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  1. Yeah please change this back. This map is much worse than the Google Map.
  2. I'll add those two to the armchair list: http://coord.info/GCX1BA http://coord.info/GCWZR3
  3. If you use PQs, try using GeoHunter: doesn't violate Groundspeak TOS, doesn't break after every site update and doesn't used battery life too badly since you're operating via an offline database. Personally I think that one fav point every ten logs is way too much. As I like the rating concept by only rewarding good caches I was unsure if I should write that. I am convinced that far less than 10% of Geocaches are real 'highlights' that should be rewarded. I feel that it should be more between 2-5%. I know that I do not have to spend all my votes and currently I am far from it but perhaps there can be added a sentence to the voting system that makes clear that it is perfectly ok to keep the votes. I fear that the way it is now some people may feel urged to spend all their votes and so many caches that are not as good might get many votes too. And one side-note on other rating systems using stars like GCVote. I do not think that this is superfluous now. I think both systems can be used side by side each having its own advantage. So I would love to see if it will be supported (or tolerated) like it was before. Not that I would say it is no longer but please don't try to ban it or something similar as there now is a Groundspeak internal voting system. I love both systems and would love being able using them both in the future. Thanks for the great update! Tim
  4. Great script! Thanks! If I have GCVote above this one in the List of GM scripts the menue gets a bit mixed up. Not sure whose faultit is though. Edit: No matter in what order GCVote and the Map Enhancement script are it eats up the GCVote stars on the map. They reappear if I disable the Map Enhancement script.
  5. It would be great if someone could reset my finds pocket query. I hope this won't occur again.
  6. I got another one today. Althoufh I surely didn't oder one... The button is greyed out now though.
  7. However it still says this after I've logged one of those and it should be six. This feature does not update in real time, but will if you log out and back in. We assume that once you know there are pending field notes it is not necessary to know how many. Ah... Then why just don't leave the number away?
  8. Something that has not been documented as a change but seems new to me. At /my there is a note saying However it still says this after I've logged one of those and it should be six.
  9. I second Team Helmpies' request. However I think it does not need to be made customizable. Just limit the radius for events to something reasonable like 50 km. Currently I receive a list >70 events which are hours away from me. Most are 150 km - 250 km. I usually don't care for events which are that far away and I think most people do not. If it is a big event news about it will spread in other ways. No one will click through 70 events that are far away. So please think about limiting the area from where events are displayed. Thanks! Tim
  10. There is already a discussion on the GSAK forums about the recent change to the profile HTML tags. http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=10931 Hopefully a decent workaround can be developed, but I would assume the once very elegant stat reports will no longer be as grand as they once were. Removing this functionality sucks. Boooo on Groundspeak. $%&$! I totally agree. I hope there will be some agreement to please the huge amount of users using FindStatGen.
  11. For some days there has been a new bug with bookmarks. Sometimes it shows the wrong bookmarks for a cache. This cache for example has only one link to this bookmark list. Actually the cache is not even bookmarked in this list! However it should show a link to my own bookmark list, which it doesn't. Basically I think something with the mapping between bookmarks and caches got screwn up.
  12. Still no fix for broken line spacing in logs with Opera and the java script decrypt function isn't back either.
  13. Great way of fixing a bug by removing the functionality... Anyway they said it would be back soon. Soon... and it's been nearly a month... They never showed the correct hide count. AFAIK it only counts the active caches. Since the stat bars show the correct count it shouldn't be that hard to adopt. By the way I really enjoy the new Cooliris feature but I am a bit grumpy that new features have a higher priority than bugs (whether long existing or introduced lately).
  14. Ah I forgot mentioning the broken special characters in mails...
  15. I can't understand why there is work being done on new features while there are still serious bugs (java decrypt, line spacing in logs with Opera, wrong working friends list, ... to name only a few) to be fixed from the las "update"...
  16. Ah, okay. But still, then it only disappears from the front cache page but not from the "View all X bookmark lists..." page. Since there are always just 3 bookmark lists shown on the cache page itself this is of very limited use. Please don't! I always wondered what the purpose of getting my own logs by mail which I just wrote was. It's much better the way it is now! Is there any chance that we will get back the java script decrypt soon?
  17. Unfortunately this still does not seem to work. Please see this bookmark list with 5 ratings (4 negative and 1 positive) and for example this cache, where it still is shown.
  18. Bug: Umlauts in Mails are broken: This is an automated message from Geocaching You are receiving this email because you are the owner of this listing. Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany WuLaW found Gelbe Klettermännchen (Traditional Cache) at 7/24/2008 Log Date: 7/24/2008 Klettermännchen should be Klettermännchen. Tim Argh... The board software won't show it the way it looks in the mails: WuLaW found Gelbe K l e t t e r m & # 2 2 8 ; n n c h e n Remove the spaces to get an idea.
  19. Oops. I accidentaly posted this in the wrong thread first: Two more things: 1) I noticed different line spacings which are small in some logs and larger in others. I assume that the general line spacing was increased. While IE and FF use the same (larger) spacing for all logs Opera has its problems. This looks very bumpy. Please see attached picture. 2) The site throws an error if I try to go visit a cache page and I am not logged in.
  20. Some remarks and questions. What has been changed here? I just found it to use the new general site layout. Is this a new log type? Is it only used for this? I can no longe click my name near the log out link on all cache pages. All other page types still work well. Using Win XP SP3, Opera 9.51. Could somebody confirm this? This really is a step backwards I can't understand. I'd love to have this back in a way that it shows the cache count the same way the stat bars so. Hides were without archived caches I think. I can't see this. The only difference to me is that it shows the number of book mark lists where it showed "There are more" before. On a side note: If everything else in the bookmark list column now is blue the phrase "There are no Travel Bugs in this cache." should be too. Extremely cool and my favourite! Eventually all this stupid My Ftfs, My Todo and I've been here lists will disappear. How many negative ratings are needed to make them disappear? And did I get it right that once enough negative ratings are reached it will only be visible via the owners profile? Driving Direction on the cache pages is very useful as well. Thanks! I'd love having the trackables at the my page in the same right column as the rest as well
  21. The same here. Please fix this ASAP. I would have needed one today and one for tomorrow for regions where I do not have any data for yet.
  22. So much for that Groundspeak cares about its customers....
  23. Bump. Some comments would be really nice...
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