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  1. Looking for just two, unactivated preferred for the Illuminati coin, Bigfoot I'm willing to negotiate on: - Illuminati Antique Dark Gold - The Legend of Bigfoot
  2. Magic players will definitely keep them, since many of them are huge collectors of cards and memorabilia of the game. Similar scavenger hunts have been done for video games, where pieces of the hunt (entire fake human limbs) ended up stolen and never found again. There may be a couple that will move them along initially, but they'll disappear faster than an average promotional TB. I don't think we'll see cache loss, at least not much more than regular muggleing that occurs. They'll be in it for the TB (which will definitely disappear), but I find that particularly nerdy community to be pretty non-destructive and will most likely return the cache to its proper place. M:tG has a much older player base than other card games (with majority being between 21 and 50 years old), so it'll be less destructive.
  3. I would actually really like to see more caches with lengthy log books. I'm extremely new to geocaching and all of the caches in my area have small logs in them (or just a piece of paper for the micros) that aren't really viable for writing little notes on. I've stopped by a few on my trips back and forth that were easy park/grabs just to get a good idea of what to expect and learn the game, but what I really have loved are the ones that take me on a hike through some beautiful forest or to an interesting historical area that I wouldn't have gone to otherwise (with a nice view is a bonus!). I made a day of it with my dad who was visiting and even he had a blast going through the areas, reading the history, and finding the caches to see who had last visited them. It would have been even more fun to see something extra creative inside of them which would have kept us in the area a little longer before hiking out. I should go back in my logs and write down more thoughts online for the particularly lengthy visits in retrospect, since I tend to log them right there on my phone so I don't forget. Some of the park and grabs are pretty cleverly hidden, though, which I find impressive enough. If they take me to a nice park or area I'd like to visit again, or are cleverly hidden where I have to actually look a little and am impressed by after I don't mind that at all. I guess the experience of seeing beautiful places in an area I've lived my entire life for the first time is what feels nice to me, on top of the "treasure" hunt. With the rise of video games, many people are into things for the points and achievements collections solely. I wouldn't say that's negative unless they cheat of course, because then you can't even be proud of your own achievement. As for competition, I think some people like to see the high numbers and be seen on leader boards, even if there is no specific competition going on with anyone else. I don't see that as a problem at all, as long as they aren't bothering anyone else with that goal.
  4. I'm really new to geocaching, but I do have one irk thanks to a couple of caches I was unable to locate. It's putting a cache in a location deep in the thicket where the only way to get through would be to literally cut down some bushes and small trees. I don't mind hard to reach places, but I'd really rather not destroy the local fauna (which is against the guidelines for placement anyway) except for maybe tall grass just to find a box I'm not even sure is there. One in particular I circled around looking for an easier way in (some place I could crawl under or just push branches aside and squeeze in) and could only get within about 50 ft before there was no other way to get inside but with a machete the bushes were so tall and thick. Peeking in as best I could, it was like that all the way in. I just gave up, but I'll stop by again later in the year to see if the lack of leaves makes it easier to find if its not flooded.
  5. Just don't put a cache next to it. The FtF will be in for a surprise. Thanks for the welcome! Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble Thank you for the welcome.
  6. Hi there! My name is Michele and I'm from the Michigan, USA. I'm currently studying Mortuary Science. I love science fiction, history, art, strange history, reading, hiking, and the list sort of goes on. I'm super new to geocaching (I only have 6 found and a few that were either lost or I was just bad at looking), but I'm already planning my first drop! Have the location in mind, just looking for some neat swag to drop in for people to take with them. Happy hunting!
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