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  1. I spent a couple of years living in Hawaii, so I am looking for the Version 1 Hawai`i Hibiscus Micro Geocoin in orange. Unfortunately I was deployed, so I didnt get a chance to grab one. If you have a willingness to sell or trade, let me know. I have a couple of the new ones laying around.
  2. While I dont usually recommend places, I had mine done with Debbie Does Decals. Got it about three days before GeoWoodstock, looks great on my truck!
  3. When you go to register your cache, there will be a link in the D/T area to get a better idea what your cache should be. Its about 10 questions, so not too long to get an answer. As for cache approval, it can take a day to a couple weeks... Heck I have 37 that have been waiting for a while.. anyway, average review i get from other cachers is about 72 hours. Happy caching!
  4. I was wondering, if there is an option to do state only searches. IE, I want to locate all the caches in Oklahoma that are virtual or earthcaches. No I do not desire to run a query, that will take me into other states, but would like an option to just select the state I am visiting, then select the cache type I am looking for. Some of us are working on a caching game, but a rule is it has to stay inside our state, and you can only have so many of each cache. Would be nice to narrow it down for people.... Just a thought!
  5. I use an Oregon 300 and my dad uses a 200. I literally got it out, plugged in and 30 min later was out caching. My dad, not so tech savvy, took an hour... The Oregon series I love, wish mine had the camera in it.
  6. I had an addition to my family, would like to change my username to reflect my marriage to another cacher (she finally came out and admitted she liked it). Cant find any information on the matter, any help would be appreciated.
  7. If you have any in TX or OK, let me know. It will give me reason for roadtrip and time at home with the daughter. Can I enlist your help with the development of a couple I am working on?
  8. Dont worry to much, I created one, filed for the Silver status, and got the web icon. I tried before, it got kicked. So I resubmitted, changed a few things and its approved. Now I wait for geocaching to approve it.... its been sitting for a week now....
  9. As I cache around the US and the world, adding the geocache master pins is an added bonus. I have my bronze, but just earned my silver. I hate to see the pins go away, but wouldn't mind paying for one. Let us know when we can purchase. Thank you all for your great support and keeping up the fun. God bless...
  10. If you are still searching, let me know. I live in SA, so I can see if its there. PM me with details if so.
  11. Looking to add the ability to search based on terrain/difficulty. I have been looking for a 5/5 for a while, there are only 1200 in the world. Got drunk, stumbled on one about 3 miles from my house, go figure. But I could use this to plan some easy caching for my little ones and granny, leaving the harder for the wife and I. Also could help those of us doing the all around challenge find the elusive caches we are needing.
  12. Been reading on this new family member to the geocaching community. Sounds fun, interesting, and well, it gets me out of my house, so maybe I will get some sun. My "friend" asked if this was going to be come a cache category, similar to the multi cache, but you needed to submit photos and answer questions from a trail sponsor. IE, you take a photo at the start, at coordinate 1 answer a question, coordinate 2 answer a question or take a photo, then at the end take a photo showing completion. No real rules, but just a suggestion. I like the Rails To Trails icon, that would something nice to have showing in the stats. Comments or suggestions?
  13. I see all points, just wish that with all the effort to get more people into the parks, they would make it a little easier, for an interest sake. The passport was a good idea, but it needs to be updated some. Anywho, thank you all for the info. God bless....
  14. Looking for a caching buddy in San Antonio. Post if you are game...
  15. As many of us have found through looking, most of the state and national parks systems do not want any geocaches on their property. Granted, I understand this completely, seeing as we have a few less than cordial cachers out there. So, that led me to talk to a Park Ranger in Hawaii about a geocaching alternative in conjunction with the NPS. It would be similar to the passport idea the NPS has now, but can be done with geocaching. The premise is going to a select point in the park (generally the main station or visitor center), you answer some questions on the parks history, stats, specs, etc..., then you get credit for it. Some say this is similar to the earth caches, in a way it is. But you are learning about the park and visiting a wonderful place. Just wanting some feed back from others, see if this would be something folks would be interested in. cfergusn
  16. I emailed AnthonyV a few weeks ago, but havent heard anything back. The site is not being listed by Symantec and McAfee as bad. I can say this, the scans were showing exploiting data bombs, viruses, etc..
  17. Went to get on the SA geocaching site, low and behold, it is listed as spyware/malware. I would ask the administrator to get it cleaned up and fixes. Site appears to have been hacked, I would recommend an SSL for all sites, even the Texas primary. Just a nerd trying to save peoples identity. Thank you.
  18. I am trying to get a weekend trip to Hilo and Volcano. I am wondering if there any cachers that would possibly like to join if I can swing it. Looking at 13-16 Feb. Let me know. I want to hit all the Earths and a few caches... starting a list I would love to hit. Opie
  19. As with everything I do, I have a mascot. I have been out with friends on hunts, but decided recently to start on my own. I have one in mind, but cant find it anywhere. Someone please help. It is similar to my avatar, but plushy. If you have any leads, I would love to get one before I head out again soon. Thanks all... Opie PS> https://forum.kusadasi.biz/image.php?u=685&...line=1107268732
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