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  1. I am selling off a good chunk of my collection. Most everything is located here, so feel free to check it out.


    Some sales include Signal coins, Geocoinfest dice, Boy Scouts, etc.. Some are activated, so I will do a transfer if you win!


    Lastly, yes, I do combine shipping. Should you go over the price of flat rate shipping, I will refund the difference without question.

  2. I, Tank of Tank'd Designs, recently had two versions of the Strongman Geocoins designed with Pale House coins. Well they have arrived and look great. Wanted to get the pics out so everyone can see. These are limited number, 40 were made of each. Swing by my site <indirect link removed by moderator> and have a look. Both coins are approximately 1.75" x 1.5". We also have other coins that are from the previous years we are clearing out. Cache on!!!




    Version 1

    Version 2

  3. While I am not big on mystery cache types, I would like to see a split also. Could we bring puzzle caches into existence with in icon of a puzzle piece? For challenge caches, I recommend an icon as a light bulb or mountain? While I know some caches many have to change, but I believe this could work for most of us. Just my two cents, but I am willing to work with Groundspeak on this if they do desire.

  4. Why not San Antonio? Riverwalk, hotels, mexican food, etc....


    Because that area did not put in a bid.


    Ironically, we planned to till Houston got in! Heck its only three hours... and I can stay for free at my house about 6 miles away!

  5. Greetings all,


    I still have some of the One Fund Boston coins available for purchase. Remember, all proceeds go to the One Fund Boston to help offset any costs for those who experienced the bombing during the marathon. To date, we have raised $200, but our goal is over $1000. If you are interested, please visit our site Tank'd Designs. We offer flat rate shipping via USPS. Also, if you plan on attending Geocoinfest 2013, you can order and pick them up there, just please use zip code "89169" annotate GCF2013 in the notes.





  6. It's a nice coin and i was already on the buy page when i found out the international shipping costs were set to 25 USD......


    I have been looking for lower cost alternatives for shipping. Unfortunately, UPS wants $66, Fedex wants $89, and DHL is higher. This is all for a one pound package. I personnaly believe these prices to be outrageous, so I will not impose this for anyone internationally. I will continue to search for other means, looking for the best possible cost effective option. With that said, if anyone would like to bulk order, I am willing to lower the coin costs for larger orders. Please let me know if this would interest you, as it would lower the cost of shipping per unit overall.



  7. I have created a coin based off my Hawaii Gecko coin that will be used to send all proceeds to the Boston One Fund. As an avid runner and geocacher, I thought what better way to do so, then with something we all like. So here it is:




    The coin is gold with blue for the Boston colors. The back side has eyes the glow in the dark. All coins are trackable on geocaching. Coins are $12.50 with lower prices for multiple purchases. Shipping is by USPS flat rate. If you are interested, please visit BostonOne Fund Order.

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