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  1. I'm sitting here with my installation cd from my PEG S360. I just sent to you by e-mail a link to Sony support that I got to from my installation of Palm Desktop for Sony Clie
  2. I can't believe that you guys have to use TWO GPSs to find your monitor(s) that are only 1 ft away ! ..........Ha!
  3. With the new x models , the "map" memory limitation problem is eliminated, so everything will evolve to CN instead of CS,and then they can start working on new features and stuff to work with the bigger memories. Right now, I think the biggest Micro SD card shipping is 512mb but Sandisk says next year will bring a 1 gig and there will be a 2 gig in 07. In some of the automotive units, you can add custom POI's (points of interest)CSV file format into the memory using a free "POI Loader" software program from Garmin. I think that's the direction they are headed with the handhelds. GeoCachers could load numerous cache sites where they would show up on the maps and have the location description and lots of other text info available on the handhelds, all stored in the "new" unlimited memory on the cards. That way it wouldn't affect the number of waypoints. There are a lot of folks that love the small size of the e-trex models, just want all the memory and other features of the 60's and 76's. (Drive a Cadillac with the handling of a Porche and the fuel mileage of a Hybrid) Different strokes for different folks! A question that I have that no one seems to have touched on is...what is the base memory (only interested in the 76CSx), or should I say Ram, excluding the "card" ? Does anyone know? Right now, my 76CS , has a total of 115mb memory. I'm assuming whatever it has for basemap storage , waypoints (1000), tracks (10saved tracks/10,000 track points), and routes (50 saved 250pts/each) is included in the 115mb. Now that Garmin has come out with the "card memory" I think they will evolve toward being able to store other data.
  4. I've got an e-mail in to Garmin asking if I can load custom POIs into my Map76CS and if that unit is compatible. It's not on the list but we'll see what they say.
  5. The 12XL is an excellent recvr to start with. Doesn't have WAAS capability but it will still get you there accurately. If you choose to get an external antenna, the same antenna will work on Garmin's newer models also. After you've had it for a while you'll appreciate how accurate a recvr it is, and by then will start developing your own ideas on what features you want on your "upgrade wish list" for your next unit. (but you will also keep the 12XL)
  6. I've got a Garmin external antenna that I've used for over 10 years on many many snowmobile trail mapping trips, many ATV mapping trips,as well as hiking trips with it velcro'd to my helmet or cap. Because of all that use and abuse, I now need to replace the MCX 90deg conector on the end of the cable. It has a couple of the little "ears" missing and doesn't fit as tight as it needs to in my GPSr. leaving "gaps" in my trails.......I hate trail gaps. Anyone have any experience with obtaining and replacing the MCX connector on external antennas? I would hate to have to buy a whole new 27 antenna because of a measly little cable end that shoud be easily replaceable. I'm in rural Colorado with few TV /Electronic repair choices. Garmin didn't have any ideas. Anyone have any comparison between a GA27 and Garmin's newer, less expensive one. That might be the way to go? However, the old one almost has sentimental value,'cause it's been a trusty companion for so long. Thanks for any suggestions Grasscatcher
  7. Anyone know FOR SURE....if the TF card, 128mb or whatever, is "in addition" to , and not "instead of" the original (in the case of my 76CS-115mb) memory? I have never needed more than the 115, but then again I'm using Metroguide and Topo and not City Navigator with all it's POI. I'm assuming thats the way it is, but assuming doesn't cut it sometimes.
  8. Note: when you clear the track log you also clear the altimeter graph. ie: if no track log /no elevation graph.
  9. Also be sure to double check that the datum setting on your unit and the datum of the coordinates that you entered are the same. Probably the most common of GPS "error"'s. Been there...done that
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