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  1. Exgint,


    With my handheld I have seen as good as 1 m accuracy, but usually 3-5m. Gets worse with heavy tree cover, etc.


    Not sure if you knew this but I thought I would bring it up.


    quoted from the U of Calgary

    The accuracy of navigation systems using very low frequency signals depends on accurately knowing the altitude of the ionosphere's lower boundary. During a geomagnetic storm the altitude of the ionosphere's lower boundary of the ionosphere changes rapidly and can introduced errors of several kilometers.

    Global Position System (GPS) operates by transmitting radio waves from satellites to the ground, aircraft or other satellites and therefore is sensitive to ionospheric changes due to geomagnetic storms.


    Another regarding navigation



    I'm not sure how much it affects hand held units(I suspect similarly), but when ever we are planning on doing a GPS survey (mm accuracy) we always check the space weather sites to see if there are storms predicted.


    this site has the article listed above plus links and info about space weather.


  2. Edit: Thanks to those that have posted with a yea or nea, but its starting to get a little out of hand. If the remainder of the comments could be a yes/no I would appreciate it.


    I don't want to get caught up in the virtual argument right now, and if the polls were working I would utilize them to avoid the long winded arguments. With that said, would you visit this Virtual cache if you were in the area?


    This site exists in a remote portion of the country with no paved roads for 25 miles and no geocaches within 30 miles. Imagine a vast, arid, high desert Plateau with few interesting features... Until you find this location. An oasis in the middle of no-where. A pool to soak your tired bones in... This is the location, right smack dab in the middle of the pool. "the reward for this cache is the location"!

    As for "WOW" factor, its a clothing optional location(thanks Evil Rooster, I had not thought of that). But, please be respectful of others that may venture in and prefer swimwear.

    Of course there will be questions to answer and historical facts to be learned.


    Read below and it will explain why I choose to submit this as a virtual.


    "Readers Digest" version of the guidelines that are met:


    A virtual cache is a cache that exists in a form of a permanent object

    at a location that was already there. Typically, the cache “hider”

    creates a virtual cache at a location where physical caches are not

    permitted. The reward for these caches is the location itself and

    sharing information about your visit.


    1) The site for my virtual cache exists in the form of a permanent object(hot springs).The BLM is currently conducting sensitivity studies in the area and while they dont mind people visiting the hot springs, camping, hiking, hunting or what ever, they would rather people dont leave things lying around.

    Edit: I guess I need to clarify one issue. The area undergoing the study is an area that covers over 5 million acres, its not an easy task to place a physical cache a mile or two away.


    Prior to considering a virtual cache, you must have given consideration

    to the question “why couldn’t a microcache or multi-cache be placed

    there?” Physical caches have priority, so please consider adding a

    micro or making the location a step in an offset or multi-stage cache

    with the physical cache placed in an area that is appropriate.


    2) Why no physical, micro or multi cache? Due to the sensitivity study in the area.


    A trail is a trail, a beach is a beach, a view is a view; but a

    trail/beach/view is NOT a virtual cache. A cache has to be a specific

    distinct GPS target - not something large like a mountain top or a park,

    however special those locations are.


    3)This is a very distinct GPS target. It is a 12 ft diameter natural hotsprings and if our GPS read the same, the coords should land you smackdab in the middle of the thing... Which is the point of the cache, to get in, test the water, report the temp or a picture of someone enjoying the experience.

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