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  1. As a member of this wide community who loves to travel around the country to events on the rail network, many of my trips involve atleast 1 change at some boring station i have found the introduction of this sidetracked series a real welcome. For me when i get to an event i am already cold (and sometimes wet) so the thought of sitting down for an hour and then heading out for more caching is not normally top of the agenda! Thats normally reserved for food and BEER! Being able though to do a cache while i wait for a train, where i dont have to go more than 0.1miles out the station can break the journey up really well. Also it means if ou DNF on the way you have a second chance on the way back after a PAF. Alot of the people who have talked these caches down are people who drive. Spare a thought if you will for those of us who cannot afford lessons or maybe just dont want the hassle of driving yet. Lots of caches (im not complaining here) are placed in remote areas away from public transport links and these have their place well defined, BUT i think a series such as these has been needed for a long time to help people such as myself.
  2. Or you could use (as mentioned above) tringpointinguk website. All trigs are listed and we have a great leaderboard (i have to stick up for it when i have logged over 800). It would take me an age to relog onto this site lol
  3. I travel from birmingham to events all around the country. If its on a weekend and i can make it, i'll be there
  4. Shout and shake your sticks at me all you want............ But in response to cycling on pavements (not footpaths) i will always do this. I have been knocked off my bike 10-20 times but drivers who dont give enough room to the side of the curb. For this reason i have given up and now always cycle down the pavement with a horn so pedestrians know im coming.
  5. Most events in a weekend (by public transport)? Will see you sunday to tell u if i am successful!
  6. well done tony! If i see you over the weekend at one of the 3 events im doing, i will get you a pint!
  7. and another vote for the old maps, these new maps, although they give lots of details such as place names there is no substance such as how far norway is from france (for those who are not from europe)
  8. wont be able to organise anything definate until easter due to new contract not having started.
  9. I'll see if i can find something big and fluffy in leeds before i come over to Dewsbury!
  10. I dont have a motorbike but i am planning to get a quadBIKE now ive got my EASI licence sometime in the new year. Thing is can you class a quad as a bike?!?!
  11. you dont have to be local to go! Im coming from Birmingham
  12. As some of you guys know i work for an outdoor activity company called PGL. I am toying with a camp event called "party at pgl". Pitch cost would be free, but if you wanted to have a go on the activitys then that is what would cost you. Will give more details as and when i can as i have finished for the winter now and am back in BRUM
  13. I am planning to be there (as part of my weekend of events by public transport) Starting in Bristol on Friday night and ending at dewsbury on sunday. 3 events in a weekend all on public transport. Is this a record?!
  14. should it come back (and pray it does) can anyone please put my dads mind at rest that all the logs on TrigUK will have been stored?!?!
  15. Had to put this on a wednesday evening because (a) i work most weekends - never knew i had today off till yesturday, and ( I will be leaving the county soon and so wanted to get people together.
  16. Anyone else up for coming? Its easy reach of london - GNER there and back, only 75mins each way! Its easy reach of nottingham - Central trains 40 mins each way Bus number 1 Lincoln - Grantham runs almost all night Just thought i would post this so people can see how easy it will be to attend
  17. Glad i checked site. Train due in a 12.43 - so glad about the shorter walk! look forward to seeing you all!
  18. im in london at the moment, using an awful Mcdonalds computer. I will be in london till 9.30pm (train home at 10pm) and would like to spend time with friends in a pub near the river. if interested call me on 07928673747. hope to hear from you soon, big al
  19. ive joined and order 10 cards (just to see what the fuss is about). cards are only 27p each
  20. May be two photos but, when you view them, it is just one picture. But you can be seen "in the round" so to speak wasn't me, either. I asked him in the chatroom Bob No No wasnt you
  21. Muhahahha! Tony! You forgot the "tongue in cheek" smiley! Well i must say i have had a couple of emails from cachers requesting that they can log the brum bash despite not coming and being 100 miles away in Reading!!!!! I was mildy amused!
  22. I have not yet been to a camp event, but was hoping to organise one later in the year. Having just finished Uni could i put a slightly different slant on things please. When at uni alchohol = fun times. Fun times normally = 2 people 1 room. Now i am not saying that this is appropiate for a cache event, but i do belive that at some events last year cachers who didnt want to be around the drunkeness and adrenoline opumped individuals camped in a group away from the party animals who wanted to drink copious amounts of drink and then disappear into the woods for a while. I for one would be happy to drink myself silly at a camp event (knowing i didnt have to be up reasonably early in the morning). But if others didnt want to be around it - u have to be there!
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