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  1. I got a 60CSX, TOPO 2008 DVD and a 2gb sd card last week. Downloaded most of the eastern US that I hike (GA, NC, TN, SC) and the areas that I hunt out west (CO, WY, NM). Very easy to use, love the whole outfit. Last night after getting lost on the way to REI in Atlanta, I broke down and bought the City Navigator microSD card (plug and play). Is there a way for me to put some of my topo maps (GA only - there is plenty of room) on this pre-programmed SD card? I don't want to mess the card up. It was easier to just buy the SD card, and use it. I don't care anything about viewing streets on my computer anyways... However, I hate taking those tiny cards in/out of the GPS all the time. I'm afraid I'm going to lose one of them or break one. If this is impossible, I may take the thing back to REI and buy the DVD version (same price), but I don't want to do that if I don't have to. Again, I don't care about using any of the street information on my computer - just the topo (which is why I bought the DVD topo). Thank you for your help. NitroSteel
  2. When looking at buying software, assuming I want to buy the City Navigator NT. Do I just buy the 2009 update software, or is there something else that I need to buy first - in order to update from? Thank you, NitroSteel
  3. I'm just wondering if anyone has found a free street map program that is compatible with my Garmin 60csx. If you could post a link that would be great. I've bought the TOPO 2008 software, but have since found many free topo maps online, but can't find very much in the way of street maps. Thank you, NitroSteel.
  4. I am thinking about selling my Oregon 300 (used twice) which is unlocked for City Navigator 2008. I have some vision issues and the screen is not bright enough to meet my needs. $350 shipped. wtex55, you have a PM. Please email or PM me back. Thank you!!! NitroSteel
  5. I am also contemplating a new GPS purchase and am down to the 60csx and Oregon 300. I really like the terrain shading on the Oregon 300, but I haven't actually put my hands on one (can't find it locally). I have done alot of research, but just joined the forums. This post addresses most of my concerns very well. On the other hand, I have a couple of questions that will help me confirm my decision. 1) I don't geocache at all, I just hike and hunt and that's mainly what I want a GPS to help me with (I've used non-mapping Garmin's for years) 2) I want the best GPS I can get and don't mind spending the extra money on the Oregon 300 and maps versus the 60csx and maps. I just want to get the best. These two things stated: Is there any disadvantage to getting the Oregon versus the 60CSX (other than the cost) - is there something that the 60csx will do that the Oregon 300 won't? I recently dismissed the Delorme PN-40 as a choice, honestly mainly because it just isn't a Garmin. I called Garmin customer service and asked them several questions, and I really feel good about buying another Garmin of some sort. Should I reconsider the Delorme PN-40 as an alternative to the two Garmin's mentioned above? Thank you for your help. NitroSteel
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