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  1. I'm from Western Australia and will be coming over in late November early December. Staying at Plett with my brother's wives family. Is there many caches in this area? and what is the safety like?
  2. Beauges

    I- phone

    Will geocaching work on your I-phone when you leave Australia and hed to Bali??
  3. I'm coming to Penang in august for a week and hoping to head to Kuala Kedah for a day of caching. Anyone interested? or could give some info?
  4. How do you upload photo's to threads on this forum??
  5. I've been walking back from the beach through the bush from a cache picking up rubbish and bumped into a couple and as we were walking and talking they ended up with handfuls of rubbish aswell. So I think it works!
  6. Is there a way to bring up a list of these in your area/state from the past?
  7. "Who urinates in caches?, Seriously?" What's the GC# on the one that you found? You don't want to roll in it do you?
  8. Very different. Haven't heard of that over here yet!
  9. Beauges

    how far?

    If I would want to reactivate my archived cache , how far can I change the co-ords? I have had a few problems with one going misssing and was wondering how many metres away from original GZ I could go?
  10. Beauges


    Sad . Thanks anyway
  11. Beauges


    Can you remove a cache that you have archived, completely from your profile?
  12. I know most of the normal one,s. But there is a guy in my state that uses "gaff" all the time. Any ideas on what that means?
  13. Liz and Bruce in Australia would have to be up there with over 7000 finds.
  14. Beauges

    Avatar pic

    How do you give yourself a avatar picture??
  15. Do you like ruining things for other people? The guidelines are there to protect the game so we can all continue to enjoy it. "Bending the rules" could have serious consequences for people other than yourself. There's a big difference between bending and breaking the rules. I have no intentions of putting any cachers in danger or into any kind of trouble. Happy Cachin' Swiz If you can do it go for it. If people don't want to get wet or are scared they dont have to go for it.
  16. is there any way to search for caches by date of when they were last found. As i would love to find ones that have'nt been found for a while.
  17. I found a very tricky one that was on the side of a wooden staircase. It was a shell filled with resin with a cm of fishing line attached to a nano,the nano was inside a hole that was drilled in the wood. It took a long time to find as the shell was idendtical to a snail and was also well covered.
  18. yes i've beeped and called out before!
  19. When you take your mum out early morning on mothers day,who is a non-cacher and in the afternoon you take your non-caching partner and kids out for some more.
  20. I've just been checking out the forum for the first time and found "up a tree caches" which sounds like a lot of fun. In my area of western australia there are alsorts of sneaky ones,but i'm searching for more adventurous ideas which might take a bit of physical effort. Any ideas??
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