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  1. What a great day.

    ....../ )
    .....' /
    ---' (_____
    .TFTC . ((__)
    ..... _ ((___)
    ....... -'((__)

    August 26th started out kinda foggy, but met the better part of Team PBS at 1pm to start our cemetery adventure in Lincolnshire at bearpack8's place. Gave the ladies heads / tails coins to flip  and looked around bearpack8's place. Very cool. It was like being at a secluded resort in the woods in the middle of the city. She has several cache hidden close to home which Im saving for an emergency streak saver.  After some quick hellos to some of B's friends we piled into her SUV and headed to our first ISQ.   ISQ St Mary's Cemetery. Scrlttohra got her 200th find a couple of cache in, and we visited several cemeteries, weaved in and out of the Wisconsin boarder and had a blast.  Noticed a signature on several logs dated for tomorrow and they havent logged in on the cache yet... moral question? Ethical conversation. Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? Found a cool lake MI rock share 1000 smiles. ( 2DO need to log on fb). Really enjoyed looking and reading the headstones while walking to an from cache.  Love cemetery hides. Love cemeteries. took a picture of an interesting being we found pointing at two graves. A husband and wife. notice the two finger point on each hand.  Discovered two geocache at the same location TB hotel IL/WI State Line TB Transfer Terminal and TEAM PBS signed the right log! Discovered beautiful flowers and sad children's graves where the parents had been visiting recently with balloons and toys. 


    As we headed in the direction of home,  find #17 was What A Mook #3 we saw a string of DNFs and decided to see if TEAM PBS could turn those frowns upside down. We climbed up the little hill to the evergreen tree border where our hunting would begin. The trees boarders condos below and we were immediately spotted by a couple sitting on their patio. The guy approached and I went down to talk to him. " have you ever heard about geocaching?" I asked. He thought I meant Pokemon. As I continued to talk and show my phone we were joined by his girlfriend and exchanged names. "No kidding there is one of those geo things in our back yard? We thought people were posting cameras and watching us?" I gave her a pathtag. "nope I explained,  just trying to sign our name on a piece of paper and log it in."  The muggle lady was instantly intrigued.  "I want to find it" she announced and she started up the hill towrd B & S still hunting in the evergreens. We looked and looked but ground zero was off and our new muggle friend shouted "I FOUND IT!" and she pulls out a pill bottle from underneath a evergreen limb. Her very first goecache. She quickly downloaded the App and logged in her first find. totally hooked for life!  sippi01 best of luck! If you ever wanna go caching - message me !


    he team found two more and then ended up at bearpack8's place and jumped in the jeep home. Best day ever... someone else got the GoCache Bug!  great day - and Thanks bearpack8 for driving and making us such a great route today and last week too. Loved your map and the day! Scrlttohra congrats on 200! AND thankful for SUV air-conditioning. on suck a record hot day. Looking forward to our next adventure. 

    200 finds.jpg

    team pbs.jpg

    log dates and log ins.jpg

    lake mi rocks.jpg

    being pointing with two fingers.jpg

    team PBS2.jpg

    cemetery daisys.jpg

    muggle's first find.jpg

  2. I found this on a log.  Love this. 


    ....../ )
    .....' /
    ---' (_____
    .TFTC . ((__)
    ..... _ ((___)
    ....... -'((__)

  3. Geocaching as Team PBS - today we found some great cache, hit a little rain, and loged a couple ( but only a couple) DNF's.  I pictured a few of our favorite finds here below. Always worth hunting Pinkpixie26 hides. Enjoyed several of hre's today too. We also visited my very first geocache hotel and Scrlttohra got her very first 24 in 24 Congratulations S of PBS. 





    Scrlttohra 24 in 24 signing.jpg

    Scrlttohra 24 in 24 8-21-18.jpg

  4. Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - My 800th find with Team PBS. 

    Our first Geocache excursion as Team PBS. (Me PAMag76, BearPack8, and Scrlttohra) What a great day! Met S for breakfast, after that met up with B at our first geocache. Agreed quickly on the acronym for our new team and promptly signed our first log next to  https://coord.info/GC5GKCT #12 Hatsya visits The Leaning Tower. Then, a quick walk to another traditional and our third find was my 800th Find! https://coord.info/GCK6T9  SCOPE THIS OUT (84 HEARTS) Virtual cache. Perfect for this milestone. Nice set of three geocache here and a fun meet up. Thanks ladies... 

    800 with signs.jpg

    8ooth find.jpg

  5. I got it! My 1st Geo-tour Coin West Bend WI. Ian got his the same day in Mpls. Its really nice and it was a really enjoyable caching series. Here I am pictured with the lady who designed the coin. PharmaGirl

    west bend geo tour coin.jpg


  6. Wow. how log has it been? The days fly by and still I have only 788 total finds for streaking 275 consecutive days with finds from 11/10/2017 to 8/11/2018. I just got back from Mega in West Bend WI. My son geoX joined me on his way back to Mspl MN. right before we left we meet I can never remember  at her national frozen Custer day - photo below. and then headed out to the oldest geocache in Wisconsin. Did the West Bend geo-tour and qualified for our coins. Carried our trackable pooch through much of the parks as dogs are not welcome in West Bend.  then headed in our separate directions, as Ian is moving into his new apartment in MN 


    the ThePharmGirl  was the one who hid the geo tour and designed the coin.  she was also host for the mega with the chamber. 

    frozen event GC7T5MQ.jpg


    Ian Earning A Sticker for tour.jpg

    oldest in wisc.jpg

    jeep waitingg under #3 geotour hill.jpg

    max madison on the geo trail.jpg

    sig & cache.jpg

    the code woord is beaver.jpg

    ian on the beaver.jpg

  7. I am so excited to share my enchanted series art. the profiles are up regarding the tags. but blue prints are just being created.  So 6 weeks before these are available.  Each has a unique magickal charge for the geocacher.  I will trade the set of three for 5 of your tags two of which must be on the list of stuff I want. Green Men Goddesses Unicorns star wars, star trek, doctor who

    Luck & Fortune Pathtag #44600

    Heal. Pathtag#44601

    Potection. Pathtag #44607


    the enchanted collection.jpg

  8. Plans for my first PathTag Series. 

    The Enchanted Series. 

    Three tags, all powerful talisman made with Magickal symbolism and empowered in a ritual to provide the owner with the magickal attributes of the tag. Get all three pathtags in the set to help the energies around you move in the right direction. Get them as a gift to help a friend or loved one. 

    • Healing
    • Protection
    • Good luck and fortune

    The tags will be available for trade by July 1st, 2018. USA $4.00 pathcash plus two tags that I do not own. I collect wizards, unicorns, witches and pagan symbols and other mystical creatures. 


    Also coming is a Ziggy and Fuzzy meet up pathtag with my personal info - collectible in person only. 


  9. Lets catch up since my last post. My personal lie is really crazy with family and this is wedding season. Busy Busy! My daily goal is to find one $$ to keep my streak

    • I have been streaking geocaching for over 200 days consecutively 
    • I attended Geo Woodstock 2018 with Great Friends I was there in Cincinnati for the big event. Got GIGA marked off my grid. 
    • Found the Oldest Geocache in Ohio with TeamPooKel
    • my 500th find was May 7 20018  * Filigree Building
    • Bought a new car better on gas for geocaching HA! and it's trackable
    • Launched a website to collect all my geocaching world at:  http://MyGeoCache.World 
    • created a trackable list for one click discovery ( listed on the website)


    500th find w I cant remember.jpg

    covered bridge.jpg

    kel n car at giga.jpg

    my son Geox and me.jpg

    sue and I on the way to ohio.jpg

    teampookel giga signing.jpg

    geo giga sign.jpg


  10. 400th find march 21, 2018

    Out with the Old, In with the New GC33ZA0 https://coord.info/GC33ZA0




    400th find.jpg

  11. Planetary Pursuit Challenge 500 points on Wednesday March 21st.

    My day caching today was amazing.  I found myself in Libertyville collecting the Name Challenge Log. Then finishing the day with a round of cache all with over 20 hearts.  







    IMG_20180321_1520287 (1).jpg





    IMG_20180321_1613107 (1).jpg

  12. Greta Garbo-Cache Poses for her first photoshoot.

    thought I would grab my 4 today early so I could work the rest of the day without stopping. headed out for a new publish from last night and then passed Leave It To The Ipod: Black Label Society GC2GVEH grabbed this quick photo with the lovely park-like background. jumped in my car and got a LEO check in. For those who didnt know LEO is Law Enorcement Officer and he stopped me beause I had my gps / phone in my hand going to th next cache just ffeet away. I explained geocaching to him - he looked at the map. understood and said he'd save me 200 dollars and not report it to the insurance company by giving me a $50 dollar ticket instead. I had just found  this adorable blue eyed beanie I named Greta Garbo-cache( pictured below) next to a cache I found yesterday - made her trackable and will release her at the giga event in May.  hopefully getting a ton of photos of her posing with geo cache and other related events... hence her first photo with the ticket. . 


    greta garbo ticket.jpg

    greta garbo ticket2.jpg

  13. My First Webcam Pic... 

    The photo is taken exactly at the 1/2 hour and  then it take aobut 5 minutes for it to ppst to the website. then its up there for 30 minute... 

    Visions of Salt Creek GCGVRN


  14. Track My Cat Murphy -A Gift for My Pals.

    So here in lays the problem.  TeamPooKel has been caching independently lately, because of family responsibilities pulling them in different directions... so I have spent a lot of time with Sue but really missing Kelly. They have two homes, one in Illinois and one in Colorado and two kittys  and I wanted to get them something to share, while they add to my friend score (wink) Sue's favorite color is purple, and Kelly is amazing at photography just doesn't like being in them so I thought these twin trackable kitty tags would do the trick. They can now track their cat Murphy, and Kelly can pose the tag at finds for pictures. Both tags are laser engraved with a trackable number which is shared.  People can discover them at events. and fun to visit finds. Now they b oth can be taking their cat on finds and logging a vist


    trackable twin kitty.jpg

    1. TeamPooKel


      This is so awesome!! Murphy loves this special gift and so does TeamPookel! Getting this activated so Murphy, aka "The Murph", can start on his geocaching adventures!! A big Thank You to our super cool friend, PAMag!! 

  15. re: how to prepare a trackable to drop.

    I wish I knew this at the beginning. events are important just to see how other people do stuff. I think my first trackable is gone it has never logged in or moved.  Im actually going back there today to see if its just still there. 

    I see a ton of tags tethered to the trackable and then put into a small ziplock bag. I used the chain that came with the travel bug but cut it shorter so it wouldn't rub and take up s much room when trying to find a container to drop it-into. 

     I re-purposed the plastic bag I got my trackable with a note on the other 1/2 tyng it together with a string.  Im preparing these to drop during the planet pursuit challenge. 

    geo trackable prep.jpg

    plastic bag repurposed.jpg

  16. 300 and it's a Burning Bush!

    Yup. Got my 300 - I figure if I get three per day on an average I'll hit a grand by the end of the year. More achievements to make more pins to buy. Dropped my second tag to go to England so my friends there who cache can find them. I actually had trouble finding this because of so much strange garbage in the bushes. but with the help of the CO I logged my find.

    dropped a trackable.jpg

    there is is from the geo-wagan.jpg

    my 300th burning bush.jpg

    1. PAMag76


      BTW. The bushes made a heart above my head... 


  17. 250th Find Achievement - I lonely windowsill in Iowa

    Wanted to note - I got my 250th at the Iowa find that got me my state trophy. https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=7300312  is my trackable commemorative coin - hope you can discover it soon! 

  18. Sue Fell For her 100th Geocache Find.

    So Did I. Everly Park Cache GC2GNPT Macomb, IL Drove my little red la baron to this location to take a few photos of Sue from TeamPooKel find their 100th Geocache. The weekend was 15 hours on Saturday driving and geocaching. Sunday we got here to one of the larger cache types so I could place a trackable in TPK's 100th find. Success was made on bot points.  We drove up to a fairly empty park. The weather over the last 24 hours has gotten 3 degrees warmer. Cell phone camera in hand and Sue using her AP we make our way down the hill only to slip and roll down in the mud. You an see the sky marks we made on the way down in the photo.  What a baptism. Sue makes the find and I load up the container with a trackable. Now back at the car covered in mud, we change clothes before jumping in the car. Just as Im putting dry socks on a dad and his kid drive up kid runs out of the car in a flash and just as fast, the dad spots us, grabs his son throws him in the car and speed away.  So now Sue and I are in someone else's story.

    All in a day of geocaching. 


    sue n pam.jpg

    the hll.jpg

    TPK making the find.jpg

    Sue got 100.jpg

    left a trackable.jpg

    1. TeamPooKel


      Hehee, you got that right! I definitely fell for my 100th find. I'm sure with all our antics we might be in a lot of other stories! 

  19. Jonathan Livingston Seagull The geocache the required a new tool!!


    Well this Siegel took a little bit of time to fly into my hands. I came the first time spotted it right away from the car about ten feet above my head.  The lot was filled with muggles so I drove over to the ace hardware spent 6 bucks and now I have this great new hunting tool. It s a collapsible cooking fork. gets really small and I bent it sideways so it would fit in my geo-bag. Very proud of my tool by the way-  now I can go back to several others similar properties with visible cache above my head and use my new tool. I thought the best way to ovoid being seen was to came back at 6am in the morning. But the tile and carpet store in the mall  must start really early - trucks and other tile vehicle quickly surrounded me. covering my tracks. 

    geocaching hunting tool.jpg

    micro on left - see it.jpg

    replacing cache.jpg

    pamag76 made the find.jpg

    1. TeamPooKel


      Geez that was way up there!  Clever tool idea! Have to copy that one too. 

  20. Making The "Round" with my Geo-Caching-Sista Sue from TeamPooKel

    February 16-18, 2018

    ...Was totally the highlight of Geocaching so far. On a spur of the moment, I throw the dog in the car and before we knew it we were on our way to Peoria, Illinois to meet up with Sue and start our first "Geo-caching trip" an adventure to obtain our Iowa & Missouri state trophies.  I mentioned the idea and within second it seemed Sue had a geo-cachng trip planned and hides picked out to obtain our trophies and see some cool history along the way. What actually happened was a few great laughs, a few bruises, TeamPooKel's 100th fnid. and my 100th day consecutive geocaching.  We had the best time and there's no way to document everything that happened... it was a riot - starting with GC6Q6PY Richard Prior who is from Peoria to the Mormons in southern Illinois. Our trip could have only been better if we were joined by TeamPooKel's better half -Kelly. (which BTW makes Sue Poo) 

    Friday Highlights. 

    Dead Zone Four ( GC4B2Z3): was an unrecorded DNF for my friends and Sue thought maybe I could find it - but with no success. It was completely dry and we searched everywhere. Sue later went back and was unable to search (photo below) definitely have to get this one next time. Scoped out a place TPK wants to hide their first geocache and found a great place for chicken fried rice. 

    Saturday Highlights.

    Up early - Cooler and Max-Madison the K9 detective in the back seat, Sue TPK navigating in the little red la baron geo-cache machine. 

    Iowa trophy Screened Out - which was placed at some guys house in his window.  I loved it.  he was trying to get his wife excited about the game. 

    100th day in a row caching - photo taken in front of the latter day saints temple in nauvoo, il. Loved the mark twain GCA8E6 and abraham lincoln First Virtual Geo-cache Oak Ridge Cemetery GCE6FF and it has a 197 hearts! and as we made our circle round... left a trackables at the oldest cypress tree GC2A2F. Madison even fund one at the dog park "Barkn around" GC314FJ 

    Things to note... the birds were acting so weird. flying in mass we saw severl eagles in a tree with hundreds of other birds. a geo-cache rolled up in cation tape and to experience snow to warm thaw within hours and sliding down a hill muddy to photograph Sue making her 100th find. 


    100 days in nauvoo.jpg




    richard madison n me.jpg


    Max Madson The k-9 Detective.jpg

    mark twain.jpg

    tom n huck finn.jpg

    lower illinois.jpg


    butt it's gotta be under here.jpg

    dogs n cars.jpg




    1. TeamPooKel


      Absolutely the best, most fun trip!! Still laughing and thinking about it. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks Pam, Madison, and little Red LaBaron. Next time maybe we can take the Minimobile! 


    I have learned a lot keeping this crazy streak alive.  Saturday, February 17th will be my 100th day in a row.  Wow.  If I wasn't this far already I would stop a year and a day of Geo caching is crazy. Especially when you ahve to deal with Chicago's unpredictable weather. oKay - more like predictable snow fall in winter. So I thought I was smart... Saved a private list of "Parking Lot" hids only to find out that ( as my good fiend Sue aLways says... NATURE WINS!  Even my k-9 geo caching partner was getting a little discussed with me. Decided to pocketQ found in last 5 days... 

     see photos. I'll be going back to these - later in the year...

    So Off to Peoria and our first traveling geo-caching tour.  We plan to hit three states and grab the trophies associated with them. 

    Geocache GC212JH.jpg

    ten feet high.jpg

    Max Madison.jpg

    just need one.jpg

  22. It's been years since I laughed that hard...

    Once upon a time Sue from TeamPooKel and I, PAMag76, decided to spend some time geocaching. We saved Friday the full day and planned an area in another suburb where we could get some numbers. Sue - "Poo" likes cemeteries,me too and since it was pretty cold we thought we could jump in and out of a warm car between finds.

    Our day started out pretty normal with food and several layers of clothing, snow pants and winter boots. We found ourselves attracted to a series called Legend of the bat in Oak Park and the description of a haunted circus cemetery area nearby, which also have several geocache hidden in it.

    We drove from one cache to another, until our seventh cache – when we found ourselves out of bats and on to dates. November 15 & November 16 were busts DNF. Both descriptions were regarding a wedd tree hid which only left us poked with one inch thorns and POO bleeding.

    November 18 we found then to March 26th which brought us to Woodlawn Cemetery. As I was walking up to this one I’m chanting “I hate tree cache – I hate Tree Cache…” We looked and looked. There is only one possible host.  I crawled under the tree, and over branches, Sue is in every possible place too - sticks my hair but no luck! No Geo Cache. Get back to the car and Poo finds a little surprise MERKIN has found its way perfectly in position for the ride home.  Finishing with two more finds in the cemetery, March 27th and 30th for a total of 10 for the day.

    Once we found the last cache it was dark and we still hadn’t visited the circle area of the cemetery.  We drove around the winding car-paths only to find the circus grave area marked by two circle elephants at the very front of the cemetery.  We paid our respects and back from a very successful day.



    poo n pamag76.jpg

  23. You Have Got To See This Custom Geo Container

    Birthday Geocache hide - custom made container - made by Kel of TeamPooKel for my birthday. Wow. this was so cool. 

    my birthday started with all the planets aligning for a lunar eclipse. then my friends joined me here in Chicago for my birthday.  I received a card at the hotel with a note that read: "you have two "private caches" to find today.  The first find will be your first swag, birthday presents, and it will provide you withe the next clue. Let's proceed... CLUE ONE: You've reached the level of your first "cache". Go to the place the guests cluster. Have a seat and ponder the whereabouts of your first cache and the next clue. Feel warm and assured that your cache is nearby."

    and I found a Swiss army knife with all the tools I'll need for caching and my next hint... ( I live in a house that is called Pine Manor. so the next hint was perfect) 

    Success! Here's your next clue.

    We know you've been "pining" n a "manor" of speaking, to get to this clue. You'll need to use this tool to release your next cache. Let are and Raphael guide and assist you. Keep your head down and don't get caught between and rock and a hard spot! It could be a sticky situation! Happy Caching, Happy Birthday from Sue and Kelly.

    What I found was the neatest custom geo container with a pine cone and tree leaves glued to create a container for the geo birthday coin.  I was able to open it slide the coin out and save the container for another hide. I have decided to make the container tractable and take it to events.  If you too want a cool geo-container by Kel message TeamPooKel and Kelly can make one for you too. 


    Custom Geo Cache pine cone n leaf.jpg

    geo coin inside.jpg

    whats inside.jpg

    birthday trackabe gift.jpg

    The container.jpg

    rock and a hard spot.jpg

  24. GeoCaching in The Middle Of A Snow Bank with DancingWolfHawk 

    Day One. 19Jan18 On the way to Kitty Island- Illinois Trophie

    wth a 6 hour drive ahead of us and an unknown siituation ahead... we stopped here for an easy ccache with Max Madison in the back seat - Tani made the (group) find and we signed the log separately 

    Illuminator #5 - Green Wave  GC1X2J0

    Day two.20Jan18 Streak-saver Michigan Trophie

    After the tow truck pulled the la baron out of the snow bank I parked it in... we were ready for day two.  My goal was only to find one geocache because I am doing a mile challenge on Tuesday and have to have 200 finds. Until this Geocache I didnt know what a Stormy Kromer was. It was my turn so I climbed over the snowbank sunk in several feet and made my way to the find. I brought it back for DancingWolfHawk to sign and replaced it with a final photo now Im pictured wearing it. We spent the  rest of the day crawling through snow banks on our other hunting excursion... finding Tani's dead relatives. My dad's family are all from up here Irionwood area and hers are Bessmer. both miners - so we visited several of the memorials having to do with the history of the area. 

    wow. tired. need snow shoes... 

    World's Largest Stormy Kromer Hat  GC5AA9V

    Day Three. 21Jan18 A Storm is Coming.

    We left the island a day early and thought I would take advantage of a free hotel points to get aay from a storm described as the worst in years ready to drop six to ten inches on the waits UP victims. I was hoping I we found Tani three state trophies on this trip. but didnt realize we doubled Michigan and missed Wisconsin.  It's hard in this area... that state line weaves in and out and got us here in Iron River City on the way to Iron Mountain. We found the cache relatively easy because of the little hill the snow wasnt that deep and the time of the year is perfect for a tree cache. We, honestly took advantage of this one driving by and saw the description easy and grab in the same sentence and really just wanted to get to the hotel. Tani's wife loaded us up with home-made chilli which just hit the spot and we got out early to the holiday Inn's famous breakfast - beat the snow-storm to arrive to 50 degree Chicago and rain. 

    VFW Memorial Cache  GC1FMH0

    great fun - great geocaches and great chilli - I'd do it again in a heartbeat - after I order my snow shoes!






  25. Great day in the life of this geocacher. Saturday, January 13, 2018

    It was blustery in the bubs – but I got both my 24 in 24 and 48 in 24 achievement awards with the help of my newest geo-caching pals who were willing to walk over 4 miles with me caching as a group. 

    As soon as I started geocaching back in July, I knew it was everything I loved. A kind-a sneaky game, with this huge “underground network” that I would challenge myself and play against myself – without needing to “hang with anyone” to do it. AND feel comfortable enough alone to attend events, meet new friends, and put some faces to names I see on the logs I sign which just makes it even more fun. Every aspect of this game appeals to me. And today – I am most happy to report was my “best” Geocaching day SO FAR.

    Quick setup. I’m doing the 366 challenge – a year and a day 11-11-18. It is crazy cool (to this pagan) that they offer a coin for that. So – I set my sites on it right away - only to learn how intuitive to have started a challenge like this right away allowing the easy and closest finds around where I live to be available for me in the accumulative total of my days. Altho Im not apposed to making a drive for a cache… 366 days is a long time. It was good to start right away before I drained the local area. 

    So, Saturday, I attend the Breakfast In The Blustery Burbs 2018 By Greenback GC7EMPD. Started my day at 5am and made the drive to meet the sunrise coming over the Golden Corral Restaurant in Tinley Park. Tons of people were there. Very cool. Saw a few other faces I recognized. Met Reviewer Smith finely! (really nice guy – regardless of how many times he has you change your listing – jk. grins!) .  Voted on photos (next year Im in!) And ate a sweet breakfast and sat with a couple I recognized from a previous event I attended Taco Tuesday. Everyone was so nice. 

    After breakfast I was asked to join a team to cache the new hides at Yankee Woods by JU2. It was a blast. Corp Of Discovery & Astarandson were quick to find, and great teachers. Even the LEO check-in was good.( I’m hip – can you dig it? L.E.O. means law enforcement officer.)  I even found a few cache myself. We signed as a team but kept changing the name – with our final team name GWNN acronym for “group with no name” We walked 4 miles about and the team checkedmy stats, then took me around by car to made sure I had my 24 in 24 achievement award before they dropped me at the car. I learned a HOW cache is a "House Of Worship" and although miles of walking should trimmy waist line - cachers eat like s***. ( an Amanda quote)  

    Finely back at my car parked back at the restaurant.I just couldn't believe it? How super nice. I even got to discover the jeep I was traveling in.  I never imagined I could get24 finds in one day and it was only noon.  Thanks Paul and Amanda for taking care of me and helping me. I ordered the achievement coin 24 in 24 and had it engraved your names on it.

    I jumped into my reciently made trackable little red la baron convertible and checked the geocache map. There was a cache just ten feet from me in the restaurant parking lot. Well I HAD to get that one. I recognized several names on the log. Then a second one was just on the other side of the lot, and then a third – this mall goes on forever and so do the caches. By 5pm I was just a few finds short of the ext geo achievement award and had to keep hunting - only to have two DNFs all day. I made the 48th find GC69T2D Streaking #11 This is streaking heaven! placed by tattooedmomof4. Be on the lookout for my second commemorative trackable 48 in 24 coin.

    I grabbed some food and started the drive home. Exhausted. The sign of the “SHORT STAY” Hotel popped into my mind that I had passed coming here. I thought to myself - Only in Chicago.  As soon as I got home I got on line and purchased my coins. Gosh I love this game!

    group find.jpg

    48 in 24 streaking11.jpg

    48th find portrait.jpg

    1. PAMag76


      Engraved  coin came in - trackable - waiting to see you to log it in... 



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