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  1. I just got back from Hawaii using my Dakota for turn-by-turn navigating and geocaching. I had an older dash mount that I rigged for my Dakota and it all worked together well. I used google earth to locate my waypoints and then loaded them into the gpsr.
  2. I don't like the new map either. - I can't display the reference marker coordinates - The cache icons are not linkable (need to select cache listing) - The map is not scrolling for me - Loading the cache info seem longer to me (although the info window is nice) - Print does not work properly Sure seems like the beta testers were sleeping on the job.
  3. Here is my "No Boundaries" contest entry entitled "Thelma and Louise Go Geocaching". Vote here This shot took many attempts. Originally I tried shooting the objects separately and photoshopping them together. Then I read the contest rules which prohibited that so back to the drawing board. Next I tried running the jeep off a ramp, but it was way too hard to time the shutter for the right position. Also, it was too hard to include the broken fence part. So then I tried using transparent tape to hold the jeep and fence in place. This idea was promising, but the tape was too visible against the background. At least I could position them though! Finally I used fishing line to suspend the fence and jeep and tag. You can still see it, but it's not too bad. I was going to suspend the gps info too, but the wind was blowing it all over the place, so I taped it to the fence instead. I took a whole bunch of shots with different angles and decided on this one. The site for this shot is GC13316, ODS: Heron Two. I have no clue where I got the idea from. It just popped into my head. Wish me luck!
  4. heligator

    Bluetooth gps

    I have a new XV6700 pda/smartphone from Verizon and would like to get a bluetooth gps for it, definitely using the new sirf3 chipset. Anyone know a good one and some useable software for geocaching?
  5. I have a new XV6700 pda/smartphone from Verizon and would like to get a bluetooth gps for it, definitely using the new sirf3 chipset. Anyone know a good one and some useable software for geocaching?
  6. Thanks for the post snoogans. I have been guilty of getting too attached to my bugs in the past. But you're right, it's just part of the gamble of releasing these things into the public. It's so easy to just start another one if one gets lost. I'll just get TWO now if I really like a bug! Luckily I haven't lost one yet, so I am just living high on the hog now and appreciate that all of mine are still in circulation. One disappeared for several months but I contacted the last holder and they found it in their closet!
  7. heligator


    I've noticed that my travel bugs are not displaying the distance travelled for the last month or so. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a new "feature" that I'm not aware of? I tried the 'recalculate distance' button and that did not do anything.
  8. Well that's closer but not quite. The problem is that you're travelling south and looking south for the bearing landmarks. So I flipped the diagram 180 degrees and it is oriented south, not north. So the line pointing down is 0 degrees due north, upper left is 130 degrees (water tank), lower right is 285 degrees (camel rock). I mixed up my left/right in the previous explanation. How's that? Actually I did try to find the landmarks on a topo map, but they're too small and you don't know the distance to the water tank. Also, the only lat/long coordinates you have are that of the trailhead. You'd need a satellite photo showing the trail to have a general idea of where to look on the map. I made an estimate, but was 1/3 mile off.
  9. Hmm, let's try that again. The bearing diagram shows north down, 130 degrees magnetic (upper right) and 285 degrees magnetic (lower left). If you line up the water tower to 130 and the camel rock to 285 you're there!
  10. Hey all you guys going to C'ISMUHU, check this out. You don't need an Adventure Pass for this part of the Los Padres National Forest anymore. Adventure Pass Notice And here's another goodie. This is a bearing diagram for the start point. The line pointing down is north since you'll be travelling south from the trailhead. C'ISMUHU bearings And just for reference, here's the cache page: C'ISMUHU Don't forget to pick up "Go, Play!" for a twofer as long as you're in the area. Go, Play! Have fun!
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    My Posts

    At other forums, there's a button so that I can see all my previous posts. I can't seem to find that here. Does it exist and I can't find it or should I request it as an enhancement?
  12. That's right. So just divide the MM.MMM by 60 to get the fraction part and add it to DD to get the decimal coordinate. Using 5 digits is usually sufficient. Now you can edit the mapquest URL when you click on on the link from any geocaching.com cache and map any location you'd like.
  13. How do you find your local approver?
  14. Hey all! Paolo and I just completed this one and everyone in the area should know about it. C'ISHUMU -Peter
  15. I was on the hunt for the final leg of multi-cache called Treasure Quest. The final coordinates led me up a road and to a house at the top of a hill. I thought it was in the owner's backyard and the keys I picked up in leg #2 were to let me in and the clue was to be bold. I had done a previous cache in front of the owner's house and he came out to greet me. But just to safe, I knocked on the door and asked if they knew about geocaching? The lady of the house said no thanks, they already had a gps. She thought I was a door-to-door GPS salesman! So off I went to retrace my steps to find the goal a further bit up the hill behind their house. Oh the things we do...
  16. Hi Bill! Here are two of my favorites. The first is one I just completed in your backyard and I enjoyed it because of the challenge of the hides: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Cache And here's a nice one close to home that I enjoyed for the beautiful scenery: Wind Cave -Peter
  17. Howdy! Thought I'd drop a line. I live in Santa Barbara but grew up in Stockton. I'm now coming here every one or two months since my mom just moved back home. She had brain surgery and has been in assisted living and with my sister in Cupertino. I like to take her geocaching to get out of the house and we found the one in Victory Park yesterday. I'm pretty new at this, but have been quite active the last few months. Getting ready to hide my first cache and my first bugs are already out and about. Just completed TeamTek's Temple of Cache today and am quite pleased with the quality of the caches here. Even got to meet OF at Cambio. I'll watch this thread for future events and hopefully I can time a visit to make one. Bye for now! -Peter
  18. I want to find the stories for bugs with the most miles. How do I do this?
  19. I second the idea from nudecacher. I'd like to create a list of family and friends who have accounts here.
  20. I think you can GRAB FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE if it's in a cache, or GRAB IT FROM CURRENT HOLDER if someone's holding it.
  21. I found an unlogged travel bug and didn't know what to do. I did a grab from previous holder, place it in the cache I found it at, then grab it again. I see other people use the Write Note feature to place it at the found location and then grab it. I think a sticky note on the recommended procedure would be helpful. Perhaps a new logging option, Update Location?
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