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  1. Ok, I'm bored I guess I'll share ours...


    We were out caching in January in Oklahoma it was about 40 degrees. We were heading right for the cache and then come over a hill to find we have to cross water probably 20 yards wide and 6 inchs of quick moving water with silt and slippery moss all over the bottom. I had not come all this way to not get the cache. So, I take my shoes off, roll my jeans up, and find a good walking stick. My husband thinks I'm crazy and says he's going to watch. It takes me probably 3 minutes to cross then I am SO excited I made it. Then getting to the other side I see I have to go up about 12 feet of muddy embankment. So, after I get to the top I get the cache and I am stoked! By this time their are other families there and I'm sure everyone thinks I am nuts. I start to head back down the embankment, I lose my footing and come sliding all the way back down. My jeans have mud caked on my butt and down my legs! I am horribly embarrassed and my sweet husband is just laughing away...

  2. OK, if I click on your link, I go to the Flickr site and your account and can see the picture.


    However, if I right click on the picture and say "View Image", I go to a different site and only see a blank screen.


    I'd say there is something amiss between the original location and the way you have it in Flickr.


    Did you download the image and then upload it to Flickr or just link to it from Flickr?


    I just found it on flickr. I think my husband is making to progress.


    Thanks for all your help!

  3. Carla,


    Welcome to the cause. We greatly appreciate your comments on the rating system. If you went to the link GCVote that was a thread we opened. Thanks for your support in this cause. Hopefully others will join us to convince Groundspeak of the validity of this request.


    Here's hoping,

    JCrew 405

  4. Carla,


    Welcome to the cause. We greatly appreciate your comments on the rating system. If you went to the link GCVote that was a thread we opened. Thanks for your support in this cause. Hopefully others will join us to convince Groundspeak of the validity of this request.


    Here's hoping,

    JCrew 405

  5. I'm using eTrex Legend HCx.


    That is the same GPS we use. We love it. Most of the time it's within 6ft, but sometimes up to 15. Also, it really depends on tree coverage or weather. This actually has the capability of being within 6in, but for national security purposes the govt. randomizes the signal for civilian use.


    Hope this helps!

  6. I dont disagree that a rating system would be useful. But a simplistic one such as this combined with its third party nature will probably give it a low chance of use. Thereby giving it useless ratings. Especially in areas not Satuarated with caches.


    Getting an integrated solution from Groundspeak would of course be a far better solution. Our hope is that this third party contribution will spur something more comprehensive and integrated, perhaps with several categories. We believe there should be ratings for safety, consideration of property, adventure, cleverness, location location location, and an overall enjoyment rating.


    Obviously, people participate in this hobby for various reasons, but thoughtlessness detracts from the hobby as a whole. A rating system would help everyone focus on their favorite niche with higher satisfaction.


    Thx for the comment.

  7. :laughing:

    I have a couple of this type of cache, one gives the information needed to project a coarse to the final cache, the other is a small cache (log book, pencil, small trade goods) The caps when new are tapped on to the post, the caps have 3-4 ridges on the inside which grip the post as the cap is installed, Some of these will twist off (a strong wrist / arm) others will take a bit of tapping! Once off, I grind / sand the ridges down smooth with the I.D. of the cap.......good to go, also I've bonded bolts to the insiide of the caps to attach containers :D


    NOTE: I stuff a wad of newspaper down the post / pipe, before installing the cache / Cap........if the adhesive fails (which I've had happen) you don't lose the container


    Good thought!

  8. OMG! CHANGE! Everyone, RUN, screaming and yelling! Thrash about! This could be the last helicopter out of Vietnam! YIKES! :laughing:


    Yes, because there are people involved there will be abuse, but no different than the abuse of people placing caches in thoughtless areas. Just because a rating may exist you don't have to rely on it or even look at it.


    Yes, everyone is going to have different opinions of a "great" cache. I say, "Power to the people." However, in the end, I think the abuse is likely to be statically irrelevent--in contrast to the surprisingly large percentage of thoughtless caches. Overall, I believe a clear consensus will quickly emerge as to what constitutes a worthwhile time investment, and this will be help to us all.


    IMHO GCVote Rocks the Casbah.

  9. I don't know if I am way behind on just discovering GCVote, but it is amazing.


    Okay, what GCVote does is, when you find a cache you rate is 1-5 stars. Other users can see the rating the cache has before deciding to find it.


    If you like us we have limited time to cache. We are all about the experience getting to the cache. Is it in a beautiful area? Is there thought behind placing this cache?


    We are incredibly sick of finding skirt lifters in Wal-Mart parking lot. There are far too many people placing random caches with absolutely no thought behind them. Don't place a cache in a random field just to get a hide.


    You have to use a Greasemonkey script in firefox to use GCVote. Check it out! :lol:

  10. I agree with everything you said. I wish there would be a rating option when you log your find.


    So many caches are freaking skirt lifters in a walmart parking lot, or in the middle of a PI/chigger patch. Or the ammo box under 1000 sticks in the woods.


    We don't have all the time in the world to cache, so we like to find interesting places with thoughtfully placed caches.


    We are almost to the point of finding a new hobby over this issue.


    A rating system for the caches is a desperate need!!

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