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  1. Three things: 1. SOME of the folks think Merced is on a different planet, right Bill? But TAG has survived well in Merced (and has actually lived there quite a bit.) 2. Tag told me he HATES snow. Be kind to him. 3. The phrase "That Stockton Lady" was copyrighted last month!! Uh oh.......
  2. What kind of evil geocacher would even think of taking Tag out of the CVC area? I admit I've had fun with morphing it and planting it in nasty areas, but come on! Please don't even talk about taking it beyond the great Central Valley!
  3. Oooops, sorry Tom..... Now Pat, why are you holding on to Tag?
  4. Hey Tom, "That Stockton Lady" wants to know why you are holding on to CVC Tag. Are you changing it into something even more devilish than last time?? I can hardly wait.
  5. If he is being called a "Yank" he must be in England. Cheerio Old Chap!
  6. Apparently his Yankee friends didn't miss him too much, because no one has even looked for him in 3 weeks! I feel bad that I put him out there in the cold.......all alone......in the dark.......in a scary place.....POOR TAG! But I can't go save him, so it's up to some other Stockton area cacher to move him along. Any volunteers?
  7. Gee, I can't imagine ANYTHING questionable going on with this group. Sounds like fun. I'll enjoy watching it unfold.
  8. Okay who has CVC tag and why haven't you hidden it??? Maybe we could find THAT one for our 300th! or maybe Yellow Tail Gunner!!! Where is everyone?! Do we need Green Achers to stir somthing up??
  9. Thanks Tim, but we already did Watermark last summer. We had great fun out there - a very clever cache it is!
  10. What if I go this Sunday, Ted? Will God punish me like He did on Bouldered Over?
  11. We are coming up on our 300th cache. Does anyone have any ideas for a really fun find for that one? (In the CVC area please.) Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. I know I'm getting old and forgetful......but I surely don't remember changing my avatar again! How could this be happening to such a nice little old lady?
  13. Oh, I'm sorry Bill, I couldn't quite hear you. Could you please repeat that a little louder?
  14. Huh? Where you talking through class again because you sure messed up that homework assignment. I think the instructor messed up the homework sheet. Please read your instructions right under the puzzle again, Professor.
  15. I solved that one, but it's several miles from Ripon and the event. I guess it's only for the Bay Area Cachers who may be coming over.....because it's by Del Valle south of Livermore!!!!? What's up with that GA?
  16. You got that right Sister! This thing is really starting to chafe!
  17. Ya, I did my time, paid my debt to society, got rehabilitated.... and I'm on probation for 2 more months, but after that WATCH OUT!
  18. So now we are down to: Don Bosco Radikel Dgreno Foreman CopperPhoto and Ted & Rosa aren't entirely off the hook...... Any confessions out there????
  19. So here's the list of National Treasure-Ripon finders: TeamTek - but they haven't been south in a while and they would surely post it CacheCows209 - Peter probably wouldn't ride his bike that far for a WJTB Don Bosco - ? Fattuhr - has already admitted his innocence Outrageous Fortunes - evidence tampering maybe, but never grand theft auto Camel680 - ? FizzyMagic - they have plenty of WJTBs in the bay area Marky - ditto Kusanagi - ditto 2 For The Road - they have been conspicuously silent about this, haven't they? Radikel - it's usually the quiet ones Sanruft - has already admitted his innocence Dgreno - ? Foreman - ? CopperPhoto - ? Ted & Rosa - but they say the jeep wasn't there. Now Ted, you round em up and start the interrogations. Surely one of them will crack!
  20. I resemble that remark, but I'm innocent I tell ya, INNOCENT!!!
  21. Sheesh!!! I ignore the Forum for one day and suddenly I'm attacked on all sides as a dirty rotten jeep thief! I DID NOT take the jeep that was supposedly in Nation Treasure Ripon. My cache mobile hasn't been south of the county line in ages. And Ted, I'm shocked that you'd think I would set you up like that. (Although it was brilliant, wasn't it?) I think there is waaayyy more to this story that we will only hear at the event. I guess I'll have to go to the event now if only to defend my good character.
  22. I think you'd better wear a disguise to the event Bill! After 6 hours and then no WJTB???!!! I'll bet you're in trouble with Ted
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