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  1. Opinions are like belly buttons......in that everybody's got one.... Here's mine.... When you are trying to find something / someplace, there is a distance involved between where you are and "it", and your brain has to be able to interpret that distance from some data describing it. (Most) people's brains do not "think/work" in DMS, or decimal degrees, etc. as related to distance, so there is a constant mental attempt to convert to some understandable "distance". Since UTM is based on a 1000 meter grid and only uses two "directions", Easting and Northing, its always easy to understand whether you need to go "More East" or Less East" , or "More North" or "Less North". Considering that the last three numbers in each of the UTM coordinates tell you where the point is within that particular 1000 meter square, you can quickly visualize which direction, and how far, you need to go. Whether or not you are familiar with the metric system, you can just equate each of those last three numbers to a "pace" or "step". If you are working with a paper map with UTM coordinates, the 1000 meter squares are usually described in the "collar" or border area. USGS quads use "little blue" numbers and tick marks. More accurate??, probably open to lots of debate.....but once you get familiar with using UTM , it sure does "Fit in the Brain" as being a lot more logical .
  2. Had Lorance Eagle Map76 Map76S Have Garmin 12XL Trimble Geo Explorer II Map76CS Waiting for next generation after "x"
  3. I think the latest ver of NG Topo is 4.1.5 Oh Yeah, and Jonny Vegas said above that the latest version is compatible with GPX files......I believe that is only PARTIALLY true. It will import only waypoints and routes, but not tracks. Da Pits! Some of their software literature says "Import & Export" GPX files. If anyone can find how to export a GPX file from Topo, I sure would like to know how! Topo won't save data in GPX format so where would you find it to export it?
  4. Check out NG Topo. Look for MapXchange for lots of examples. It's a pain to get the track data out of Topo and into some of the other softwares but several developers are working on that
  5. Use the Scissors tool in ExpertGPS to cut the track right before it shoots off into the great beyond. Then bring up the Track list on the left side and delete the unwanted track. (Dan, Wouldn't he have to "cut" at both ends of the "great beyond" section and then delete just that straight section?) I think what you may have is several saved tracks and then you are also seeing the "active log". The next time you do some mapping, try this....Go to the start of a trail that you want to map. Be sure your GPSr has attained a good lock, then at that point clear the track log and start moving down the trail. When you reach the end, save that track. Then go to the next trail. Repeat the process including clearing the tracklog at the beginning. In my opinion, this is the easiest method for trails of 10 miles +/-., because what you end up with are separate distinct trails with no "tails" on them. However, if the separate trails are VERY long individually and intricate, then you will need to either do them individually or clear the tracklog at the start and map several trails and come back to your PC and download the "active log" as Peter said above, then "edit" the track as Dan from Topografix said above. In your GPSr 60 the Trackpoints/saved track are limited to 250. (250X20 saved tracks=10,000). Also, trackpoints can be saved in several ways, "Auto", "Time"," Distance". Under "Auto " you can select from 5 diff options from "least often" to "most often". Under "time" you define the actual time interval, and under "distance" you define the actual distance between trackpoints. Based on track length, mode of travel(speed) etc, you can mess with the different methods above and time/distance intervals and come up with the most efficient combination to follow the trail as accurately as you desire and still stay within the 250 tp/saved track. That way you can save multiple individual tracks while out in the field without having to either download the active log after each trail or edit your download.
  6. Go to Snowmobile Trails and click on"Trail Reports" at the top, then on Lake City Trails (right hand side)and then on either of the two maps at the top to enlarge. If that is what you want to do, then I can help.
  7. As a user of several other mapping programs as well as Expert GPS, paying $59.95 for Expert GPS was one of the absolute best bargains I have run across. The combination of features, functionality of the program, and VERY responsive support cannot be beat! I also use Mapsource, Topo, USAPhotomaps,ArcExplorer,DNR Garmin and have totally given up on Maptech.
  8. I don't have an "x" but where you find them on a 76CS is ....... Find,Marine, Tide Stations......and if you are close enough to a coast a list of stations will show up. If not close enough to a coast, go to find, marine,tide stations,then menu, change reference, then on the map page that will come up move the pointer closer to a coast and a list will show
  9. In Expert GPS you can change the track color ,style, etc. those properties can be changed "in mass" for several at a time, editing in the tracklist. However, don't know if the color properties are changed outside of Mapsource and then re-imported if the new "desired" color would be retained. May be controlled by what Mapsource is set on when tracks are imported.
  10. Anyone out there know anything about, have any experience with , this receiver for hooking up with a laptop? Pros / Cons?Holux GPS Receiver
  11. Note that on USA Photomaps you can also download the USGS quad maps. Whatever data (tracks/waypoints/routes) you download /overlay onto the APs is also shown on the Topos.
  12. I started with a Lorance Eagle GPSr (a long time ago) Then I got a Garmin 12XL Then upgraded to a Map 76, then Map76S, and now have a Map76CS. It’s kinda like a security blanket, because it’s ALWAYS with me, and gets used and abused daily. I always use the same brand battery and they have never failed me. This brand comes in Heavy Duty, Alkaline, Rechargeable Alkaline, NiMH, and Lithium and probably a couple more varieties. I carry my GPSr in a “GPS Outfitters” case that has 4 pockets. When the battery indicator on my GPSr says ”Hey! If you keep on keeping on, I’m gonna quit on you” I just respond by putting in a new pair, or used pair, or freshly charged pair, or nearly dead pair, or ???….but always the same brand. Even being used daily, sometimes all day long, a pair of this brand sometimes last so long that I forget when the last time I changed them was. The next pair may not last as long, but then again they might last even longer….or the same…. If I put in a dead pair I just replace them with another pair of better ones and tell myself ”Dummy put the used ones in the “USED” pocket next time!” Don’t be flinging them out into the woods. Be environmentally friendly! This could only be one brand , right? The brand is “The Ones You’ve Got Available” You really knew that already didn’t you? That’s the same Brand that you’ve already been using! Forget all that mah stuff and 1.23456 v stuff . When you go out GPSing , carry several pairs of extra batteries. (but always be sure to carry only THAT Brand) and have fun. NEVER have I been caught with dead batteries in my GPSr without having spares. Don’t leave home without them! This is only Real World Logic….and all TIC (Tongue in cheek)
  13. Open a file in Mapsource and then click on "View" ....look at bottom item under view.
  14. Contact support at Expert GPS and I'll bet they can help you. VERY responsive software developer!
  15. Maybe someone else knows differently, but I believe the ones shown in the Mapsource pulldown selection window should match all the symbols that the model GPSr you have told Mapsource you are using is capable of displaying. Example:Mine is a Map76CS and I see the treasure chests (open & closed) and the camera, but not multiple, and not the ? Maybe others know of a way to do it or create custom symbols on your unit.
  16. Open the file that you created when you downloaded the data from your GPSR. On the left hand side of the screen, click on the Waypoints tab and there should be a list of the waypoints. They will probably have little black squares for the waypoint symbols, since that is the default wpt symbol. Then do the steps covered before.
  17. Changing the "little blue square" symbol. Note: I don't have an "x", so I'm only guessing at what might work. I know that you can't edit the Custom POI in any way once they are in the GSPr Have you tried having your custom POI points in Mapsource as waypoints and selecting another symbol there, before exporting as a GPX file to import for the Custom POIs? Mark a sample waypoint in your GPSr with the same new symbol selected in Mapsource so that you would have your GPSr symbol set on this new symbol when the Custom POI file is imported. The symbols for POIs in my Map76CS match whatever "maps" I have loaded at the time. That's the "regular" POIs not "Custom". If it still changes the symbol to the "l.b.s." then it might be time for someone with an "x" to contact Garmin to see if it is possible to have another symbol on Custom POIs...if that hasn't already been done.
  18. In Mapsource, in your list of waypoints, highlight all the waypoints that you want to change the symbols of......right click on the group of selected waypoints, then click on waypoint properties, and a window will come up showing all the list of symbols compatible with your model GPSr. Select which one you want and all the symbols for waypoints that you had highlighted are changed.
  19. TIMPAT Can you send an example of theCustom POI "small blue icon"?
  20. From Garmin download page..... Changes made from version 4.00 to 4.05 Beta: * Improved searching for intersections in European maps. * Corrected the display of intersections and addresses when reviewing them as map features. * Corrected the profile plot for tracks and routes that cross the Prime Meridian. * Map datum is now only applied to the Location (selected) field and not to the Location (lat/lon) field. * Corrected the handling of apostrophes and prefixes when displaying European city names and streets. * Improved the display of labels over areas and features under the map panning pointer. * Corrected the map drawing of outlines of certain road types.
  21. Peter is correct for also suggesting USA Photomaps. It is also an excellent program that has both Topos and APs. Since Mapsource, USAP, and Expert GPS are all compatible with the GPX file format, data can be easily exchanged between any and all. Try each one and see which one (or more) best fits what you want to do. One may have better maps, another may have better data manipulation preferences. USAP is free and EGPS has the free trial then is $59.95(I think). You'll probably end up having multiple programs and use them all. ........and each may be a favorite for some specific action.
  22. No on the Easy GPS. Do the Free Trial download on the Expert GPS. It's fully functional for the trial period then you can decide if you want to pay for it (you will) or uninstall it and try something else. It also has aerial photos that you can switch back and forth between Topos and APs. Waypoints and Tracks etc that you download are automatically shown on both. Sometimes you can see a faint road on the AP that is not shown on the Topo.
  23. The Natl Geographic "Topo" State Series program or "Expert GPS" by Topografix are two programs that will let you do exactly what you want. You can go to their websites for examples. Those two have the most detailed maps that I'm aware of, and are easy to work with. Their maps are the USGS 7.5 min quads. With the latest Mapsource update version you can change colors etc but you still see the connected dots and the maps are not the best/detailed. Unless someone else knows how to do more,I believe the most you can map with the "handheld only" at one time are the 20 saved tracks plus the "active tracklog" so 21 actually.
  24. I'l correct myself again.....I went back and looked up the tracklist in Mapsource and there WAS a 500 point track in addition to the 1045 Active log. So, you are correct again! I was just so happy to see the track with all 1045 points that I neglected to notice that it was the active log track
  25. Save the "Active Log" and it will be saved as "today's date" Then you have two "copies", one still in active log and one saved in the tracklist.....NOT FILTERED DOWN to 500 tp....it is the same as in the active log Then when you clear the ActiveLog, you get rid of the duplicate. The 500 limit never comes into play since the track is coming from internally. In spite of one of the posts above, MY GPSr (Map76CS) does NOT filter to <=500 before saving.
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