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  1. My first experience at a cemetery cache was quite unnerving, I felt very uncomfortable and intrusive. It was set up in a small planter box adjacent to the headstone. But in the write-up, the CO invited cachers to say hello to their departed family member, envisioning that he would like the company. Since then, I have been to MANY cemetery caches, and with very few exceptions, all have been done with respect to the residents interred therein. So much history is available to be learned from some of the older cemeteries; it's a shame that most of us never encounter it other than through our hobby. Recently while on a road trip with friends, we visited the resting places of Tom Landry, Stevie Ray Vaghan, Mickey Mantle, Bonnie Parker and Lee Harvey Oswald. At each grave, we reflected on the impact these people had during their lifetime. If not for caching, it's unlikely I would have ever had the experience of visiting these famous and infamous sites.
  2. Semper Questio - Hunters of feral Tupperware. LOL, best line I've seen in a while
  3. Event Cache Icon Geocoin activation code site?
  4. Octal Ate It sat for almost 3 years prior to me finding it. The Mexican Navy sat for about a year before I made it's acquaintance. Both of them provided plenty of anticipation, and lots of satisfaction when I scribbled my handle on the log.
  5. Definitely a hybrid cacher here. There are aspects of several types I can relate to. I enjoy a good road trip, gobbling up all the available caches in the outlying communities. I enjoy the hunt for a well camo'd micro that eludes many who seek it. PnG's are fine by me also. I enjoy puzzles, having to accomplish a mental challenge prior to the physical acquisition. Until a few months ago, I was also a pretty serious FTF hound. I truly enjoy the caches that have sat idle for long periods of time, either due to difficulty of the hide or the puzzle blocking the smiley. There are only a few hides in my area that require extensive hiking, but I have also found pleasure pursuing those as well. When I started out, my kids were frequently involved in the hobby, but their interest has waned. I have only cached once with another person other than my kiddos, and found that to be fun too. The caches I really want? ALL of them. The one I look forward to the most? The NEXT one...
  6. Lame ammo can? Are you serious? Just goes to show that no matter what is put out there, somebody, for reasons that they believe to be righteous and superior - they are gonna b!+(h about it or insult it. There have been threads and rants about micros ad nauseum, so now we have to move on to ammo cans? I suppose it must be nice to live in an area so saturated with caches that you have the luxury of judging and insulting the offerings of cachers. Cachers who's only intent is to further the game, further the enjoyment of some schmuck like me who is happy to have a new cache pop up so I can get out and have a bit of fun. And yes, even micros do indeed provide fun for many of us. So when I read that you classify a can as lame, well, here's my rebuttal... phbtttttttt!!! Proceed with your flames and angst.... have at it, I won't be back to read it...
  7. Do a search of puzzles in other areas of the country, find themes or ideas that suit your imagination. Math, number conversion, trivia, encryption tweaked mine, so I went in that direction with the puzzles I have put out. The complexity can range from a simple Wiki search to mind-numbing number crunching... the possibilities are truly limitless.
  8. This cedar tree was munching on a golf ball... til a chain saw stopped the assault...
  9. Great lookin' coins, hard to pick a favorite finish...
  10. After attending a race @ Texas Motor Speedway with the kiddos, we drove around the track picking up the caches there. Literally, a hundred thousand people in the area, partying and having fun. No one gave us a second look, and we were pretty stealthy about it. We approached a LPC cache along the road that rings the parking lot. I parked the car, was going to dash across the road to snag it. We saw a pickup pull up close to it, a couple of guys got out, acting nonchalant and trying to be inconspicuous. Recognized the dance immediately. One of them snagged the goods and retreated back to their vehicle to sign the log. As they did, I crossed the road, walked up to the truck and asked to sign the log when they were done! Talked for a minute, I signed the log and stashed the hide.
  11. You can generate a marquee at this link - be sure to check the "HTML" box just above the cache description blocks.
  12. 2 of the coins I own are going to have proxy cards and placed in memorial-type caches - The Original Stash coin in a 10th anniversary hide, and my Firefighter coin in a cache at a firehouse. Neither of these will ever leave my possession, but if a cacher wishes to discover them in these hides, they wil have that choice. If not, just pass on it. I will attach them to the log, along with a note stating it's purpose is to STAY PUT. If a thief wishes to steal the proxy, I'm out a bit of time and ink, a little bit of laminate, and a few dark wishes for the sticky-fingered individual.
  13. I am still relatively new to caching, but have heard and read so many stories about missing trackables. I have no intention of ever putting any of my coins (what few I have) out into the wild. There are just WAY too many that go missing. The ones I own are for my enjoyment, and available for discovery by my friends at events and such. While it is certainly interesting and fun to discover and move them along in caches, coming across them has become increasingly rare in this part of the world. If I wanted to throw away $15 - $30 in a cache, why not just toss in the currency and leave out the middle men? Same result achieved... but less angst, wondering if it will ever turn up again. Just my $0.02
  14. I just don't have faith in ANY of the L & L type containers. The weakest point in the system is the small area of plastic which make up the hinges. In the cold, they will be brittle and prone to breakage. In the Texas heat, they will lose their tension due to stretching. Either scenario will compromise the seal. I have one in the field, but it was just to see what all the fuss was about.
  15. In Jan '09 I was watching a show on The History Channel, about military gadgets which had crossed over into civillian use. During discussion of GPS and selective availability, they mentioned GCing. Went to the site immediately, signed up, and found out there was approximately 250 caches in my county. Found my first cache just a few days later after scrounging up the cash for a GPSr. It has been a daily habit/compulsion/obsession ever since. I thought my interest in it would eventually wane, but it hasn't yet.
  16. While hiking to GC1ADZ9 I encountered a covey of quail, about 10-15 birds, that flushed out of the brush right beside me on the trail. I have hunted quail in the past, and have NEVER gotten that close to a covey. That was approx. 0.11 mile from GZ. About 50' from GZ, something large ran through the brush, most likely a hog, although I never saw it nor heard it grunt or squeal. Both encounters stopped me in my tracks, heart pounding, wondering why in the world was I out there, no cell coverage and armed only with a hiking stick!
  17. I was suprised at GZ by the CO - hiding the cache! He had submitted the listing the previous night, and figured he had a day or two until it was published. I had been to the site twice already, logged a DNF for it, but was just too stubborn to let it go. While I was making my 3rd attempt, he came around the corner with the cache in hand, about to hide it. He didn't know it had already been published. Scared the <expletive> out of me! Had a good laugh, about a half hour talk and parted ways. One of the most memorable finds and definitely a unique FTF.
  18. I was soooo happy to get my hands on "Octal Ate It" after it had sat idle for 3 YEARS! Another cache in the area is The Mexican Navy which has not been found for over a year - but I will have a smiley for it before spring arrives...
  19. No question, no doubt, no second thought.... Key to the STARS
  20. My kiddos - The Stackable Jr Cachers - used to be into caching as much as I am. We went on many hunts, a few out of town runs, and cached our way to Texas Motor Speedway for a race. But their interest in it has waned, and about the only GC related activity we do (together) anymore are the monthly meet-n-greet-n-eats. So I do my caching during my weekdays off, and my visitation weekends are spent on other interests, all the while keeping an eye out for new caches (they do still like the thrill of a FTF). Hopefully spring will bring a renewed interest... No spouse to ... ahem.... complain about it!!
  21. My geocaching related "present" arrived on the 23rd. An unexpected day off from work, 57 degrees, and the opportunity to take about a 2-mile hike, mapping out coordinates for 10 caches at an area state park/lake! Christmas Eve and Christmas were unbelievable, snowed in with 11" of snow/ice and paralyzed roadways! In north Texas, we aren't equipped to handle that kind of event, so the entire area was shut down. As soon as we thaw out and the snow melts, I can place the new caches.
  22. Rocks. I hate rocks. Rip Rap piles. They are the bane of my caching existence. A local cache required me to look 5 times...twice with my girls helping. 4 or 5 hours spent at the site. The frustration level of that hide was instantly replaced with a huge wave of relief when I finally had my paws on it. I sat there for a good 10 minutes, reading every log entry, checking out every single scrap of swag. Then I covered it up even better than I had found it!!
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