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  1. Dan,I tried the maps. (Have not been to to the BWCA in a long time) but they look about the same as they do in Basecamp in my 650. I just used the standard recreation Profile with settings(Detail=More, Shaded relief=show if available). If you go north of the border and don't have any maps for Canada loaded, it would look like what you are describing. Screens from that map set:
  2. Just a side note, I have shipping confirmation from REI on the 650 I ordered in March. Should be here Monday.
  3. SOLD! Sorry don't see how to delete the original post
  4. Garmin Oregon 400t Has had a screen protector from day one. Kit includes:Zagg screen protector, carabiner clip, Garmin's 100k 3D topo maps, USB cable, 2GB micro sd card,two Ram mount ez roller mounts (one pictured) just add a suction cup or other ram mount and attach to cars, bikes etc. Also included are lifetime Nüvi maps for turn by turn navigation (You get the mygarmin.com account linked to this unit for furture updates). Works perfect on batteries. Does not run from USB power. USB data transfer works fine. $150.00 Priority shipping to US address included.
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