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  1. Great idea, Green Achers. We'd love to help Cachecows get to Ripon, but aside from his parents probably objecting, Malcolm isn't signed off for external loads. Too bad, Cachecows could have made such an IMPRESSIVE entrance to the Ripon caching scene!
  2. Something must be wrong with my "favorites". It seems to have confused my Groundspeak site with a cooking site! Weird, isn't it?
  3. Congratulations Green Achers! I guess you chose wisely every step of the way. And wasn't it a fun cache? I understood that heiroglyphics were not necessarily written right to left, but rather written as a compact work of art and flowing from a speaker's mouth, be it left or right. Anyway, left, right, up, or down, this was a FUN cache. Great job!
  4. Just right click on the picture or logo or whatever and "save picture as...." It's really easy. Cachecows209, you asked if you can log CVC Tag!!! more than once. Yes, you can, but you have to let two other cachers find it before you go after it again. (Can you really ride that bike of yours all the way to Merced? I'm impressed!)
  5. CONGRATULATIONS Valerie and daughter on finding Indian Jones and the Temple of Cache! I don't understand why men aren't looking for this cache. Is is because of the barbed wire, trained attack dogs, poisonous snakes, black widow spiders, dangerous cliffs, dust storms, chamber of spikes, or the heiroglyphics? What's the problem, it's just a typical RyanCTek cache! (I think he learned most of what he knows from Ron Streeter!) Seriously folks, this is a fun cache. Go for it. Hope everyone can come to our Event Cache on October 2nd. CacheCows209 and I are working on a fun cache course to entertain everyone.
  6. OF is here. Just recovering from a wild weekend. We had lots of company from Friday afternoon to Sunday night. Some birthday stuff, some caching stuff; LOTS of fun. We found Indiana Jones, Watermark, Chambers of Ripon, and Pheromone. The others are rated higher, but we had the most trouble with Pheromone! We also were there when CVC Tag was found. Team GUI should be ashamed of themselves. Evil, evil. I would love to help with the Event Cache. I could help plant caches, or just organize details. Let me know what you need via email. One talk I would like to have at the event is about how to mark a waypoint and how to use the GPSr correctly. I still have trouble with coords I've taken. Like one of my caches I recently checked on was nowhere near where it was supposed to be. It hadn't MOVED, so what went wrong? Do these satellites go wonky sometimes, or am I just a lame-O? I think we could all use help in this area. Thanks Ryan for the website. I'm going to check it out tonight. -Laura Outrageous
  7. Welcome Duckfarmer! And if DuckFarmer is really in a hurry, the Yellow Etrex is available at Target right there in the camping/hiking department. About $100. Like Ted says, it gets you there just as well as the fancier models. The real trick is knowing how to use your GPSr correctly.
  8. Hmmmm....Rambo......Hey, I kinda like that! Maybe we should change our name to RAMBO! And our avatar can be: Leave nothing standing!
  9. Congratulation to Cachecows209 for finding CVCTag!!! while it was still warm from our hands! Were you watching us hide it???? You are fast! You are doing a good job hiding caches too. I especially liked Stump Tek #2. Hopefully that will be back in action soon so others can see how your mind works.
  10. Yes, the magnetic tour is getting more attention thanks to Green Achers. He encouraged us to try it, so we started last night and have found two. I always thought it would be too hard for us newbies, but we must actually be catching on to this game! Maybe another one this evening.
  11. The Outrageous Fortunes bike to lots of caches in Stockton. Sometimes you can get way closer with a bike and parking is a breeze! And in the case of Oh Thank Heaven, the bikes were a great camouflage. And with Stumpy, Secret Trail #2, I Forgot the Combination, Stump Tek #2, Stroll in the Park, The Big Hill, Whose Mouth, Aussie, Under the Sea, Higher Learning, Atypical, Quercus lobata, and Lizard's Hideout.....they're SO close to home, it's the only way to go for us. But of course for Cambio we just walk. LOL LOL Anyway, sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's just way too far. It all depends on from where you start. On another subject....What has happened to CVCTag!!!? Why hasn't anyone moved it yet? I feel almost responsible because I took it out of Stanislaus County, but I understand it is actually back there again. Bill, is it close enough? Should I try to take back closer to where I found it? Oh.....the guilt! We have a new cacher in town; 3dbabyvu. Welcome 3d, hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us nuts. -Laura
  12. Hey, I resemble that remark about girl kids! My girl kids are nearly always rarin' to go caching!
  13. Ok, I give up. What is a PITA? Is CVCTag!!! still there where Wildlifeguy put it or not?
  14. Well, CVCTag!!! certainly seems to have livened up the Stockton caching scene! Apparently JeepySr, Ryanctek, and WildLifeGuy had a three ring circus going yesterday. I'm cracking up just reading the posts! Thanks to GeorgeandMary for the original concept and thanks to GreenAchers for the maintenance. Who knows, it may even draw Ron Streeter back to caching just to see the cool container. -Laura
  15. Cher "fermier de beaucoup chapeaux", S'il vous plait arretez avant que vous vous blessez! Ted&Rosa have already found CVCTAG!!! Now it's Ryanctek's turn.......
  16. Hi all you CVCers, I found CVCTag!!! yesterday. Thanks Bill for the drive-up cache and drive-up coffee because I was there pretty early (BC-before coffee)! I have hidden it in Stockton for a while so you will all have to make the loooooong drive up here and hopefully do some of our local caches if you want to take it back quickly. Otherwise, I promise to bring it back to Stanislaus County after several local cachers have had a chance to see this cool cache and experience this great idea. Thanks again!
  17. Hey all you San Joaquiners, I found the CVCTag!!! cache yesterday and brought it to Stockton for a while. It's a fun type of cache. Hope you all get a chance to find and hide it. Then we should move it back to Stanislaus County. Hope everyone is enjoying my new series of caches along the Brookside Trail. Just remember to take water and/or walk it in the cooler part of the day. It gets really hot out there. We'll be going camping next week and have planned a fun activity for the kids: a mini geocaching seminar. We'll set up and plant a series of temporary caches then give the oldest ones GPSers and let them try to find the caches. The kids range in age from 3 to 12, so it should be a lot of fun. Happy camping, -Laura
  18. To be a Stockton cacher, Or not to be a Stockton cacher, That is the question;- Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes, Or to take arms against a sea of caches, And by finding finally post them? Where is everybody? I guess camping, working, traveling, gardening, taking kids to camp, etc, etc, etc; just like us. We are working on a few new caches too. Hopefully they will be ready next week. -Laura Outrageous
  19. Ok, I'm trying to post to the forum for the first time, so NO LAUGHING! At least not so I can hear it, please. Bill, I'm glad you enjoyed my post for Delta Butter, I certainly enjoyed yours. I laughed right out loud for quite a while - only because we have been there too. You know; engine troubles, tons of water in the bilge, run aground, etc, etc. Good to know we're not the only ones who do stuff like that. Remember, the anchor is your friend. I was truly hurt *sniff*sniff* that you came to Stockton and didn't do any of our caches! But thanks for providing good coords for NT JAM #4. -Laura Outrageous
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