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  1. I did that and didn't get what I was looking for. I will try again.....more than likely user error. Thanks!
  2. Is it possible to search by the title of a cache or of a specific cacher instead of the GC number? I've tried everything I can think of.....maybe I'm just missing something? Thanks in advance!
  3. Ok, found it. Thanks! Now how about changing my distance from home? That is gray and won't let me change the miles.
  4. I can't seem to find a spot on the site to narrow my search to Large caches only, so I can find one for the geochallenge of the month. I went to where you can choose the types of caches you want to display but I can't see anything for size. Can anyone assist?
  5. If you want to place a travel bug or trackable do you have to put it in a cache that you place, or can you start it in a cache that is already placed by someone else?
  6. I have only read about them. Looking at recommendations in books and online. I am using my phone now but the battery wears down so fast. I like the idea of being able to upload the cache info onto the GPS and I like the preloaded maps. This is ALL new to me. Thanks for responses.
  7. Ok, so how do you know which GPS to get?
  8. I love the idea of travel bugs, trackables and pathtags. With pathtags I don't think I really get it. Do you only use ones that are particular to you or can you get any? And if I wanted to "plant" something so it will end up in CA for my friend to eventually try to find, what would I use? And what is up with so many caches being hidden in/near/around poison ivy???? LOL Sorry....I got a little carried away. I'm new and loving this stuff!
  9. Thanks for the welcome and the comments. At some point I think I would love to hide one myself.
  10. Hi. I'm also a newbie. Looking forward to venturing out and finding caches, hopefully. Sounds like everyone has fun.
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