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  1. I use a nokia c2, and regularly log my caches in the field especially if i drop off tb's. I tried to a cache today gc2afbp (and others) and got a "403.6 forbiddon" error. What have i done wrong?

  2. I am in the process of undertaking a round the world multi cache, where the idea was to contact people in the parts of the world and get them to help you with your quest. I though am trying to do it alone.

    The one im doing is "A Magnificent journey" which starts in dorset. Does anyone know of any other caches like this which i could also attempt?

  3. I think it's been repaired - I just went to the 'Advance Search', and did a search for Events, under United Kingdom ... and the -Search All- selection is back. I've got the full list of published events, in all regions :(


    Would someone else like to just check it's working for them too? (Just before I go 'Yipeee!', only to find that it still isn't working somewhere else...)


    MrsB :anicute:


    Its not working for me, i still have to check via area - and when you booked to go to 4 events nxt week its a right faf

  4. Like Alex i also have been caching since 2001 (although having drunk quite a lot at an event last year was sure that it was 2000 :blink: )


    I too have seen the rise of caching. When i started there wwere 28 caches in the uk. My nearest cache at the time was 28.2 miles from my home.


    With the trads there were also a few Virtuals which were always useful for a quick cache and interesting monument etc.


    Nowadays i really cant be bothered cacheing allday for 6 or 7 caches. Neither do i see the point of trying to clear an area, because give it 2 days and the same number are back in more places. Geo litter could become a big problem.


    January 1st around 2 years ago i called for a 6 month cache placing ban because the cache density had spiralled in the birmingham area and other areas too. Ofcourse i was met with a stone wall, but with the growth having gone up again soon we may have no option but to have one (just to point out i am not calling for one now so dont miss quote me on that)!!!


    Today i mainly cache at events only. I do enjoy the travel aspect and to see people across the country is fun.

    I realise there aint mnay cachers who are willing to criss cross the country just to get another speech bubble for their list but its a new area and a day out.


    Thats my 2p (now off to night duty)

  5. I don't agree with a 'Premium Members' only event, events should be open to all ages and abilities and those with dogs where possible, just the same as 'camping' events should also be available for those who prefer caravans/hotels or for day visitors.


    But then I have seen evening pub events where children are excluded?


    Like is always said - they are guidelines, not rules! :D


    A pub event which excludes children may not be the choice of the cacher but the restrictions which the landlord has placed on the event - i know, im speaking from experience (see Farewell Brum Bash)

  6. The problem with moving topics over to the main forum ones is that even fewer UK cachers would see them, we have a small percentage of the UK caching community who visit the UK forum. And a small percentage of those ever visit the main forums.

    Indeed: that's why we should encourage more people to visit the main forums. Moving threads more often might help change habits. Or perhaps closing them with a reference to the main discussion.


    I get annoyed by very little in the geocaching world, but it's irritating seeing threads like "Is geocaching.com down?" or "I have a problem with my GPS" when you know that there's a comprehensive discussion of the topic under the correct forum heading. I'd prefer the UK forum to stick to topics that are primarily relevant to the UK.


    Its all well and good say that people should explore the main forums and that posts should be spread around, BUT


    This is why we have a UK forum, if a UK'er has a problem/question, instead of posting it in FAQ or Problem pages where other users using US software which we may jnot have give you back routes of how to do stuff, i would much rather keep posting those things here because this for me is a one stop to all things i need to know

  7. well done - but your not the only person off to china!!!!




    I find your comment very insensitive.


    Wendy is going to be taking part in a very prestigious event, and no, she might not be the only one going, but I still believe she deserves recognition for even being asked.


    I don't know why you chose to make such an insensitive, and frankly, nasty comment, I only hope one day you get asked to be involved in such a wonderful event, and someone posts a similar comment.


    and i honestly think your over reacting!


    I recently picked up 12 TB's from one cache.


    Fair enough pick up one or 2 but dont you think that 12 is overkill and a little greedy?

    Cachers (such as myself) who live locally to a cache - not that particular one, could log on and travel down to retrieve a TB for themselves only to find that the last finder cleaned out the cache.


    I can see that TB's want to travel but to clean out a cache of all its TB's and coins i think is greedy

  9. to be fair, just want to put the opposite spin on this.


    Picture the scene (or try to)


    You join caching.com and read through the guidelines and come to the part "if you take something, leave something".

    Cool you think, a way of getting rid of all the Mcdonalds tat in my house!

    Off you go to your first cache. Low and behold there is a TB in it! COOL!

    You take it. log it and read about it.

    The following day you go out again, reach the cache and find a great swap best thing in the box! You place TB and retieve your new found enjoyment toy!


    I dont see the problem with this!


    You have taken something, placed a TB (which could have cost someone £5 for the tag + whats attached to it) and retrieved something of equal value!

  10. People who have met me regularly will realise that i dont mince my words and so forgive me if i go on a little bit of a rant!


    1) Would people please grow up and stop whineing about travel costs and fuel consumpsions. As you probably know i travel to all events by train. This is Very expensive but i will travel anywhere.


    2) Dates: People seem to be obsessed with the fact that 1 date is in the school term and one isnt. HH organises 2 events a year, both in term time and people travel to them, people organise camp events (such as shropshire or Argyll). You travel to those and dont complain so stop with the negitive comments and get behind the committee.

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