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  1. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I will be putting the roses up, much as a HATE to part with them, I just have to get some really good pictures of them first. Needless to say the funds will not make it into my fundraising total before our walk on Saturday, but they will get there and that's all that matters. My life is just way too hectic, and I see no end in sight.
  2. Kyra & Jayde's coins are now available for bidding on ebay!!! Each of these coins is trackable with their own icons, and all proceeds (over fees and shipping) will be applied to my March of Dimes website once they have cleared my paypal account. I'm sorry I am so very late in this, those of you who know me, know why, for all others, my life is just very hectic right now. The auctions can be found by searching for seller WicksWorksDesign or by searching for Kyra & Jayde's coins. Please bid often there are some really great coins in here. I have a couple more still too but no pictures to list them with yet. thanks so much and good luck!!!
  3. I'm so glad everyone likes the coins! they are a lot of work, and wow do I get stressed trying to get all the names in, but it's always worth it to see happy people! I LOVE happy people! I think I have 5 AE's left if anyone wants them drop me a line.
  4. Just got this info!!! Geoswag is now selling the Mailbox V.3 coins!!! You can find them here: http://shop.geoswag.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/wwiym.html I also have a couple of my versions left for anyone interested in them send me an email to WicksWorksDesign@gmail.com
  5. but this design looks almost like a direct copy of the game monkey and the new version is too close to be an original design. i gotta agree with eartha on this one. hope you folks got all the correct permissions lined up. Mine never got produced, or rather had not been yet.
  6. My versions have arrived! I had forgotten what I had asked for but they are on Nickel with a dark blue ring and gold inside!
  7. UM Designed in 2007 by me, to be a group project even, and didn't I share this art with you once? *Edit - Look I had even brought it to the forums! http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...9&hl=monkey
  8. Yep just the ones I designed, I'll be posting the other coins after I get some better shots! Don't worry I have them!
  9. The price will be set by Geoswag, I'm not sure what it will be as I was only the designer. The pictures I posted are the ones sent by the mint. When they arrive I will take better shots like I have of previous ones!
  10. That is so awesome!!! thank you so much!
  11. Thanks Joni, I sure hope so! Last year I was able to raise $1915, this year I aim to raise $2200! I'd be lying if I said i didn't want to keep each and every one of these coins, they really are very beautiful, I LOVE the roses and the Dove, they will be very hard to part with.
  12. First I would like to introduce myself, the name is new-ish, but I am not. I used to be UOTrackers "Brae" but I'm no longer part of that caching team and have relinquished the name to the remainder of the team. I've been away from these forums for awhile now, but this is something I have talked about many times in the past. Every year I raise funds for the March of Dimes, I do it to honor the daughters I have lost and the one I have by my side! I do it to help other families so they never have to feel the pain I have felt in losing a child. I had the idea last year to have some special coins made just for this cause. So each time I have designed a coin in the last year, if it was possible I had 1 or 2 made with special colors in pink and blue. I'm calling them Kyra and Jayde's coins. I'll be auctioning these coins off to raise funds for the March of Dimes. You can read about this at www.wicksworksdesign.com/marchofdimes.html I also have an official page with the march of dimes at www.marchforbabies.org/Wicks_Angels I'd like to show you some of the coins I have for this auction and I will update this thread with information as the new coins become available and go up for auction. I hope you like these very special editions! Jennifer MOD Peaceful Dove 1 was produced MOD Pinwheels 2 of each were produced MOD Flip Flops 2 were produced MOD Roses 1 of each were produced
  13. ****UPDATE**** First I am UOTrackers Brae I'm just no longer a UOTracker... I received this update from Oakcoins this week... The coins are finished and will likely be announced through Oakcoins in the next week or two!! The "Artist Editions" if you still call them that, I'm way out of the loop, are on their way to me now, however I no longer keep a "Store". My versions will be available for sale and I believe I have a list already, but if you had wanted one, I will only have 28, 2 of them are special for the March of Dimes auctions, if you wanted one send me an email to wicksworksdesign@gmail.com If you have any questions I check my email much more regularly than the message boards here. I hope your as excited as I am to see these coins! Jennifer
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