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  1. I recently received actually 2 geocoins for my birthday and I was so excited to get them and decided to put them straight to use... two weeks later I went to an event in Florida and I gave it to someone and asked him to take it to the state he was at and he has done just that and he's taking it so many different places I've got so many miles on it I'm not even complaining.... But what I don't understand is on my profile it says I have 1 travel bug when I have 2... how come when it goes into someone else's hands or possession it's no longer in my own inventory? I'm not understanding this it makes it hard for me to check on it.
  2. I really wish they would bring back for Virtuals and Webcams they are my absolute favorite hands down.
  3. I live in Lake County Florida if we don't have the ocean we have the Lakes that are very dirty and I don't like it at all I won't even try to find them if they're not filled with algae and other gross stuff it's filled with all types of bacteria I really wish they wouldn't have this... Besides putting in The Lakes over here is really dangerous I don't want to get eaten by a crocodile or a gator ??
  4. Just thought I'd ask if there were any Central Florida geocachers out there... it would be interesting to meet some and also wondering if anybody has any social sites for their geocaching
  5. Oh wow there's so many I could add to this although I think everybody has it covered.... I think somebody mentioned about not maintaining their caches I mention this because me and my boyfriend go out to geocache quite a bit and we are constantly drying out containers or bottles refilling them with new logs and new baggies and putting them back and when I message somebody about it or put it on the log when I find it... I think only one person wrote me back and said thank you I don't mind doing it but a simple thank you will do
  6. I guess you could say I'm a bit of a lurker?? I started geocaching not too long ago almost up to 100 caches right now I'm working on creatures... it is lots of fun but sometimes get really confused when I hide them myself...I'm starting to get really creative and I just enabled two of my caches that I disabled because they were lost stolen or what have you....at first I was just putting it down wherever now I'm getting really creative with it and I get those ideas mostly from other people that are geocachers in different countries they are very very creative in hiding...most of the time people don't even want to look for my geocaches because they are just hidden too well.... but I'm going to keep putting them out there ? I'm working on my 5th one and I hope people would do more than just look for a jar or jug or a micro because sometimes it's not about those.... it's in plain sight you just can't see it you have to look..... but anyways I go by Meredith66 and I love geocaching and I do it with my babes Geo_Juan
  7. I dont mind spending money...but not for them to get stolen
  8. Then honestly asking what is the point of buying these trackables spending money on official geocaching stuff and becoming a premium member to have these things stolen?
  9. I'm going to be doing a "Peace Sign" image that I found on my map....but I'm asking if anyone else does design images...I would love to know where you are here in Florida. I love these designs and I want more of them....or pls tell me how I can find these
  10. OK...so Im trying to find info about TB Geo's and saw this....I just got 2 TB's today and am very excited for them to travel but was worried someone might steal them...after reading these comments I may not hide them because I DONT WANT THEM STOLEN....But I really really wanna hide them and I want to see them travel...if anyone can tell me how to do this I'd appreciate it...TIA
  11. Well thank you all for your awesome advice being a new geocache sure I have come to realize that my Hiding spaces are really not that great although two of them are still active but I watch other people in other parts of the world whether it be different states or different countries they are very very clever with their hiding and I noticed in that people here at least in my area are so lazy but if I was to hide it any more than I am they wouldn't even try to look for it so I am just going to have to get a whole lot more clever with my hiding and I can honestly say that if people can't find my hives after today then they shouldn't be geocaching because I'm not just going to drop a camouflage bottle or container in the woods somewhere and expect somebody to find it I am going to get really clever with my geocaches. But once again thank you all for your advice I appreciate it so much... To the people that think I just don't want to do maintenance on my geocaches that is simply not true not only do I go around and check my geocaches I also make sure that the ones that I find that are hidden from other people are well taken care of just yesterday I must have replaced logs baggies dried out containers for them and actually got notes back from the owner saying thank you tell maintenance is not an issue for me.
  12. So so I'm curious to know if anybody on here has an Instagram or any other social site where they might post their geocache travels and findings and hides.... You can certainly look me up on Instagram Meredith66 and I would love to follow you all back.
  13. these are in different countries...I'm in Florida
  14. it doesnt seem like anyone does it on Waymarking...I cant upload pics..its confusing.
  15. I just found this site today and it seems really interesting...is it still working? Do ppl still do this...because in my area the last log was last year.
  16. Thank you...I might disable it....the edit tool shouldnt be there if it cant be used.
  17. I REALLY REALLY want the virtual caches to come back into play...I did my first one today and LOVED IT! I read that they are no longer doing virtual caches and that"s depressing. Cant you bring them back? Why did they stop to begin with....Virtual and Webcam are my absolute favorites HANDS DOWN.
  18. OK so I'm new at this and have hidden 4 caches of my own....I'm annoyed and wondering WHY my geocaches are disappearing....I've disabled 2 out of 4 today and have replaced my very 1st on a few weeks ago...I'm feeling like I might not want to renew my subscription...I don't understand....WHY ARE MY GEOCACHES DISAPPEARING??
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