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  1. I do them when passing as long as the answers don't require a degree in Geology that some do. It still seems like being at school though and answering questions set by teachers. In fact I have a theory that earth caches are set by teachers to annoy 57 yr old men like me.
  2. How about this for the most useless hint ever first name female team captain on celebrity juice also a radio presenter. Surprise, surprise I never found the cache and it has now been disabled. This was a UK cache. Yes so what is celebrity juice ?? and how many 100's of female radio presenyters are there ?
  3. I haven't downloaded the new icons onto my garmin gps yet, so can't say how they appear on the device. However my first impression of them on the web page was of shock / horror at these awful childish looking images. please change them back to the original sophisticated design.
  4. The new icons are horrible. They look as though they were designed by a small child.
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