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  1. I can’t keep up with facebook in any sort of way, so I got left behind when it got popular. I’d like a geocaching buddy to head out once in a while. I’m not a die-hard catcher; never feel the need to set a goal for any time out. If you’d also like a buddy to grab a few here and there, let me know. I’m in Bucks and will cache in the greater Philly/NJ area or within an hour-ish drive.
  2. Same happened to me, Cerberus. I got left behind by several social groups because I can’t keep up or understand that website.
  3. I just found this thread. I’m happy to read I’m not the only one who has had trackables vanish. Most of my coins and bugs disappeared long ago. I also never understood the point when people post “Discovered xxx coin or bug”. But now I’m understanding the point of it. At least the owners can better keep track of when and where it is.
  4. My phone is an IPhone 5s.... old for a phone and the battery sometimes drains pretty quick plus I don’t have a typical plan so I don’t have a ton of monthly data. So using my phone was out of the question.
  5. Do you HAVE to? I mean, are you using an old Etrex GPS or something that is so old school? I still have my old yellow Etrex.
  6. Recipe, thank you..... I didn’t know you could create pocket queries from the site. It seemed the way to download cache information from them website was from using a Garmin Express program. I thought using that was mandatory now. I found directions on this site for creating pocket queries, so hopefully it’ll work.
  7. Cerberus, it’s been at least 10 years and I don’t have any numbers. Now that you mention SEPAG, that sounds familiar. Wasn’t that message boards? Does it still exist; because I could try there as well. What is BEST? For the ones I found last month, I loaded the co-ordinates in individually. Just added 5 for that area and figured I’d find 2-3. Recipe, I do have a very old laptop with Ubuntu on it. But it’s a version of Ubuntu that quit being supported many years ago and that laptop doesn’t even have enough memory to reformat to a newer Linux. I actually stopped by a mom and pop computer store and left my number telling him I’d like prices on a laptop with a CD drive (may as well drag out all those old games and play them again) and what ever Windows can run Garmin programs, but don’t want bells and whistles or a high price. He said finding a laptop with a CD is tough, so it may be a while before I hear from him.
  8. I’ve no clue how people cache without a Window’s computer. I don’t have one, just an old iPad. I’ve been out of caching for many years but would like to get back to it now. I had an Oregon 450 that kept giving me issues, so I gave up caching years ago. Wonder if someone else could get it running. Recently I bought a GPSmap 64SX, paid for an upgraded membership here, and need someone’s help who can use their computer to update what ever software needs updated in this GPS plus download a bunch of caches to it using my account. I’m in the Bensalem area of Bucks County, Pa, but will travel to someone’s place within 45 minutes from here. I thought I could use a library’s computer, but they’re blocking that Garmin program from downloading now, so I’m stuck! I’m not a facebook user; it seems the message boards here are dead like message boards on other platforms started dying when facebook got popular. Would anyone here be able to help me or put me in touch with someone who would help?
  9. Bought this GPS many years ago and it used to work great for geocaching plus just general driving around directions. Worked great for a year or so, but then it would give me a “route calculation error, maps do not have routable roads in this area” message. I gave up and put it away for years after handing it over to anyone who was techie to see if they could figure this out without fixing it. Looking at the screen it shows all the streets and it seems to work Taking me to a geocache if I’m just looking at the compass. But I keep getting that stupid error message when I try to use it for driving, even putting it on Automobile or telling it to take me to a local business it knows is nearby. Two maps are enabled - Metro guide North America Version 8 and Worldwide DEM basement NR. Now I want to get back in to geocaching a bit, but have no idea what to do with this thing. I no longer have a Windows computer, just an ipad. When the libraries open again for entrance to patrons, I can use their Window’s computers. I’d like to get this issue fixed. I liked the paperless caching it was able to do. If it cannot be fixed I understand the Garmin 66S may Be my next closest option (with no computer), but I’ve read there are issues with that. Using my phone isn’t an option, it has bad battery life and not much available memory for more apps. Thought of maybe selling this but I read on these forums there are plenty of people who still enjoy their Oregon 450, so it seems there’s hope.
  10. Where is this "blanket policy" on their site? I cannot find it. There's a CB near a cache I have already. I'd be willing to plant one. This is the first I'm hearing about OYR caches.
  11. I hope we don't get in trouble. I have a cached named after a song a friend LOVED who passed away. I put the cache in a park where his wedding reception was and, 8 months later, his funeral reception was. I included all the lyrics in the cache description. I'll find out who wrote the lyrics and add that to the cache description.
  12. I have a 76csx and my friend has a 60cx (I htink it's called). Both of our compasses will point to the cache in the correct direction (IE NW or SW or whatever), but the compass itself isn't positioned correctly. Like it'll be showing Northwest according to the compass is actually Southeast. You have to recalibrate the compass each time you fire up the GPS to make it not do this. Is this a problem across the board with these GPS models or do we have our settings incorrect somewhere? My crappy yellow Etrexx doesn't have this issue. It's weird that the crappiest GPS Garmin makes is more reliable than the most expensive.
  13. You are right... the 76 is huge. My hand doens't wrap around it easily and using the buttons is still a bit unnatural because they are on the top, not the bottom where your thumbs wrap around it while holding it. I borrowed a friend's 60 a few times and like the feel of that one, but got a great deal on the best Garmin had, so I went for it.
  14. AlmondEyes


    The plain old yellow one was the only thing I used for 3 years I think it was. Got it the same way Alabama Rambler got his (Marlboro catalog). Actually had no clue what a GPS was or what I had ordered; a friend took me caching when I received it. Had no trouble with it except that the backlight quit working within a few months from purchase). I recently upgraded to the best of the best Garmin makes, but I'll keep my yellow one.
  15. Business cards and bottle tops (unless they're for a free soda) left in a cache are NOT a trade item. I toss them when I find them.
  16. Am I the only one who didn't know there were other geocaching sites? I thought geocaching.com was the only one... never thought to look elsewhere.
  17. This is my logic exactly. I'd never heard of an OffSet before today. I guess from now on I have to change the icon to the Multis that I download to something other than the treasure chest that is default in my GPS. That way I'll know I very well might be wasting my time unless I print out the info first. What a pain......
  18. I just have a small hatchback car. Sometimes I'm out with a friend who has a small SUV which makes finding some of those on the backroads in NJ much easier!
  19. I agree to contact the owner first before complaining 'higher up'. But my question is is this an actual rule/guideline when listing a cache? I have no leg to stand on to complain if I'm completely incorrect.
  20. Ok, so you folks agree with me. Is this a geocaching.com rule? Should I contact someone to complain? It would save other people the trouble of trekking out for a container they aren't going to find. I'd sure appreciate any such future caches to be changed before I waste my time again......
  21. I'm a practical person. I prefer to find and leave useful stuff - batteries, mini compasses, pedometers, boxes of car fuses, mosquito/bug wipes, small bottles of hand wipes or sanitizer or sublock, CDs/tapes, movies, old cell phone chargers or covers.... stuff like that. I do have some junk swag I'll leave just to get rid of it like matchbox cars and plastic toys. Sometimes I"ll leave something without taking anything just to unload.
  22. I'm not upgraded. I do what you do usually when I have some time..... I don't print out the entire cache page anymore since that's a load of ink and paper. Sometimes I'll just download a boat load of waypoints into the GPS and go 'blind' with no info on the listing. Sometimes I handwrite the info and other times I copy and past the cache name and waypoint into Notepad or Word. Then I open the cache listing in a new window, read through the listing real quick to see if anything pops out... maybe make a note of the cache container, decrypt the hint and copy and past that incase I need it. Read a few of the logs.... if people seemed like they had trouble with the cache, I might read all the logs and copy and paste the ones that give me more information. I like to have paper (I'm a tangible person). It's nice to jot notes on or to write down what I took and left in the cache or if the cache needs maitenence. Then it's easy to come home and log my finds and notes.
  23. Am I wrong? I'm very aggravated about caches that are listed as traditional or multi when, in my opinion, they are puzzle caches: A cache listed as a traditional or multi shouldn't require any sort of puzzle to solve or paper to print out to find that cache. You should find some sort of container with the actual cache or at least new co-ordinates (or the information to find the new co-ordinates) at the posted co-ordinates on the cache listing that download into your GPS. I download caches into my GPS. Those that say they are traditional or multi I leave as the treasure chest symbol. Those labeled as a virtual or puzzle I change the icon so I know I have to read the listing and print out the info before heading out to them. I keep finding caches listed as traditional or multi that I head out for to find no container. Frustrated that I couldn't find the cache after looking for quite some time, I'm angry when I read the listing to find I needed to read a plaque or solve a puzzle or whatever to get new co-ordinates to find the real container. Am I wrong or is the cache owner wrong who should have listed their cache as a puzzle.
  24. Took mine from Philly to LA to Hawaii and back again on an airplane. Didn't hurt it at all.
  25. DNF to me means I didn't get the cache open. There's a cache here called Master of the Universe. It's an ammo box with a combo lock on it..... sure, I've found the cache, but I haven't gotten into it in the 4 times I've been there. I know one person at least who logged it as a find, although they were there with me and never got into it.
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