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  1. And Camel, you don't have to tell everyone what I told you! Let's just keep it our little secret, ok?
  2. CVC Tag has been found. Thank you Team Judd for clearing up the mystery and my good name.
  3. Whoa, hey wait a minute! I had nothing to do with CVC Tag's apparent demise. I sure hope it's not gone because I really liked that thing.
  4. Drumroll please..................I think I actually solved my FIRST Fizzymagic puzzle cache! I started with Cross Words and solved it but I'll have to go back to Livermore to find it. I also worked on Speling Qwiz, but still have more work to do on that one. I hope this isn't the start of another addiction! Why hasn't anyone found CVC TAg yet? Do I have to go down to the edge of the earth and find it for you local boys? That's pretty far south for me, but I think I could make it there and back again.
  5. Mid-Life? But she looks so young in her picture! That's because the picture was taken when I was in third grade Ted. And yes, I admit it, I'm having a mid-life crisis. (Undoubtably caused by certain other cachers who shall remain nameless.) Sometimes I can't even remember my own name! Anyway, I posted the photos from Pot of Trouble today. Here they are. I got a good laugh out of them and hope you all do too. I couldn't figure out a few of them....maybe the unknowns could post their names? Enjoy!
  6. Hi Pete. Yes, you have been missed. Good to hear from you. Are you going to the event in Modesto on March 19th? Hope to see you there. -Patsy of Outrageous Fortunes
  7. We have a pretty broad definition of Central Valley. We welcome anyone who lives, works, or caches anywhere from Sacramento to Bakersfield. In fact there is an event in Modesto on March 19th. Here's the link. You would be sure to meet several of the local cachers there. Hope to see you there. -Patsy of Outrageous Fortunes
  8. I thought of some more definitions: dramadary = a Camel who enjoys creating drama in the caching world kennydothat? = what you say when you realize what Camel has done schmucklist = a totally useless Geocaching feature (especially when you're playing with cheaters) farceur de chevre = a goat farming clown and let's not forget patsy = my new name
  9. I'm getting bored waiting for CVC Tag!!! to be placed, so I've been reading "Today's Cacher". I especially liked this page: Geocaching Terminology I thought up these: Misfortune: When you call OF for a life line and the half adults won't tell you anything. Tagger: Someone who is obsessed with finding and hiding CVC Tag!!! Tromp Loy: What some local cachers wanted to do after they looked for "Trom's First" cache at the Civic Auditorium. Now let's hear some others. ps: I just love it when my cute little third grade face pops up first on a new forum page
  10. Hey, wait a minute! I couldn't cache on the weekend because I was workin' on MY farm. I tilled the south 40, the north 40 and the west 50, planted my row crops and fertilized my grasses, pruned the orchard, tested my irrigations systems, AND fed the farm hands three meals a day! A man may work from sun to sun, but a WOMAN'S work is never done.
  11. Perfect timing because it's a "work" day for me too.....which means I can finally get back to caching after the weekend!
  12. Re: CVC Tag!!! February 23, 2005 Camel680 said, "I will put this out in the next couple of days..." I've been sitting in my car with the engine idling waiting for this to be placed. I'm gettin low on gas. Come on Camel, hide it already!
  13. Plot, scheme, plan, collusion, conspiracy, complicity, involvement...... Why would GreenAchers know anything about where Tag was before Camel even hid it? They are up to no good, I tell ya!
  14. Now this is intriguing, isn't it? I'll be right there Kenny!
  15. Hey Good News everyone. CVC Tag!!! is back in Stanislaus County. Who will find it next?
  16. Congratulations in advance to 2ForTheRoad! At the rate I'm going I'll be there sometime in 2007. And I should say thank you to them for "help" with my new avatar.
  17. Quote from Green Achers post for CVC Tag!!! ".....Shortly thereafter, I realized just how low some people would go....." Humph, that's like the pot calling the kettle black!
  18. CONGRATULATIONS to Sanruft and TeamJudd for finding this cache! They accepted the challenge and came through with a little hint. (They received the hint while out caching because they have "internet access" on the creek. ) Way to go guys!
  19. There's a Lodi in Italy, and a Lodi in New Jersey, but California? I don't know.
  20. Oh no! CVCTag!!! is off the edge of the known world! It's in LODI! What will we do?
  21. Thanks Marky, I must have typed that in 5 times, and I've done it before..... just toopid, I guess. Anyway, we have two cute kids at our farm too!
  22. We've got some cute kids here at our farm too.
  23. Thanks for the hint Jeepy. I finally found CVCTag in that horrible place! And thanks too, for that new AWESOME satellite photo resource. I backtracked your log and used it myself to capture the latest photo showing the location without CVCTag. Way kewl!
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