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  1. it happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I think its when the system updates its one of the same things whichy just happens and then resets itself
  2. I certainly dont agree with this amount of caches in such a small area. Whats the point, i must agree
  3. I thought that to post an event, you had to give atleast 2 weeks notice. Why is that an event has come online not 24hrs ago to take place on Sunday. Also the cache page reads that it will take place on Saturday 8th October. the 8th is a Sunday!!!!!!!!! Is everyone ok with this - or should we atleast try and uphold the guidelines on placing caches?
  4. I understand that this was a tongue in cheek comment, but do remember that not everyone visits the Chatroom. This topic may now have given them the idea that no sensible conversation takes place in there, and thus stops them trying it out. Just a thought
  5. I think thats a bit harsh! I have read hardly any logs on events where people said that it was a "waste of a weekend". Have you ever been to an event? What were your experiences?
  6. being greedy i would like to cache with young lady who is single and my age [] likei said, being greedy. in another life maybe! In reality it would be nice to cache with 'the feathers' (USA), having read all his TB logs, he seems like a really cool guy!
  7. I have to disagree John. The mousetail is what makes the site different and origanol. Keep it HH!
  8. I would imagine any number of pubs in that area will be showing the game, suggest giving Currykev a pm as he knows the area fairly well. Hi lathama,I can check out the NEAREST local pub showing the footie in the next couple of days if you wish. It'll be no problem,just as long as I don't check out their ales at the same time. Post your reply and your wish shall be granted....PS £25 is a REAL good deal...well done! This would be very much apprieciated Kev, thanks. After just consulting the FA website and am alarmed to see the KO has been moved to 5pm to avoid the rugby at 3pm this will just mean i cant get (a) FTF and ( will not arrive till around 7.30 rather worse for ware
  9. Update have found a really cheap B&B in Earls court (£25 a night) cant grumble at that, for an area like that. As the pub we are at is not a sport orientated pub is there anywhere locally to it which people would expect to showing the game - so i dont have to double back to my hotel to pick up TB's etc
  10. I am attending BUT, I have 3 questions: 1) Will the pub be showing the england v Macadonia game (KO 3pm)? 2) Does the pub serve food? 3) Any decent but cheap B&B's locally
  11. Good point, but as it will be a while before it hits 60 degrees in the UK, im still happy to place mini candles in caches. I have been guilty in the past of placing lighters into caches (still do it sometimes) - but only in places which are remote and a so could be needed for trangeia lighting etc. Not entirely true, the experiment was in a standard laboratory, and no energy was input into the demonstration, it was the heat it reached and then set alight spontaneouly. I was about the paper acting as a catalyst. I think I did not make that clear, so my fault in not being explicit on what the demonstration showed. Oh i see, so when the temperature was reached the candles wik basically 'automatically' lit because it had reached its threshold of resisance. Then because there was paper nearby this caused fire. Interesting, i wonder if waterproof paper (like in some log books would work the same) - is it flamable? Maybe something to test
  12. Good point, but as it will be a while before it hits 60 degrees in the UK, im still happy to place mini candles in caches. I have been guilty in the past of placing lighters into caches (still do it sometimes) - but only in places which are remote and a so could be needed for trangeia lighting etc.
  13. Rather an alarming post i must say. Cachers have to be responsible at events as many drive to them. Ok i go by train and so may have a little too much sometimes (March to the river being a good example!), but this was a one off on my part. I hope that being able to socialise witrh othrs who are interested in what you are would be the biggest draw!
  14. Its no longer called that Kev - The Coca Cola cup was so 1990's Its now the Carling cup
  15. You have a perfectly valid point, however I consider this to be a "Grandfathered" topic so I'll let it continue. Also it doesn't generate a lot of "off topic" replies Could i also point out that all people who are participating in the league ARE cachers
  16. Its back again. Last seaon 3 teams joined of which 2 never turned up to actually play. If you sign up this time please play!
  17. so when you gonna bring one of these beauties to an event SP?
  18. I normally watch Lincoln City when they're at home and I'm in town - I'll be around Sunday too if you're back? Unfortunatly for you, i live in Birmingham. I have just finished 3 years at Lincoln Uni. If though you have been to a Lincoln game in this time, you may have noticed a group of lads standing at the back of the stacey west stand (singing most of the game). The tallest one of them is me!!!!!!
  19. it would have been fun, but unfortunatly Lincoln city fc are away at mansfield and so i wont be in town. Sorry.
  20. there are all named after mountains. Do you think that pictures which relate the mountains will have more luck in the competition?
  21. Not sure what you mean by this lathama. By my calculations there is one cache per 25 km2 in the archipelago called the British Isles. Even if you go to the six original hearth areas (see this post) there is only one cache per 11 km2, so it obvious that your concern is not about cache density. If its about quality control then I don't think that that is the responsibility of the local Reviewers and any attempt to impose it by GC.com would probably lead to an exodus to Navicache or Terracache. In any case if people don't like caches they don't need to visit them and they will probably disappear due to poor maintenance/muggling/... after a while. No my concern is not about cache density (thats for another topic which has been left well alone), i just mentioned to see that no one else ws concerned that we have had such a placing % increase. If 1200 were placed over the period of 3 years....by MY calculations that is around 1.1 caches placed per day. NOW THOUGH it has been quoted above that there were around 1200 caches placed in the last 2 months, which makes it around 20 caches a day being placed. IF this trend continues this will mean that there will be around another 3020 caches placed before christmas alone. OVERKILL?????
  22. Is no one even slightly concerned about this, or is it just me
  23. good idea. but remember that there are so many little bus companies, that it could take an age to get the database working...and then the bus numbers and routes change mucking up everyting. I still think it would work better with trains.
  24. 1) yes i do 2) No not really, only events apply to say yes (and then it would apply more to trains). 3) would be more use to me if it applied to train stations 4) Yes, (applied to my answer). 5) I would help as far as i could (applying to my answer) ie - trains not buses
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