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  1. First FTF Find How Firm a Foundation GC7H0MG

    January 11, 2018 FTF 1:56pm 

    Today I found my very FTF.  I had to drive an hour for it!  

    I saw the post yesterday about 2 hours after it was published and I figured by the time I get the there (it's an hour drive for me) someone else will have it. Then, I checked late last night and still no one had logged FTF and I thought maybe I should jump in the car and talked my self out of it thinking a girl by yourself in the middle of the night... that might be too far from home to identify my bloody body after my murder, so I stayed home. So today - I checked again and I couldn't believe it. Jumped in the car and made a mad drive January 11, 2018 on a 60 Degree day in Chicagoland. Wet foggy, and a little muddy I found the container and enjoyed the view. I left behind some of my anti muzzle swag and my name on the log for the very first time I got to write FTF I'm so excited! 


    First FTF Log.jpg

    FTF view.jpg

    PAMag76 first FTF find post.jpg

    the view.jpg

    PAMag76 FFTFF.jpg

    1. PAMag76


      Be on the lookout for my new PAMag76's First FTF Find Commemorative Coin https://coord.info/TB8B02G  Im going to drop it in it's first geo cache soon!

  2. Finely... my new winter weather pants came in the mail.  It has been brutal trying to keep my streak in this Chicago cold.  But of course... now that my pants are here - it will be 50 degrees this week. They say even close to 60. It's kind of like washing the car.  Please message your "weather thank yous" here (wink!)

  3. It's New Years Day and I'm off to an event, then to find a few cache. I start 2018 with 42 days into my streak. 101 finds and 11 hides (ten hides and one event)---

    I actually spent all day up north I wanted to start new years day with more then my best in 2017 I had 10 in one day and I got 14 today, attended one event performed a wedding in Waukegan and hid a geocache at john wayne gacy's house and noted it was for my pals in peoria team pookel. should post soon. :) - what did you do new years day?

  4. 100th find. The Queen , A sweet treat.   https://coord.info/GC165XZ 

    Historically funny story -my one hundredth find. December 30th, 2017. My son, Geo-Extraordinaire (Geo-Ex) and I set out in the blustery cold completely unprepared for caching in Chicagoland. Usually I layer so many pairs of pants and shirts I cant put my arms down – but today that wasnt the case. I had chosen  a cache worth the milestone and the effort cuz I hurt my foot and was limping. Plus, after my nose operation my dammed glasses are too tight so I raise them up with tape. Any time my glasses bump my nose my face is in huge pain.  So because of how much trouble it was to get dressed we set out with no real winter clothing then a Florida day in June thinking the cache we were headed for was going to be quick. I had asked a new friend for recos on where to go and set out on a two-parter geo-cache he suggested in Arlington Heights and ended up retreating because we couldn’t find the cache. just couldn't get the gps to cooperate.  Then browsed the map, drove to the coordinates, only to retreat several times for personal preservation from the cold, the last as I’m limping, under a tree, a branch hits my nose – I’m done. Find me an easy park and grab lamp skirt – 100th noted. My son suggests we take a break and head to a dairy queen for pretzel sticks. I agreed and and I put it into the gps. After following the map from unsuccessful cache to cache we are miles from home or my usual dairy queen. So we followed the gps to an unfamiliar one – and it was closed. So now, hours have passed, its very cold and dark, my foot is pounding, cant wear my glasses so I cant see... and no 100th geocache. We start the drive home only to realize the nearest PNG cache is at the closed dairy queen we had just left. I had to go back. We circled around, made the find and now I have achieved 100 finds with the help of Geo-Ex. Thanks for the find EVEREDY 

    100th cache.jpg

  5. Custom Made Trading Stones.

    I am hosting my first Geo-event in February and wanted the participants to leave with a token.  I really liked the geo-stones and buy them on esty. However, when I inquired about custom making my stones for the event - I received no answer or price I could live with.

    So I went to the "Dollar Tree" purchased all the supplies and now I make my own. actually stupid easy. and now my price is down to pennies rather then dollars per stone. I purchased these little trays 6 in one pack perfect to lay the stones in to dry. Fount art on line ( search geo PDF) and made my keep-sakes for the event out of 1 inch stones. I also made a ton of custom geo-swag Anti Muggle personalized stones.  lets see if they get around:) 





    printed on my compter.jpg


  6. So excited- on my way to cache with friends from peoria. Look for our logs!

  7. 31 Day Geo-coin achieved December 10, 2017

    Got My Geo-achievement coin. I'm so pumped. I love it. Its big and heavy and engraved. Worth it too... 31 days consecutive geocaching. 

    31 achievement.jpg

  8. This is my next Geo-hide.  Created especially for the host. I am almost to 10 hides for the year.... 

    geocache container idea.jpg

    1. PAMag76


      Hid this tonight - can't wait until it goes live. https://coord.info/GC7G2HA

  9. I am trying to get 10 hides before the end of the year. and one of my first hides was the reflector https://coord.info/GC7FYBA and it was missing in only one day.  So I had to move the cache.


  10. Congratulations to me on my 31st day in a row geo-caching

    Ten Hide Geo Achievement Announcement 

    On my 31st day of Geo Caching In a row, it looks like a long time before I see my 365 day challenge coin. So, to help pass the time I wanted to direct my attention to a second achievement goal. I will now be going for the Hide Geo Achievement award series. I currently have four hides under my belt and hoping my fifth will post December 10, 2017 so 1/2 way to my 10 Hide achievement coin. Tonight I got creative and prepared the next nine geo cache hide containers. From the nano chewed bubblegum (need a tweezers for that one)  to the re-positioned lead holder container and artificial candle flame. most everything has strips of magnets on them. Except for the film canister and flame. Even the Altoids box bottom is a magnetic strip. I'm trying to change it up a bit from the common day lamp post skirt. 




  11. 31 and counting.

    Today I hid a cache with a trackable to commemorate my 30th day in a row caching hoping it will go live on the 31st. Big number 31... my birthday is January 31st and its a full moon - very lucky. 


  12. 5a1cadd452e5d_k-9detecache-sm.jpg.17f0a11f7e23a8fd81c34b9ecfc77b5b.jpg

    Madison and I cached two finds today in the amazing and warm November we are having. I hid my first cache too just waiting for them to be reviewed and go live.

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