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  1. Hi Jaimee, I wish you'd been there last Saturday, we could have used your help! I'm sure Pat has told you all about our misadventures. Hope you make it to the next "mini event cache". -Laura
  2. Well, it's interesting to see who the chatterbox is.
  3. Wow that's my favorite photo of Osa in the whole book. She was quite a gal, eh?
  4. We had a great time this morning searching for "National Treasure - Ripon". What a devious cache it is. I will put some effort into a similar cache in Stockton. Any preferences: Harry Potter? National Treasure? Physics? Aviation? Architecture? Art?, French? Italian? No, that's too easy, I'll make it something really obscure like the adventures of Osa Johnson. Now who could SHE be?
  5. Yes, my plan was to start at the listed coords at 10am, but now I have this added complication; my office was broken into last night and I should go to work to tidy up and see if anything is missing.....Work?.....Geocache?.....Work?....Geocache? This is a tough one. Maybe I'll just go to work now, and still make it there by 10am. But what did Bill mean when he said "But first, eat, drink and be merry"? Another clue, I'm guessing. -Laura
  6. I like to think that I am a little smarter than the average bear, but I don't know where to start with this thing! My sentiments exactly, Ted. I'm totally confused and frustrated! I guess we will just have to meet tomorrow at 10:00am and have a mini Event Cache. -Laura
  7. Wow, what a coincidence. I think I have to go to Ripon on business today. Hmmm
  8. I think you should email me the whole cache so I can preview it. You know me, just trying to help whenever I can. -Laura
  9. Has anyone else ever had an OTF? (Only to Find) We found a cache on September 19, 2004 and no one else has ever found it! It's still there, cachers are trying to find it, but no one else has. I challenge you geo-genius types to find this cache: To market, To market The gauntlet has been thrown down.
  10. Well, have you found "A Ripon Multi and Travel Bug Hotel" or not? 4:15pm Excuse me TeamTek and CacheCows...I see you HAVE found it. (My email has been down for a few days.) Congratulations!
  11. Ryan, we looked for that cache last summer and couldn't find the final location. Don't you remember my DNF: "so now I still have no idea where the cache is, but I have the cleanest pantry in town." ? Well, I've decided to keep my pantry clean instead of trying for that cache again.
  12. Funny, Mrs2For, It would have been peaceful because your son-in-law's uncle-in-law's children's maternal grandparents weren't there that night.
  13. Well, for several years this neighborhood has done the luminaries on Christmas Eve. The news has spread far and wide and Frosty heard about it, so he came this year to see it and have fun with the kids! Even the big kids enjoyed visiting with Frosty, but he was gone by Sunday night. "Frosty the Snowman had to hurry on his way, but he waved goodbye saying, 'Don't you cry, I'll be back again someday.'" So you'd better not miss it next year!
  14. I hope some of you came by "Cambio" on Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful sight and Frosty the Snowman was even there! We hope everyone had a happy, safe, peaceful holiday.
  15. If you would like a special Christmas Eve treat, come by Cambio anytime after 6:00pm. A hint of what you'll see is pictured below.
  16. Yeah, so there we were Friday afternoon looking for Ryan's newest cache, expecting a two star terrain, yet walking and walking and walking! And we did see someone on the other side of the water, but couldn't tell what they were doing. I kept thinking, "How could a two star require a mile hike all the way around there?" So we just gave up because it was getting dark. Now I want to strangle Ryan or at least tar and feather him! I think I feel a revenge cache coming on..........let's see; bad coords, lots of mud, creepy place, lots of trash........yep, it's coming!
  17. Why Thank You! I take that as a compliment!
  18. I'm so glad you are all FINALLY trying and having fun with Trom's First and Amazing Race. I thought surely folks who tackled Return of Venona (hint hint GA)would jump on Trom's First because it's so EASY! And I thought SURELY cachers who had created their own multi caches (hint hint Ryan) would LEAP at Amazing Race. It is a fun, clean, interesting series of stops, and I think there is a TB at the final location. Good Luck everyone! -Laura of Outrageous Fortunes
  19. No I don't have anything special planned for #200, although cachenapping CVC Tag has crossed my mind. What is it with everyone, are they afraid to go to Merced? But of course I wouldn't leave it in Stanislaus County, no, I'd take it back to Stockton! Bwaaaa Haaaa Haaaa Congratulations to Amy for finding Trom's First! You go girl! Let's show those guys! Now you need to do my Amazing Race. I think there is a travel bug there too. -Laura Outrageous
  20. What a great idea, Peter! I never know what to do with my old flags and I have a few that need a respectful ceremony. Let us know when and where to drop them off. -Laura
  21. And I'll make some bumper stickers to hand out at the Event!
  22. Hurrah for the MPD and wildlifeguy for pursuing this! I am so impressed with wildlifeguy's calm and diligent work to get the correct information. Just goes to show you that you can't believe everything you read in the newspaper. If Camel HAD been questioned/detained, I was ready to stage a protest march with signs and banners and media coverage, and I know lots of you would have been out there with me. Thanks to wildlifeguy we can all breathe a sigh of relief now, but I'm still archiving some of my larger caches. Laura of Outrageous Fortunes
  23. "Investigators said they are trying to determine who placed the container near the school." Camel, you'd better lay low for a while, 'cause the heat's after you. But seriously folks, we should all be extra careful about hiding caches. We live in a paranoid world and we have to play by their rules, otherwise they blow up our caches. I wonder how long it will be before Geocaching is outlawed?! Then I won't be doing benign mischief, I'll be doing illegal malicious mischief!!!
  24. Camel's right, that makes NO sense. What WERE you trying to say?????
  25. Por favor, no mangullar l'Espanol. Che prosimmo, Italiano? Ash'ta Nihongo? Yes, I'm disappointed that very few have found my two newest caches. Perhaps it's because they are too hard? I guess I'll go back to placing boring old regulars or micros with bad coords........ Laura Outrageous
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