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  1. Thanks Hollies Hunters, I've sent you an email with details. I would be extremely grateful if you could help out. Kindest regards, Tina
  2. Thanks Smiths, I really don't want to archive it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. thanks again
  3. Thankyou for your replies. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I'm not sure if anyone can help or if this is in the right forum but here goes. I have eleven caches in the Exmoor area which I own and maintain but my husband is seriously ill with Lymphoma (Cancer). Unfortunately he has now been told he needs a bone marrow transplant up in Bristol and most of my time is now taken up travelling to hospital and caring for my hubby. therefore I just dont have the time to see to my caches. It would be a shame to archive them as people seem to really enjoy them and they have been awarded quite a few favourite points. Would it be possible for someone to adopt these caches? Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Tina
  5. Hi there. We too are very new to this but we have found our first four caches. These all seem to fit the micro or small size. The first was a tiny magnetic barrell from a pet collar, the type you put your name and address inside. This just contained a log. Our second container was a Saxa salt container that had been spray painted and contained a log and swap items. The third was even tinier than the first, about the size of a small button. This was a magnetic cache and again contained a log. Our latest one was a 35mm film container, again just a log. We've yet to find anything bigger but really look forward to it. Hope that helps. Tina
  6. I'm new to this too and I've been out three times looking for caches around my area. Yesterday we found three out of four, not bad eh? Today we went looking for three and found one but I did have a really enjoyable long walk. I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying this Geocaching. I must hide some myself one day.
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