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  1. yep. I'm ocasionally shoping for knifes and HiTech stuff on e-bay and in most cases prices are higher than on number of e-shops, but living oversieas I don't have luxury to choose where to shop Bottom line: not everyone that paying higher prices is a sucker
  2. Everything is fixible. Just sometimes it isn't worth doing it. (if you have waranty never try to fix it yourself. the same advice if you don't know what is tester used for first it maybe have something to do with software (reinstall firmware) then it maybe problems with LED's or connections ( backlight on screen is usualy done by few LED's (0805 or 1206)) if not.. then you have a problem
  3. Very rude seller. Do you insult all your potential costumers or only those that thinks that your stuff is too expensive. IMHO now it’s a good time for apology.
  4. I say e-trex. and you can find some used e-trex yellow for quit competetive price at e-bay
  5. IMHO PDA routing is better (maps & stuff) 60CS is more convinient
  6. Ni-Cd ? strange decision. they have mutch less capacity than NiMH. IMHO NiMH 2100mAh or higher cappacity sgould work better than any Alkaline or NiCd batary for you and you always can have car charger
  7. I don't know a word in German but theris babelfish to translate http://babelfish.altavista.com/
  8. IMHO Geocaching is silly. (oh well I’m getting my first GPS in 2 weeks, so maybe then I’ll change my mind). The whole idea of mature people running around with they hi-tech toys searching for some kind of “treasure” don’t sound that smart But, in other hand it is yet another little reason to go and spend some time outdoors. And some additional time hiking don’t hurt, at lest me . BTW I remember when I was teen I used to be embarised by my parents all the time (and they don’t gocache . Even now sometimes I do. And IMHO it’s a normal thing. We do belong to a different “culture”.
  9. I C. in US you have 25% more protection than outside and ofcoure ebay feedback system always give you idea about who you are dealing with anyway I just got a deal on e-bay. so currently I not in the market for GPS anymore P.S. thank you for your answer. it's always good to know what sellers think.
  10. why paypal is risky ? (if we are talking about non credit card transactions ?)
  11. as I remember from the other people posts in different forums Fortuna on batteries will last you for about 6h. the PDA (in my case it was h2210 can work at moderate britness with BT radio on for abut 5h) IMHO it's not that bad (you can always have battery extender
  12. Man! You are to nice to survive in this cruel world . As a rule of thumb with overseas shipping the buyer pays all shipping costs, even if the unit itself has problems. I occasionally buy stiff on e-bay and it always the case. Taking into account price differences (stuff I’m buying usually around 2 times more expensive in my home country even taking into account shipping cost and bribes for customs officers . Anyway, I think I’m getting my GPS form one guy from e-bay (final stage of negotiation . P.S. still you have best prices I ever saw
  13. Yep. these babes goes for220$ on ebay easylly...
  14. Shopharmony is nice place with decent prices, but not for international buyers. Additional cost associated with it is way to high (in my case it is over 200$ cheapest option to get it to my door). Ok, it’s is still cheaper than 700$ for color in my home country anyway, thanks for suggestion
  15. coolmaster has similar unit just with ashtray (good place to put your GPS unit if you don't smoke
  16. how many of you actually use compas or barometer ?
  17. nery nice unit for the right price. saddly you don't want to ship overseas..
  18. noone is willing to get rid of they old stuff ?
  19. IMHO eTrex Yelow can be connected to PC
  20. e-bay is strange place. I'm in the market for Gold, and there is bunch of auctions is selling them 10 - 50$ higher than wal-mart. and people are buying. I cann't see any logic there P.S. ofcourse there is always good deals floatring around e-bay you just need to shop around.
  21. if you decide to go with magellan Wal-Mart have Meridian GOLD for 200$ (at least they online store do IMHO good unit for that price
  22. spray paint could do wonders to things....
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