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  1. at the bottom of the ngs data sheets some of them give the term height of light above mark can anyone tell me what height of light above mark means or is and how it can be used to help find benchmarks
  2. thanks alot i found the listing for it rocky also emailed me with some help and now have what i need now just time to find it
  3. i found the listing for it here last week when i searched nearest marks to the 16923 zip code but i try it now and cant find the listing for it it is atop the hill behind my neighbors dairy farm everett saulters sure would like to find it but lack the directions and info about it if anyone can tell me how to locate this listing again thanks john
  4. it was a chisseled square that was totaly surrounded by the concrete used in the bridge curbing they replaced the curbing and must have removed the marker when they did it
  5. i have walked by a benchmark in a bridge in north central pa many times while fishing in the area where i grew up went to find it to record it and the pensylvania dept of transportation put in a new bridge and never replaced the benchmark it was at the intersection of rt 49 and 449 in gold pensylvania where did it go or what did they do with it????????????
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