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  1. I use Ozi Explorer all of the time and think it is worth at least to take a look at the functionality. :wacko:
  2. Hello Find-Me I am located in Nova Scotia and feel your pain regarding maps for Canada. However I am using a combination of the Magellan Streets and Destinations for street detail and I also have a world topo basemap for the topo info loaded into my Sportrak Pro. Only having 23mb storage does not seem to be an issue as I can usually load most of the Maritimes from both to give me a good street map with the topo detail. I also just loaded the Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 into my laptop and it works well with the Sportrak, voice prompts and all. I do have all of Nova Scotia in digital topo that I use with Ozi Explorer, which is my favorite program for track analysis after my excursions into the wild blue yonder around the Maritimes. Where in N.B. are you? I have a sister in Douglas just outside of Freddy and also fly into Havelock a couple times a year.
  3. I have a Sportrak Pro, which is basically the same. I use Ozi explorer for most of my things but GSAK works great for downloading the .LOC files on the geocaching search result sites. I download them by the page and then create a waypoint file for Ozi using GSAK. Fast and easy. I much prefer to use Ozi though for all of my route creation, track viewing etc. on Topo Maps. If you're ambitious you can even create .xls files for waypoints and import using Ozi. Lots of options.
  4. Thanks Airmapper. Here is a shot of the speed profile from a trip to Toronto I took my Sportrak Pro on. This is the return leg so the speed was a little higher than the flight there due to tailwinds. [/url [/img]
  5. [/url][/img] I have used it a couple of times on Commercial flights. I always take it with me when out pleasure flying around the Canadian Maritime Provinces. I record each flight and as soon as I get home download the track into the pc to take a look....(fanatic you say??). I use Ozi Explorer on my pc and can see my track on the maps. Ozi also lets you analyze various aspects of the track speed, distance, etc. It's also cool to go back and review the flight during the winter when my bird is tucked away in the hanger for the winter. I was out watching Tidal Bore Rafters on the weekend you can see on the pic clearly. Thanks to AirMapper for the help posting the pic!!!!
  6. I have a Sportrak Pro as well,,,,,you need to re-initialize the unit. When you restart, the almanac is reset by the info it gets from the first WAAS bird. I live in Eastern Canada and have had a hard time getting the new WAAS bird in the south. Found in the forums this method and it worked. But having said that Saturday I had WAAS coverage from the Bird in the far west, (not sure why this one showed up again) which is the one that was moved and have not been receiving any WASS data from for months. My Father in Law had his Meridian on at the same time and he was receiving the new one in the south with no WAAS but couldn't see the old one in the west??? It was nice to finally see WAAS coverage in the EAST!!!!!
  7. Honestly,,,, I'm not sure what the eX400 will do as far as features go but I have a Sportrak Pro and have the Canada Topo. I've loaded the Region for where I live and am completely satisfied. If you are mostly on the roads or Hunting Fishing etc. the Topo enables all of the features that the system is designed with. In my opinion for what it's worth,,,,,,,PAY THE ADDITIONAL NOW!!! Because you will wish you had some day.
  8. I use my Sportrak Pro while flying around eastern Canada, I've loaded in all of the airports onto my OZI which I got from the Flight Supplement then saved this waypoint file as my Aviation database file. When I plant to go flying I simply switch out my waypoint lists(or not) and away I go. I've flown with both Aviation and Nonaviation receivers and found little difference except for the above mentioned airspace alerts. That is not a huge concern where I fly as there are few to worry about here in Sunny Atlantic Canada, but having the airports show up on the map is nice.
  9. I've floated up the River With my Sportrak Pro in only a life jacket and encountered no problems at all with water. SARJOR
  10. I'm on my third Magellan, this one is a Sportrak Pro, the last one was a Sportrak Map and it was my first Mapping GPS. I had the opportunity to get the Pro and sold the Map for the price it cost to upgrade to the Pro. The larger memory is nice with this one, I have the topo basemap loaded onto it as well as the detailed street info from Streets and Destinations, both for the entire Atlantic Provinces Of Canada. The topo info is especially cool as it enables the full features of this GPS, horizontal projection, path check while out in the woods chasing those pesky critters etc, contour lines are cool on the map giving a nice representation of the lay of the land easily seeing them on the display. I use this thing for Hunting, Fishing(fresh water on the lakes as well as off shore in the Atlantic), Floating up the Shubenacadie River, yes I said up the river just me in a lifejacket floating on my back going upriver on the Tidal Bore at 12 KPH what an unforgetable trip. We use it when hiking with the family and any time I just go for a drive I just throw it in the vechicle mount and away I go. My 6 year old likes seeing the various icons on the side of the road as we go for drives treasure hunting as he calls Geocaching. Of course it comes in handy for Geocaching, I find the accuracy great with no trouble locking onto the WAAS birds easily even thought they are quite a bit south of my location. Oh yeah I also use it in the mount while I fly myself around the Beautiful Canadian Eastern Provinces. Trips to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and all over Nova Scotia. I download the track of my flights when I get home and save them on my PC so I can enjoy them any time on the 3d Map generated by OZI 3D. That thing tracks all 12 sats plus the two WASS birds while I'm flying Awesome!!!! I may be bias but there is no need to buy another GPS as far as I see it................. SARJOR
  11. I also had the same question as any vechicle that I was in showed a different speed than the GPSr. Somewhere in these forums there is a thread that discusses this and the point about the Car guys overstating the speed. Recently my Father inlaw bought a Meridian Color and it is exactly the same as mine dissagreeiong with the car, as is my brothers Garmin unit........HMMMMM wonder if I can get enough people to gang up with me on those Car Manufacturers????????? I always did think the GPS receiver would be more accurate than the cars speedometer. SARJOR
  12. While in the Edit Waypoint Screen look at the top left for the (VIS) box,,uncheck this to make the waypoint invisible or check to make it visible. This controls the waypoints separately but remember if you change the setting in the map setup opposite of what you set for the separate waypoints it will overwrite you previous selection. SARJOR
  13. If you're talking about the display on the Sportrak you can go into Map setup hit the right point on the large center button this will bring up the map display options. You can select what you want to see on the mapview of the unit. Uncheck the waypoint box and return to the map this will get rid of all waypoints on the map. Or you can go to each one of the TP waypoints individually and change the visibility for them separately, this will enable you to still see the waypoints that you want to see. Or if you only have a few waypoints other then the ones generated by this route it might be easier to choose the first option and then go into the waypoints you want to see and make them visible. This happens when you convert a track to a route either by choosing the Backtrak option or the Save track to Route option. Have Fun it's a good machine I had one for a couple of years and upgraded to the Sportrak Pro for the larger memory capacity. SARJOR
  14. There are some differences in a couple of screens, other than that no real differences that I could see.
  15. Same here,,,,,, My MAGELLAN Sportrak Pro does it easliy using the menu............ I feel sorry for you Garmin guys
  16. Ozi Explorer will do the same thing upload your track and you can get the track profile in height, speed, Very easy too!
  17. I have the same unit, if you are planning on using it on land then use that file if using it on the water then the marine file is better. The marine file includes the currents and other things relevent to marine travel. I keep both of then on my PC then change the firmware when going off shore fishing. But really I don't see any noticable difference. My land file also has the Bouys etc.
  18. Sarjor

    Track Designs

    Check this out, Happened across this site and thought it was cool..... http://www.gpsdrawing.com
  19. My father in law just bought one of those reasonably priced Meridian Color units in N.S. I have a Sportrak Pro and basically these are the same as far as functionality goes, the map is nicer because of the color feature........but you need to use the light if you want to be able to see the map!!!!! If the light is off forget about using the unit too dark. That I don't like even with it being color. It has two light settings but even with the lowest setting your battery lasts far less than with the light off. If you're going to have it hooked up to pwer,,,,no issue. I played with his GPSr for about 2 weeks before I gave it back, loading in Topo and detailed street info and using it in the woods etc. Very nice machine but really not much better than mine (except for the ability of loading additional maps on the SD card. I really enjoy using my Sportrak Pro and wouldn't upgrade to this one for that reason. But for that price I say it's a good deal..... SARJOR
  20. Ozi Explorer is the Best that I've seen out there. Very easy to use, and many great features that work with a variety of GPSr's
  21. Hi I live here in N.S. There are a lot of really cool caches here to find. If you do a search on the site for caches by the following coordinates:45 07.787--64 31.518. This is what you will find I downloaded the waypoints to a .LOC file and uploaded them to my Sportrak Pro,,, I'll try to email you the file Happy Hunting!!!!! SARJOR
  22. Hi there new GPS'r the program I use to keep track of Routes and Tracks is Oziexplorer. It works great for uploading and downloading to my Sportrak Pro. I'm not sure how many features are the same between the two Models but I would guess that they are quite similar. I probably can answer a few questions if you want to fire them at me. I have been keeping a record of my Tracks while out flying around the Maritimes and it works great.
  23. GSAK is the program I have found to be good, it can open many .loc files at once. You can download whole pages of coordinates from Geocaching.com easily by searching, then open with GSAK and save the file to many different file types or send to your GPSr from there
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