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  1. I think some of briansnat's caches got hit on the 14th (2.4 right near High Mountain) and 16th (1.1 right near the Cool Goddess) of February. I don't see any logs from those days, though.

    Pretty funny to note the quake locations by the nearest cache!

  2. The Hercules explosion was a BIT before my time.... This one's epicenter was less than 1 mile away from my home, but it was not too bad - I think we've had some lightning storms that shook the house worse than that!

  3. So much more fun to ferret out a phoney than to laud a great caching effort! Armchair detective work is exhilarating!

    I remember how excited I was the first time I got 17 finds in 1 day, and that was a long time after I had started caching. I would have been happy if someone had tried to call me on that endeavor - read the logs and weep!

    I will be happy to supply a major load of Kudos if these turn out to be valid finds!

    For the "walk in the park", I wonder if somebody mixed up the name of the cache with another, I think it is a fairly "generic" name that could get confused... I can't imagine anybody finding Briansnat's "A Walk in the Park" and not writing a bit more, unless it was "Out HUNTING with my father-in-law, easy find" (I could buy that easily).

    Of course, I put a log for one of Briansnat's caches awhile back that mirrored a recent (at the time) fake posting, something like "quick find not far from my hotel" on a long hike find. Did not even get a smile from him...

  4. Getting the cache container open in the cold is sometimes challenging - you don't want to take your gloves off, but you can't get it open with your gloves on!

    Also, the pens in the caches don't write so well when the ink gets frozen! Luckily, somebody invented the pencil to solve this problem (I think I heard it was the USSR space program...).

  5. 1000 used to be a big, big deal, but now there are cachers who started a long time after us who shot thru 1000 like it was 100... So, from one of those that thinks 1000 is still a big deal, congratuations!!

  6. My doctor informed me that the "bullseye" will not necessarily be where the tick bit you. It is an immune system response. I had a bullseye around where I pulled a tick out, but it turned out it was just the bruising I gave myself pulling the sucker out.


    Also, you don't need to save the tick these days for testing, there is a blood test they do now. Of course, you need to be infected for about 1-2 weeks before the test will tell you anything, and if you get the test too early your doc may think you are a hypochondriac if you ask to be tested again.


    However, since we are in a tick-infested, deer-infested area, the docs are more willing to believe and test these days!!

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