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  1. mabe the numbers are getting a little off in the download process...never thought to double check the numbers for accuracy, just loaded them and off we went. oh well....whatever is going it....it's workin' out ok as we're pretty successful at finding them.
  2. OK, here's one: We've found 8 or so caches in the last few days. While I understand the limitations of GPS (I use it every day at work,) this one has me puzzled. When we find a cache, I always place the GPSr right where the cache is. While the LAT/LONGS are exactly on, the my GPSr says up to 10 feet, sometimes 25-30 feet away. Why is that? Just curious.... Also....for anyone that owns a Magellan SporTrak Map....is there a way to shut off WAAS? Can't find it in the manual and I've read on here that it saves battery juice. Thanks
  3. Thank you all for the responses...you've all helped immensely.
  4. Not sure if there is an easy answer to this....but here goes: If you have a given L/L coordinate, for example....N42:20:78, W88:08:02 and anoother, N42:21:79, W88:09:03 (just changed the min/sec # by one) is there a way (without plugging into the GPSr) to estimate distance between the two points? The reason I ask is because I have a Mag. SporTrak Map and can't figure out how to enter LAT/LONGS without going to TOPO software then downloading to GPSr. Don't have that ability in the field when hunting. Thanks....
  5. holy crap...it worked
  6. i'm 28 wife is 26 found our first cache today!
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