can't figure out how to go about creating an unpublished cache. Can you explain how to do this or direct me to a previous thread where this is discussed? Thank you! TeamFROG
  17. Gee, I don't always mention "SL" in my log posts even though we always sign the logs. Sometimes I just get sidetracked with the story of how the cache hunt went that I just plain forget. I do always remember to thank the hider for the cache though. Does that count?
  18. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that! That stinks! After our initial order problems we placed two separate orders with PCNation and both times the units came within 3 days. So far, we are impressed with their quick delivery and low prices. Our best to you! TeamFROG
  19. Interesting thread! TeamFROG Team: There are 6 of us so team seemed logical FROG: Fully Rely on God Nice to meet ya!
  20. On 5/15/07 my credit card company issued me a temporary credit for the GPS I ordered (but never received) from GPS Crazy. I checked with my credit card company today to get an update on the status of their investigation. The credit card company stated they have not received ANY communication from GPS Crazy in response to their investigation of my dispute. Therefore, as of today the investigation has been closed and I have been given a permanent credit. I don't know the details of your situation, but you may want to seriously consider contacting your credit card company and issue a dispute on the charges. Good luck! TeamFROG
  21. 46, 43, 13 (can't believe we have a teenager), 10, 8, and 5
  22. We use option B, though my kids would love the first option.
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