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  1. Seems like we have a rather bad muggle problem in the Merced-Atwater area. JPD's "Outrageous Fortunes!" not only disappeared, but also the whole structure to which it was (is?) attached. Could this be an innocent muggling? :(




    Ok, Radikel, you caught me. I confess; I took it. I wanted to make it into my namesake traveling cache. I was thinking of taking it to China first. (Like some cachers did with CVC Tag.) What do you think?

  2. Only the weak use GPSr's... :blink:


    Yes, just the other day we were out on !*$?%-% Road watching the cranes, swans, coots, ducks, etc, and we found a cache without our GPSr and without even trying! Of course, the fact that it was hanging in a DECIDUOUS bush kinda made it stick out like a sore thumb. LOL

    Seriously, you'd think the hider would realize that bush would be naked in winter! But then again, the logsheet didn't have the cache's name or the hider's name, so obviously he just pitches them out without too much thought....... :wub:


    Yeah, At least they don't have to hold their GPSr's upside down to make them work when they go caching.



    Thanks for mentioning that. My daughter will be visiting Australia next summer, no - winter, no - next JUNE, (whew!) and she will need to remember to hold the GPSr above her head, right?


    You Aussies are a HOOT. I sure wish I could go with her to enjoy your keen senses of humor. I'll keep an eye on this thread and ask for some cache suggestions when we have a detailed itinerary. Thanks for the laugh.

    -Laura of Outrageous Fortunes


    El burro hablando de orejas!


    Oh Stockton Lady................After I have so often spoken of you in such kindly terms................I am truly hurt that you would slam me with Spanish witisims. The best I can tell you are saying this is kind of like the old pot and kettle thing :)


    That's right. It means the burro is making fun of someone else's ears, or the pot is calling the kettle black. (Which you were!)

  5. I am totally shocked at the behavior of some of our members. :( And to think that That Stockton Lady would use such language as "BwaaaaHaaaHaaaa...." :P Well I am just shocked! :(


    El burro hablando de orejas!

  6. As I recall, you need to have a passport to get back from Mexico... CVC Tag keeps his passport in a hidden safe and only I know where that is as well as how to get it open. CVC Tag doesn't go!


    As regular Tour Group Leaders the 2Fers have copies of everyone's passports and know how to get duplicates, so that is no problem. BwaaaaHaaaHaaaa....

  7. Only one find and only a member for a few days and CampingAngel has already found the Forums. Isn't it amazing!? It took me ages to find the Forums. Welcome newbie. :santa:


    ps to Mrs2Fer: Shall I get Tag for our trip to Mexico or will you?


    I smell a rat! Something tells me "Campingangel" must be related to the Photom, jpd43, Outrageous fortunes, 2 for the road gang. :) Seems mighty peculiar that her very first find is CVC TAG, and she plans to take him out of state and abandon him! <_< I think it may be time to form up a posse! :)


    I smell a rat too, but it's not in MY house. I have nothing to do with this! (However, I wouldn't put it past Photom and jpd43.) Let's all keep watching to see what happens..... :mad:

  9. Well, unless CVC Tag was morphed into a California Golden Mantled squirrel, there was no sign of him at Cloud's Rest..... :huh::(



    Thanks to Laura "That Stockton Lady", for the cool banner!


    Well, "That Stockton Lady" says, "You're welcome for the banner. I only wish it was ME you'd taken up there instead of the banner because I'd LOVE to do that hike!"

  10. I don't understand how Photom counts! There have been 5 female finders on Play Fair plus those two old ladies; that makes 7. And there have been only 6 male finders.


    And NutLady, don't believe a word they say about me. Sheesh, you turn your back on this forum for a few weeks and you get maligned and abused!

  11. Well guys, another girl just solved the Play Fair cache!

    (Girls don't) Play Fair


    I'm so proud of your two. You really learned well and now you've made it on your own. I feel more liberty to do a good puzzle in CVC now - knowing you'll all run to your thinking tanks. :D


    Yes, I guess we don't play fair when we use a tool the men don't have.


    Thinking Tank

  12. Katie says, "Stop whining about it, and somebody just go get the darn thing!" :ph34r:


    We figure if someone is willing to travel miles and miles to find Tag, then they are unofficial residents of Stanislaus County whether they live in San Joaquin, Merced or Yorkshire County. It ALWAYS makes its way back to Stanislaus County because we are all such responsible cachers! *gets down off soapbox*


    p.s. to 2 For The Road: Would you like to nab Tag before we go to the UK, or shall I? [:huh:]

  13. If you would like a special Christmas Eve treat, come by Cambio anytime after 6:00pm. A hint of what you'll see is pictured below.

    Will this be done again this year? We were out of town last Christmas and missed it.

    Yes, we will be doing the luminaries again this year. Thanks for mentioning it Ted.

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