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  1. I'm sitting in the ABQ airport (free wireless internet access!) right now, heading back to NJ... you're a day too late I guess. Sorry!
  2. Great job, and a mighty wingspan. Keep on peddling!
  3. Good deal! Congrats on the first of many 100s!
  4. Paul, once you get past 1000, nobody cares anymore. Ha, ha, just kidding, congratulations! BTW is there a leaderboard for benchmarks? You have hit many more of those than the standard aquatic mammal!
  5. Congratulations! I'm not going to wait for my 2000th to hit Tight Squeeze, though. I doubt I can put it off till even a milestone! I still remember your first, too.
  6. That's a lot of miles on the PT! Congratulations.
  7. Good work, TPB. Not check mate yet, but you're getting there!
  8. That 1000 doesn't include any archived caches, does it? Great job, 2nd 1000 should be quicker!
  9. A truly great achievement! I feel achy just reading about the journey. I feel that I could do about 2 days worth of this hike. I guess the real Quoddy won't be getting too many long hikes for the next week?
  10. dadgum, it's been on my to-do list for quite some time also. Why did they not post something on the forums, such as "last chance to find", before knocking down the bridge?? Well, at least I won't have to post an "I chickened out" log!
  11. congrats to one of our better puzzlers in the area (finds and hides)!
  12. Nice! I need to check on the caches, too, because you usually find some good ones.
  13. Good going! Keep running!
  14. And, good work to one of those cachers who has a high hides/finds ratio! Many more congrats to the many CT hides!
  15. Good work! I noticed Polski's #s match Thirsty's, too! (Did not check to see if they have the same caches found!)
  16. Congratulations - keep it going. Django... that has the distinct ring of a cipher key...
  17. Congratulations! Some tough puzzles in amongst those 200 finds! (any music hints???)
  18. I'm starting to get a complex... There were very few cars at Coles (although the neon OPEN sign was lit)... and fewer at the day care center where I parked (it being a Saturday). Decided that w/o a crew to help, I may as well leave the implements of destruction in the car and abandon the TB rescue part of today's mission...
  19. Congratulations! I see the picture of Andy Bear @ Bear in the Adit @ Weldon Mine ..., but surely it would have been more appropriate to have a pic of Andy Bear WITH the Bear @ Bear in the Adit @ Weldon Mine! (Maybe photo shop is in order?). p.s. when are you doing your summer caching vacation? My plants are getting dry and could use the rain!
  20. Are you going to make this into an official "event"? I am not sure of my availability, but if I come I can bring a large pry bar also.
  21. I was noticing that number creeping closer and closer to 700... way to go! But wait, there are no lakes in Arizona ... Congratulations!
  22. There's about 270 active caches within a 10-mile radius from home. I had once again gotten the list down to under 20 caches, but then CondorTrax had to fill in some empty patches! (Before that, it was Old Navy loading up another nearby area - but I solved that problem for the moment). I am coming to the conclusion that it is impossible to clear the 10-mile list. Or maybe I need to move somewhere far far away from other cachers? Anybody else having trouble keeping their local area clear of unfound caches?
  23. Hmm, all I did was mow the lawn over the weekend! Sounds like some super fun was had! Congratulations.
  24. Very good! Keep on walkin'!
  25. Congratulations! That LI cache looks like fun, also!
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