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  1. MaxKim now lead the 2004 event!!!!!! Slytherin is 2000 miles behind - i have been watching this one closely!
  2. lathama


    Why is it now that each GCC coin will apper with its own icon (which is a picture of what is on the coin)???? Surely this is overkill, they are all GCC coins so just put them all in the same icon list?!?!?!?!?! Just seems simpler to me!
  3. So is there to be a multi cache set up around the church???? Or maybe an event at the honeymoon destination??????
  4. Why bother doing all that when you can click the link which says "street map" and that will take you to a page which uses OS maps anyway
  5. take some leave some. dont empty the lot
  6. Tried to activate coin at geocoinclub.com but it would not except code. Where do i get the activation code from?
  7. ok you have written down all the numbers. Just log them like TB's on the Travel bug tracking page! Has to be said though i dont see the point of logging coins to get icons, unless i have moved the coin to another cache!
  8. i'll have Lincolnshire and just to point out your missing: Isle of Wight Isles of Scily
  9. UPPS! Just for a minute thought you meant this weekend!!!!! As far as i know i am free that saturday, wont have a car either, but will be able to meet you in central brum and we can do an urban multi and urban micro (both of which i havnt found yet) and then if there is time maybe a short bus ride to one of my own caches.
  10. Real shame this, its my parents wedding anniversiry on sunday so we are all out for a meal. If though (depending on the time you land) you fancy a quick pint in town (and a dash for an urban mirco), on saturday, then i am free till around 4pm IGNORE POST - AS I THIS APPLIES TO COMING WEEKEND (15-17)
  11. well it aint a complete one - some missing such as london coins
  12. I know there is a list somewhere but cannot find the link. PLEASE HELP!
  13. will they have their own icon?
  14. i always send my coins and tbs out "naked". dont see what all the fuss is about really. Some of my tb's have been idle for 10 months and then turned up. stop fretting!
  15. Sticking my neck out, but i aint seen any problems
  16. I am coming guys! Last train out of Kings X is 9.30 so will be deploying the magic carpet again to make train! I will probably be there before 6 so anyone who fancy's a bit of a session come on down early!
  17. i get 2 gcc coins a month, 1 release 1 keep 1
  18. I just dont see the point of them being placed in the first place, when there is a perfectly good cache 0.12 miles away Opinion That is not within the 0.1 mile limit so it is not breaking that particular guideline I realise that, i just dont see why such a small area needs 3 caches
  19. I just dont see the point of them being placed in the first place, when there is a perfectly good cache 0.12 miles away
  20. I have a good case for making this rant. My example is M5 J3! 2 months ago a cache was placed near the junction (0.5miles away) next to a roundabout giving easy acces there and back to the M5. So why is another 2 caches needed for the same junction in the MM series?????? There is already a cache for the junction so why place anymore. This was my point at the start of the year as to why people place caches, its not placing them because its a good spot its placing them for the sake of placing them. I know well the site of the M5 J3 MM cache and (without having been) know what goes on there and it aint pleasant! Please will people think before placing unneeded caches
  21. "this is the best bifta i have ever had!"
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