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  1. I would delete this log regardless of if you had signed the cache or not. You gave away where the cache was hidden, which is a much more serious offense than not signing. I would delete and send you an email letting you know that it's not cool to put spoilers in found it logs.


    As for not signing it - the only time I allow a non-signer to keep a found it log is if there was something wrong with the cache that prevented them from signing it - log missing, too wet, etc., but at the same time, they have to tell me enough about the hide to convince me they did actually find it.

  2. Self righteous, overly protective, hyperventilating, parents that don't have the good sense God gave shag carpet have gone a long way toward screwing up this country in general - why shouldn't they screw up caching while they're at it?




    p.s. I am currently pretty darned scratched up from caching this past Sunday. It was a great day! And I'm healing - it's obviously a miracle I survived that blackberry bush.

  3. Ssssnake!


    I can't figure out how to post the photo here - the editor doesn't like my url... so there is a link up there to the picture.


    I met this horrific monster (I um... don't...like...snakes) about a month ago outside of Houston. He was easiely six feet long.


    The cache was on the top of a bridge. I stepped out of the car and thought "maybe there's a raccoon or turtle in the creek!" and bent over the side of the bridge only to see this terrifying beast.


    Luckily, I was 1) not too scared to take a photo 2) a good 20 feet above this serpent.

  4. My husband and I found a B&N gift card in a cache once. I thought it was trash that someone had left (Who would leave a gift card with money in it... that's nuts, right?). My husband thought it would have something on it so he took it. I mocked him without mercy all the way home.


    He called Barne & Noble's number to check the balance. it had $99 on it!!! I had been so obnoxious that I couldn't bring myself to claim right to any of it... learned my lesson! Well, not really. I still mock without mercy.

  5. And... you can always ask a local cacher to meet up and hand off the trackables to someone else to place if you're not up to getting them on their way. What part of Texas are you in? I'm in Houston, and have done this before. There are loads of people who would be happy to help you and the trackables out!

  6. Please please please - just don't use them. Tin rusts - there is no way to waterproof one (other than putting it IN something that is waterproof) - and even if you put the contents in a plastic bag, the bag will develop tears or not be sealed correctly and it will end up wet inside. I've never, never, found an Altoids tin that hasn't gotten nasty.


    Really - just use something else.

  7. On our first greocaching trip me and my friend Vinnie were searching in the woods surrounding a parking lot. We saw a fake plastic log that no one would ever mistake for a real one. We were positive we had found the cache only to realize it was just a broken toy someone discarded.


    No pics, but it's about midway into this video


    I watched the video and enjoyed it. I really felt sorry for you guys... :D Thanks for making the video and posting it!


    I gotta tell you thought - I thought the log would make a really good cache container!

  8. As a Texan who was out in those wee hours sticking caches back into their hidey-holes, I'm hoping that if someone saw my partner and I that they ended up with someone like you getting the call!


    ....was it East Texas? 'Cause we were over there all weekend caching and those hides can be TOUGH! :D

  9. Also, just want to say that even having notifications set up doesn't mean everyone gets them at the same time because there can be delays in emails, because of network traffic and things like that.


    The only true way to be guaranteed in knowing of a cache being published is to check the new cache page listings for your state.


    This is SO TRUE. My husband and I both get the notifications - sometimes it will be hours between the time we each get the notice and sometimes we will each get them within seconds. No rhyme or reason.

  10. Wow. OP - is this a troll or are you seriously suggesting that because you choose not to become a premium member that premium members should have their perks taken away from them? I am floored by how incredibly whiney your post is.


    Go pony up the $30 (DIRT cheap, by the way) and program your notification if you want to get the word sent to you. Holy crap. That's just disgusting.


    ..relax Gimpy. :D This is for discussion..not anger. :D


    THANKS you're right - I appreciate the "relax". Boy. That just apparently poked me the wrong way! :laughing: I feel better now. I'm ready to go drive 50 miels for a FTF!!!!

  11. Wow. OP - is this a troll or are you seriously suggesting that because you choose not to become a premium member that premium members should have their perks taken away from them? I am floored by how incredibly whiney your post is.


    Go pony up the $30 (DIRT cheap, by the way) and program your notification if you want to get the word sent to you. Holy crap. That's just disgusting.

  12. Very interesting! Is your cache promoting an agenda - yes - the agenda is "stuff that is made in the U.S.A. is cool." Just like this cache - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...93-85c861514a1b - where the agenda is "stuff that has to do with Texas is cool". Well, duh. :lol:


    Seems to me that maybe the reviewer should rethink this.


    Would anyone have anything against being in Tokyo and looking for a cache with the theme "Made in Japan" or in Amsterdam with a "Holland stuff" theme? Nope. So what's wrong with a "Made in America" theme?


    I just recently found a cache that asked that the only stuff that be left have a "honey bee" theme. I wonder if this offended the grasshoppers or the yellow jackets. :ph34r:

  13. New GSAK user here - I pasted the HTML from my GSAK macro results into my profile - so pretty. :o Problem: Now the box on the upper right of geoaching.com page says:


    Hello Gimpy13!


    Premium Member

    Since: Unknown

    Renewal Date: 1/25/2010

    Caches Found: 0

    Caches Hidden: 0

    My Profile | Log Out


    Whereas it used to have my little picture, and my specific dates and numbers...


    I deeply appreciate any suggestions!

  14. I once found a Barnes & Noble gift card in a cache. I felt like it was sort of inappropriate because I thought "geez you can leave your trash somewhere else". I'm the curmudgeon of the family. My husband, however, thought "geez someone left a great treat!". I made fun of him. Until he checked and found out the card had $90 on it. So, not so inappropriate, after all. :blink:


    As for a cap gun - I have no problem with that. I have been known to leave little plastic water squirt guns.

  15. Get your facts straight before you wrongly accuse someone of stealing.


    Wow - Vegas - chill! It sounded like stealing to me! You said you "have access" to and that you "grab" the containers from the hospital where you work. I think that assuming you were just helping yourself to hospital property was a pretty logical conclusion.


    What is really cool is that, since they are being discarded because they are expired, is that you are actually recycling them. Very cool! I'd love to see a photo of one. The only thing that comes to mind is those clear sterile cups they make you pee in and I'm guessing you're talking about something different.

  16. I love peeing in the woods. OK. No I don't, really. I just didn't want to feel left out.


    I love being able to tell my husband "Turn down that gravel road and go until it turns into dirt - then keep going until it turns into mud. We'll hump it from there." He turns the most interesting shades of red!


    I love that my husband will almost always give up way before I will - and I almost always end up finding the cache after he's thrown in the towel. A little competition in a marriage can be a good thing!


    I love that sometimes I'll look up a hill and know that there's no way I would even consider trying to gimp up that thing with my cane if there wasn't a cache in that tree - I just KNOW it's in that tree - and that cache is MINE. This game makes a cripple girl and a cane go places no orthopedist would ever want to know about!!


    I really enjoy swag (I have developed an impressive collection of rubber amphibians) and I love watching my find number go up.


    One day when I'm willing to wrap my brain around the geekiness of it, I'm going to figure out how to put all those cool maps and charts on my profile so I can bask in my own wonderfulness.

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