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  1. IBTLBAF IBTLBAFBIHFTIMNBATPA you win! I bow to your BAFBATPA AV wins again?? I never get to win. Not fair! <Frog stomps off muttering>
  2. Same for us here except the kids decided they'd shout out, "THIS IS FUN!"
  3. We bring a camera and the kids then do a photo shoot if someone wanders by.
  4. Hey, AV. Just curious, do owners also get an email when a note is posted to the cache? Hum...BTW wonder why this thread is in OT land.... As long as you own the cache or have it in your watchlist you get every post on it,, notes and all. The only thing you don't get is a modification of a post, such as one converted from a note to a find or whatever. Oh good. So if I go back and correct a spelling error the owner doesn't an extra email. That's good to know. Not that I make a bunch of speling erors.
  5. Hey, AV. Just curious, do owners also get an email when a note is posted to the cache? Hum...BTW wonder why this thread is in OT land....
  6. I can remember all of the caches we have logged. My problem is remembering the ones I forget to log. I guess that's another story though.
  7. That's what I understood from your other post. I suspect that everyone else 'got it', also. Yes, I got it too.
  8. My license plate says TNLNSL I've seen the same one in California. Cracks me up when ever I see it.
  9. Aw, I am sorry to hear about Tank. I got two awesome Geocoins from TnT last year within a couple days of placing the order. I'll say a prayer for Tank's recovery.
  10. That's what we did - called our answering machine every few hours! Good thing we didn't go with voice mail! All too true. During the 2000 Cerro Grande fire (Los Alamos, NM), we had been calling the house of a friend of ours. This house was on a canyon surrounded by ponderosa and would have been the first in that part of town to go. Just about the time that we figured that the fire was going to get there, the answering machine stopped responding and we figured the house was gone. Fortunately, it was just that the power had gone out. Yeah, I tried calling my Parents' place in Jamul (Deersprings, on Honey Springs road). So did they. It stopped ringing at all midday on Monday, and only went straight to voicemail. Still, it could be the lines. Getting several pictures of their neighbors' homes up in flames, but so far no picture of their home, which was probably situated in among the worst of locations. No one knows if it's still standing. We did the same thing with my parents and my sister's answering machines at their homes in RB near Mule Hill. One just rang and rang and the other had an odd busy signal. We have since found out both homes are safe.
  11. Parts of Valley Center have been evacuated. Friends of our on Mac Tan got a reverse 911 call around 5 AM this morning. They just called to check on us and were attempting to get back to Valley Center by Lilac Rd. Lilac is closed to traffic though and they could not get back. Our prayers to all of you.
  12. small and I like the idea of posting a note on the cache page that says it's a PB jar! <FROG ducks and runs>
  13. So glad you are okay. Once you find the cache please come let us all know so we can celebrate with you!!
  14. I like the Bookmark List idea, Miragee. Thanks! BTW: We log our DNFs and leave them as DNFs (my kids hate it when I do that). If we go back and find the cache later, then we log a found it log on the day we found it.
  15. That's a nice idea! Thank you! BTW Congrats on the 100th non-OT post! I enjoy reading your posts.
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