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  1. Thank you, this will solve my problem, and I've learned a new thing today.
  2. How do I relocate a cache that I own so that I can place another cache in a location that would be less than 0.1 mile from the original one? I would like to keep the same writeup, picture etc. of the original cache, but just need to move it about 100 feet? The cache edit menu says to post a note for the new coordinates, but I'm not sure if that will enable me to get the new location officially approved by the reviewer so that there will be room to place my new cache. I hate to bother the reviewer with this question without searching for the answer first myself.
  3. I did the HTML for you. Just add your words after the ABC... and 123... Thank you very much I have copied the code and saved it to work on.
  4. ok, thank you It looks like I have a lot of learning to do if I am going to learn html code. For the time being I will submit it as a list since that publishes ok, just doesn't look as professional.
  5. I'm trying to make a puzzle that matches two columns one from A to I the other from 1-9 On the template the two columns are correct, but when they are put on the page, they are jumbled together. Does anyone know how to accomplish this so that the columns stay separate and aligned on the final page" I tried entering each as a separate line using the space bar between the A entry and 1 entry and so on, but got the same results.
  6. ok, great! I'll try these suggestions tonight.
  7. I am publishing my first geocaches, one of which is a puzzle. There is no place on the form to indicate it is a puzzle. How do I do this? Also how do I import a picture to use as the background on the cache page? When I import the picture it only shows as a regular jpg file.
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